Kerra’s Weekly Book Club, 2

Hello everyone! Just wanted you all to know that I have changed a few things. I talked with the CEO of Angels and Warriors today and we came up with a great idea.

We have decided that the authors that have sent me their book and are trying to get their book out there, that she would love to set you up for an interview on her radio show first in the next few weeks, and then I will read and review your book and then will have you come on my show to talk to about your book with me on how I liked it.

This process is just to help you guys get your book further heard and out there for people to become interested in it 🙂 I really wish you all the best!

If you are interested in having an intereview with Dawn the CEO of Angels and Warriors please send an e-mail to and put the title Author/Interview in the subject bar.

As always if you are and author or friend of an author and you would like me to read and review your book, please send me a book suggestion to and I would be more than happy to read and review your book. If I like it then I will most likely proceed with an interview on my show 🙂 Remember to put book suggestion in the subject bar when you send it to me.

Thanks and hope the authors that have already sent me their books will be interested in having an intereview with Dawn 🙂



~ by kerraangelsandwarriors on June 7, 2011.

3 Responses to “Kerra’s Weekly Book Club, 2”

  1. Also forgot to mention, that if you are interested in the interview with Dawn and you are going to send her a message to the please include your phone number so she can touch bases with you first before the interview is set up. This is a normal procedure 🙂 And I do this too before interviewing someone.

    Thanks again

  2. Thanks Kerra, for posting this. It sounds like a great idea and I’m sure many authors would like the chance for further promotion. I will be excited to see who takes you up on the offer.

  3. Thanks Kerra and Susan. You’re both dolls for helping to promote our work!!

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