“Teagan Meets the Pink Panther”

This post kicks off the official first episode of “The Adventures of Teagan,” a serial of short snippets following the antics of one adorable kitty.  To find the first short-short that inspired the series, “Teagan vs. Houseplant,” click here.  If you enjoy these cat tales, tune in Mondays and Thursdays for new episodes.

“Teagan Meets the Pink Panther”

Teagan waited inside the doorway while Mom opened the package she had gotten in the mail.  She wished Mom would hurry up and unpack the junk; Teagan wanted the box.  Those cardboard crates provided ideal hiding places when she wanted to play.  She was only mildly curious about what was in the box.  Normally, those stale, plastic wrapped, straight from the factory orders were uninteresting and boring in the smell department.  Mom made a noise.  Guess she wasn’t thrilled with what someone had sent her.  Teagan’s eyes widened at the thing that emerged from the box.  Mom put it on the floor, and Teagan inched farther into the room.

It was the same height as Teagan, but its feline shape was oddly disproportionate.  All four legs were tucked together, giving the creature an awkward lean.  Its elongated neck shot up like a giraffe’s before swelling out into a round, puggy face with two triangular stubs that were supposed to be ears.  Its eyes were huge, oval, and…cartoonish.  Some people think animals are colorblind, but Teagan could see quite well that this cat—if it could so be called—was pink.

Teagan’s fur stood up along the ridge of her back.  The pink cat didn’t move, so Teagan approached it cautiously from behind.  She took note of the long tail crawling up its back and curling into a question mark.  Not even a twitch.  Teagan’s nostrils flared as she took in the strange scent, and still the cat did not move.  Teagan inspected its wiry whiskers, gaudy pearled collar, and plush rump.  It seemed the new cat was, well, inanimate.

Teagan nudged its flat nose, and the cat suddenly wobbled.  Teagan jumped back as the pink beast swayed drunkenly before promptly falling on its face.  Teagan tilted her head in contemplation and jabbed at the fuzzy lump with her paw.  That was it: it wasn’t actually a cat.  No cat would have such terrible imbalance (what was that ridiculous looking tail for anyway?), or ever catch its own fall with the face.  Obviously, the thing was an imposter, a gimmick—a rather insulting one at that.  Teagan harrumphed and walked away.  She wouldn’t deign to give this excrescence a second thought.

Mom tossed it into a dark corner of the room, evidently as unimpressed as Teagan.  Someone clearly needed to perform better research when scrounging up a birthday present.

~Angela Wallace


~ by Angela Wallace on June 6, 2011.

7 Responses to ““Teagan Meets the Pink Panther””

  1. Ha ha, my cat obsseses over boxes too. Love the pic with the pink cat. I’m sure Teagan was rather puzzled by it. I haven’t ever seen a stuffed cat quite like it. At least she got a free box out of the deal!

    Glad to see your first follow up story to the Advetures of Teagan! I will be looking forward to future episodes.

  2. lol maybe it’s a part of cat DNA mine cat leave boxes alone either. Great little story I will drop by for the next adventure 🙂

  3. Too cute. My friend’s cat loves boxes. Has to inspect everything that comes into the house.

  4. Glad you guys enjoyed it! I must admit, writing a serial like this makes me feel more pressure than if I was just amusing myself, but it’s also a great exercise in meeting deadlines!

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