“Teagan vs. Red”

The Adventures of Teagan, Ep. 5

“Teagan vs. Red”

            Teagan’s ears pricked up at the rapid, successive clicks.  She knew exactly what they meant: Mom had the laser pointer.  Teagan bounded into the living room, chattering like an obsessive chipmunk as she searched for the bright red blemish.  All the lights were off, creating the perfect hunting environment.  Teagan crouched low, waiting for the telltale glimmer of red to dash across the carpet.  He would not elude her.

It was a long-running rivalry between them.  The little blighter had the habit of winking out every time she caught him beneath her paws.  He was a tricky, fey imp.  Red flashed across the carpet, lingering next to the couch.  Teagan’s muscles bunched, but she wouldn’t be so hasty as to attack right away.  She had learned patience from previous skirmishes.  Red stayed put, shaking subtly—hah, the thing was afraid.  (Though in truth Mom just didn’t have very steady hands.)

Teagan arched her hindquarters, muscles rippling as she wiggled.  Finally she surged forth.  Red jumped to the wall of the couch, scaling it like an insect would.  Teagan tore after him, attempting the same maneuver, but she was bigger than the face of the couch, and she ended up half scrambling across it, half hopping like a kangaroo.  She whirled around as Red veered sharply, scurrying across the room and to the closet door.  Teagan followed up to the corner where she hid, ears twitching.  The thing was maddeningly evasive.

She waited, tail flicking, ears rotating, chest huffing.  The clicks chimed again.  Mom was getting impatient.  Teagan snorted softly.  Mom did not understand the finer subtleties of the hunt.  Red crept forward into view, inching towards the wall, as if that could offer any real shelter.  Teagan leapt.  Red sailed up the wall like an obnoxious, microscopic Spiderman.  Teagan waited at the base, watching him flick back and forth across the ceiling.  Red was a cheater.

At last he started to drift back down, lulled into complacency by Teagan’s silence.  He jumped to the floor and Teagan tore after him, her claws tearing at the carpet like a reaper harvesting fine grain.  Teagan gave one last plunge, trapping Red underneath her bulk and effectively squashing him.  But when she stood up to revel over her victory, there was nothing to be seen.  Teagan glanced around, but knew it would do no good; Red had vanished, as he always did when Teagan was so close to triumph.

Mom got up from the couch and went into the back room.  There was nothing left for Teagan to do but follow.  Tomorrow, they would repeat the dance, and the night after that, the infinite duel between invincible warriors.

~Angela Wallace

~ by Angela Wallace on June 16, 2011.

5 Responses to ““Teagan vs. Red””

  1. You almost want to shout Go, Teagan, Go! A different kind of laser tag.

  2. Laser pointers and cats are so much fun. The battery died on ours so we need to get a new one. Sounds like Teagan has quite the fun with hers!

  3. Mistress, I love this. It reminds me of years back when I would play with Shen-Shen, my almost-Siamese, with a prism (this was before laser pointers).
    We called our little game “Hunting Tinker-Bells.”

  4. “Hunting Tinker-Bells”–I like that!

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