Favorite Indie (or small publisher) Book

Maggie Smith

Okay, here are the rules before you jump in and post your favorite book.  Please read them carefully.

1) Obviously from the title I don’t want to see the big publisher books because that is not what this site is about.  Please give us a book that can help out a lesser known author.

2)  For those of you with family members who are authors, don’t shoot me for this rule.  I want you to list a book that is by someone you have not met in person.  You can be friends with them on Amazon or some other internet site, that is fine.

3) Make sure you list the author name and book title.  Also put a small blurb as to why you like the book so much.  It would also be helpful if you can tell us the genre and approximate length.

I will follow-up this post with an example so everyone can see how it is done.

~ by Suzie on May 28, 2011.

9 Responses to “Favorite Indie (or small publisher) Book”

  1. My current favorite Book is “Forced Heritage” by Victoria and Matthew Hewitt. It is a rather long novel that could fall under both Sci-fi and Romance.

    What I like about it is the husband/wife team make a great duo for the differing perspectives in the book. Also, the two characters do not fall for each other right away. In fact, it isn’t until toward the end of the book that they fully admit their feelings for each other. Neither is a push over and both have strong personalities. The world building is amazing and well detailed so I wasn’t left with a bunch of unanswered questions. The action scenes are exciting and well written. Romantic ones are hot and very original. The pace is fast so I rarely found a slow moment. Overall a great book.

  2. My current favorite Indie is Portal by Imogen Rose. This is the first book in a young adult series. I first heard about these books on the Monthly Indie Authors Thread on the Kindle forum. Since the first book in the series was only 99 cents I had to give it a try. I made the mistake of starting this book when I should have been studying for finals last December. I ended up staying up later than I intended to just to finish. The story is about a girl named Arizona who suddenly finds herself in an alternate dimension. Arizona is a tomboy that loves to play ice hockey but in this new dimension she is a cheerleader. I enjoyed the suspense of trying to figure out how Arizona had ended up in this alternate dimension. Arizona also has to figure out how to act like this new version of herself so people don’t think she has lost her mind. I loved this book so much that I purchased and read the next two in the series Equilibrium and Quantum. I am eagerly awaiting the fourth book Momentum which should be out later this year. (To any authors reading this I frequently lurk in the new Meet the Authors forum. So if you are posting there you are probably reaching more readers than you think.)

    • Thanks for stopping by Book Mouse! I am actually planning to read this soon and am glad that you found it to be a good book. It certainly sounds interesting.

  3. I just finished a book by Jon Olson, “The Ride Home”, and was very impressed!

  4. Oops, sorry Susan, had to leave quickly and just posted what I had already written.

    “The Ride Home” by Jon Olson is sort of a crime thriller, but more of a study of how stupid mistakes can snowball into overwhelming problems – how choices result in consequences. It was very well written. The author has a knack for describing characters, scenes, emotions, so that you become very involved in the story. Very smooth, very readable, very good!

  5. I just finished Excuse Me, Where is the Exit? by Stella Deleuze. It is a short story compilation, detailing in the 2nd person what it’s like to be a single woman in London. I identified with it a great deal, as I believe any woman would who has ever tried to find the perfectly fitting pair of jeans, rode the subway, dealt with city traffic and had a break up. It’s humorous, guaranteed to have the average woman chuckling in her seat. 🙂

  6. My favorite Indie publication is a science-fiction book by Mark Reeder. The book is called “Where Memory Has Lease.” It’s an amazing story of a consciousness surving death through technology. Ask yourself, what would I do if I carried my dead sister’s thoughts inside my head? Then ask, what if she had a secret so important that half the galaxy might kill me just to possess it and her?

    Mark’s talent lies in his ability to dissect a scene and display it in sparkling precise detail. Several scenes in this novel left me envious and enthralled. It also doesn’t hurt that the story flows rapidly to a wonderful conclusion.

    The Amazon blurb…

    “Where Memory Has Lease” extrapolates a future where a person’s life memory can be stored in DataJewels until downloaded into the mind of another human being. It is a future where the Old Earth Empire rules the galaxy and the Rigel Syndicate controls all trade. And it’s a future where a secret technology, capable of destroying worlds, has fallen into the mind of a data courier. Though both the Syndicate and the Empire apply nearly endless resources to find the data courier, small time Altarean free trader, Strand, and her mercenary Lancer, Rik, become obstacles and serious competitors to their efforts … because that’s what happens when you attach the memories of a dead sister to the biggest secret of all time.

    Happy reading!

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