A Sci-fi Adventure Story Worth Reading by Sharon L. Reddy


I have told many of you before that I would occasionally discuss a book I read so others can hear about it.  Today, I want to highlight a novel I just finished by Sharon L. Reddy titled “Heroes Need a Captain”.  It was quite the long read at 186,000 words, but well worth it at the $3.99 price.  This book is targeted for certain types of readers so it isn’t going to be everyone’s “cup of tea”.  Yet if you are a follower of this genre and willing to take a chance on a very different style of writing, it could be well worth it for you.  The following is the review I posted on Amazon yesterday:

Captain Lura Lake is in a bind. She needs to find a job for her and her ship soon, before things get real complicated. While looking for a potential customer who needs to hire a ship, she finds a pair of strong, good looking men who seek her out. Tock and Doll need work and need it right then. Lura doesn’t have the credits (money) to pay them, but they don’t care and insist she take them on. Against her better judgment, she agrees, as it is apparent the men are desperate to be under contract with her. Quickly, after gaining the new two man crew, she finds a woman that needs transport off the planet immediately and has the money to pay. Though the whole group seems to be running from some kind of trouble, it benefits all involved to join together. They take off fast under less than ideal circumstances and the journey ahead becomes one adventure after another. More people become involved with the group and eventually the first three mentioned become heroes, out trying to save the world from tyranny.

The setting for this novel is more than four thousand years into the future. There are a lot of differences in this time compared to our own present. Yet, many of the same problems exist, only on a bigger and much more deadly scale. There are many planets out there and many races of people. Each of them appears humanoid with some minor body structure differences, but all compatible to mating. Lura, Tock, and Doll live far from the home world where earth is located. It is all but a myth to them, having never been there. They have always lived under powerful corporations that seek to control all planets and people. These are cold and ruthless organizations that seek profit and care nothing for the people they exploit. It will be up to a small group of people to fight back and gain their freedom.

This novel will take readers through the adventures, escapades and battles the aforementioned characters face as they attempt to liberate their world. It will not entirely be work the whole time. They will stop to have fun too and give a taste of what life is like in this time period. Many planets and people will be explored. Current games and leisure activities will be partaken. This is not a book that leaves you without the full picture of the setting it is placed in. Yet, it doesn’t bog you down in detail either. The author includes just enough to allow the reader’s imagination to do the rest of the work. For those readers that don’t need a ton of heavy descriptions and flowery detail, this may be the novel for you. The dialog is also rather different than the conventional novel, and assumes a strong reading and comprehension level.

There are some other factors that should be noted. The story is fast paced and doesn’t need to specify who is talking. You generally get it based on who the person is addressing, but it can become confusing at times. It also doesn’t linger inside any one character’s head. During the occasional times when there isn’t dialog, the details are explained from a very outside point of view. This means you will not attach to any one person. Lura Lake is the one protagonist that stays in nearly all scenes, Tock and Doll aren’t far behind, but sometimes other character’s take over. There is a good deal of romance as well, but there are no scenes that actually get graphic. This world does not look at fidelity as being important, though, and this should be noted for those who may not appreciate the lack of it.

The one thing that may be difficult for readers is that the characters don’t focus all their time on the main objective. They take side trips to do other things which can lull you into a sense of complacency and take away the suspense you began to feel. It is an easy book to set down and pick back up later when you have the time. The author also doesn’t waste a lot of time on any one event before moving on to the next. It can often leave you breathless and your head spinning. Yet you will also notice your mind is stimulated by some of the heavy subjects that come up and high level of vocabulary. Those that are well versed in current politics and history (on this world) will recognize the parallels the author uses in her book. If you do not follow some those subjects closely, this novel will be a more difficult read as it is designed for a more educated and worldly crowd. Yet, if this description fits you and you enjoy sci-fi with some drama, “Heroes Need a Captain” may be the book for you. It is fun, engaging, and intellectually stimulating. I thoroughly enjoyed it and expect many others will too.







This review can be found here.  At the very least, for those who are interested, I recommend loading the sample.  It is more than long enough to help you decide if this novel is right for you.


~ by Suzie on June 7, 2011.

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