“Teagan Helps Make the Bed”

“Teagan Helps Make the Bed”


Teagan was in the kitchen when she heard the faint rustles of fabric coming from all the way in the back bedroom.  Her ears perked up and her adrenaline spiked.  She’d recognize those sounds anywhere.  She took off with rocket speed, zooming past the living room, through the door, and launched herself onto the bed.  Mom had just removed the bedspread and draped it over the chair.  She turned around with her hands on her hips, giving Teagan a disapproving scowl.

Teagan responded with bent back ears, a piteous mewl, and plopped sideways on the remaining sheets.  She rolled around on the cotton flannel, squeaking with smug satisfaction as Mom shook her head.  Teagan eyed Mom’s deliberate movements toward the corners of the fitted sheet, and jerked upright to grasp at the material when Mom wrenched the cloth out from under her.  Grumbling, Teagan moved to the edge of the bed, eyeing the pile of laundry.  Spoil her fun?  We’ll see about that.

Mom brought out the clean sheets, and when she flicked them into the air to cover the bed, Teagan dove underneath.  As the fabric settled, Teagan scrambled after the folds when they touched down.  She heard Mom sigh from the outside, and tensed for the coming skirmish.  Teagan became perfectly still, listening to the very disturbances in the air, and when Mom’s hand drifted close, she struck.  Mom did have the advantage of an unobstructed attack front, but Teagan was quick and agile.  She darted around in a tight circle, chasing the shadows as Mom poked and prodded her.  Give up her ground?  Never!

Mom huffed, and Teagan heard her retreating footsteps.  She stayed still, anticipating the return sneak attack.  But it did not come.  Eventually she started to settle into the plush memory foam, and the close space underneath the sheet was becoming pleasantly warm.  Teagan’s eyes started drooping involuntarily, until she was a half-dozing lump.

Mom returned a few minutes later and flipped up the sheet.  Teagan blinked in surprise and annoyance.

“Would you get off already?” Mom asked.  She poked Teagan again.

Get off?  Cats don’t take orders from anybody.  Teagan’s tail began to flick mischievously.  Mom nudged the bed, and Teagan leapt off, but it was just a ruse.  She circled around the chair and came bounding back just as Mom hoisted the comforter back on.  Teagan tackled the edge of the bed.  Poised for infiltration, she grabbed the end of the mattress and scaled up the side with her powerful claws and forelegs.  A few more practice rounds of this, and she could dare to take on the curtains.  She burrowed under the comforter and resumed her protective crouch.  She listened to Mom shuffling the pillows around and felt the bed jiggle as Mom pushed it back into place against the wall.

Teagan sighed in disappointment.  It was done.  The bed was made, and Teagan was now nothing more than a bump on a log—er, beneath a log.  Still, it was rather cozy under there…


~Angela Wallace



~ by Angela Wallace on June 13, 2011.

5 Responses to ““Teagan Helps Make the Bed””

  1. I love this story! Teagan is so like my cats … meaning, of course, that she is totally a cat. They’re always so helpful.

  2. Teagan sounds like our house cat. He has to be right there whenever there is fresh laundry. I think he likes the color pink best.

  3. Why cats can’t let us make the bed without their help is beyond me. I was just going through the same experience yesterday with mine. No matter where she is in the house, she always comes running at the sound of sheets rustling. It is always a fight to get them on! Love the pics you posted, Teagan is certainly true to Kitty form.

  4. My dog does a very similar thing.

    He prefers to burrow under the covers.

    And sometimes under pillows.

    Occasionally even between the pillow case and the pillow.

    Unless of course he hears something that sounds like a food jar being open – then he’s out from under the covers as quickly as possible.

  5. They must amuse themselves somehow, I guess. The funny thing is she won’t crawl under the covers at night. Fickle girl.

    Pilgrim, between the pillow case and pillow! That sounds like some sight.

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