What this blog is about

I will be posting random samples of writing that come to my head here.  In addition to this, I will be highlighting authors which I feel deserve recognition for their work.  This is particularly true of Indie authors who have fewer opportunities for publicity.  There are some wonderful books out there that are not backed by the big name publishers.  Hopefully those that stop by here will take a chance and check out some of the recommendations I give.  You will also see a page set up where all authors are welcome to post their books and tell us about them.  I did not necessarily read these and cannot verify how good they are, but everyone is welcome to check them out.  There are certainly some great ones in there.

For those wondering about the name.  It is actually the screen name I use when reviewing on Amazon.  Originally, my real name was my screen name, but after someone on the reviewers forum called me “Mistress of the Dark Path” due to my behavior, antics, and reading materials, the name stuck.  Most people call me MotDP, Mistress, or Suzie for easier typing.  I will leave it up to you.  Should anyone desire to check out my reviews, they can be located here:

Amazon Profile

Other than the fact this blog is all about reading and writing, do not be surprised at the random thoughts I may throw in upon occasion.  There will also be posts aimed directly at authors where we can learn more about them.  I have another blog that is more about politics and worldly concerns, but want it entirely separate from this one.  Perhaps you could say that the other one is the “light” side of me while this blog is the “dark” side.


~ by Suzie on May 23, 2011.

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