“Teagan vs. Shoelace”

The Adventures of Teagan, Ep. 3

“Teagan vs. Shoelace”

            It hung there so enticingly, the black shoelace Mom had tied around the top bridge of the back of the chair.  It was practically daring Teagan to tackle it.  Best not to disappoint…  With a running leap, she bounded from the floor to the chair, her claws clacking against the wood as she made a scrambling grab for the shoelace string.  She caught a piece of it in her mouth and chomped down, attempting to use gravity and body weight to drag it with her as she plopped on her side.  The lace was tied securely, however, the darned thing, and it would take more than that to best it.

Teagan needed a new approach.  She slid under the tablecloth, barely maintaining her perch on the edge of the chair.  Like an assassin in stealth mode, her paws darted out from her cover, sending the ends of the laces into a frenzied flight as they tried to escape her clutches.  But Teagan was a seasoned warrior.  She distracted one with the immediate threat of her claws, and when it dodged, the other inadvertantly flew into range of her teeth.  Take that, vermin.  She gave it a good yank, loosening the knot at the top.  The lace was gradually yielding, one end growing shorter, unable to stand against her mighty prowess.  Soon it would unwind itself from the chair in capitulation.

But wait, what was this?  Mom detached herself from cooking long enough to grab that poor, dying lace and pull it back into equilibrium!  That was playing dirty.  Teagan surged forth from her hiding place and swiped at Mom’s helping hand.  No fair aiding the enemy.  Mom used her other hand to flick one of the laces at Teagan teasingly before retreating back to the safety of the stove.

Teagan couldn’t let the insult go unpunished, but since Mom hadn’t fed her yet, she would take out her indignation on the shoelace.  She scrambled after its ends again, yanking, pulling, and chewing with the ferocity of a starving lioness.  Mom may have restored the string’s length, but she hadn’t retightened the knot.  Victory was near!  The sounds of battle echoed in the kitchen as Teagan’s claws clambered along the wood and she repeatedly plowed her body weight against the rungs of the chair.

At last, the string lost its hold on the rung and dropped to the floor.  Teagan pounced after it, skittering across the kitchen.  She grabbed a section in her mouth and shook it for one last good measure.  The shoelace was dead.  Satisfied, she trotted out of the kitchen in search of something else to conquer.

~Angela Wallace

~ by Angela Wallace on June 9, 2011.

5 Responses to ““Teagan vs. Shoelace””

  1. I can just see Teagan doing this in my mind’s eye. I just love it.

  2. I just imagine, she was too fast. Laughter is the best medicine. Pets are suppose to help us live longer.

    Still laughing at the picture in my mind though. Thanks Teagan and Angela.

  3. Cats are so funny about what they play with. Shoe laces are certainly no exception. I was rooting for Teagan to get the shoelace and glad it ended with her conquest. Cute story, as always!

  4. Love this. I can just see it playing out in my head!

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