“Teagan vs. Vacuum Cleaner”

The Adventures of Teagan, Ep. 7

“Teagan vs. Vacuum Cleaner”

            “Teagan!” Mom called.  She was standing in the hall, one hand resting on the closet door.  Teagan chirped in response and sprinted out to see what Mom wanted, but stopped short when she saw Mom poised at the closet.  It was Friday, and Teagan knew what that meant.  Mom was releasing the beast.

Teagan flicked her tail unhappily.  Mom never listened to her protests.  Who cared about the mass amounts of fur coating the carpet?  Let it gather!  Soon enough it would be soft and fuzzy to walk on.  And yeah, there was some litter on the floor outside the litter box, but they were minuscule grains; surely they weren’t that big of a deal.  Okay, maybe there were a lot of teensy pebbles…but it didn’t bother Teagan.

Mom wasn’t having any of it, though.  She arched an eyebrow and cocked her head at Teagan.  “I’m going to vacuum,” she said.  “Go to the window.”  She twisted the knob and opened the door.  Teagan scampered around to the other side of the room, glancing back as Mom carted out the giant, red beast with its various appendages and gaping mouths.  The wheels creaked as Mom rolled it into the living room.  The beast was still asleep, but it typically woke with a start, like an engine going zero to sixty in three seconds.

Mom reached back and started yanking the beast’s tail.  Yeah, good job, Mom.  No wonder the thing was always cranky when it roared to life.  Teagan darted under the table and jumped onto the crates next to the window that served as her boarding bench.  She waited on the slim chance the beast would not wake, that Mom would change her mind and lock it away again.  No such luck.  Mom grabbed the handle, pulled down, and kicked it.

The beast’s eyes flashed open, bright and shiny, and a resounding roar filled the room.  Man, that thing had a set of lungs.  It would continue to bellow the entire time it roamed throughout the apartment, gobbling up dust and dandruff.  Teagan supposed she should feel a little sorry for the monster, only getting fed once a week.  It must be starving.  Teagan skittered behind the curtain to hide.  She didn’t want to get eaten.  She crouched low, out of sight and out of biting range of that maw that swept across the floor.  At least the beast wasn’t as agile as Teagan.

Still, it was embarrassing having to hide like a quavering bunny rabbit.  Teagan was a cat!  Not prey.  She wasn’t of a mind to tell the beast that, though.  Teagan swallowed her tension.  It wouldn’t last long.  Though it seemed an eternity of agony, the beast eventually quieted, and Teagan remained hidden as she listened to the telltale signs of Mom releasing the tail, cocking the head back, and wheeling the beast back to its lair.

“Done, Teagan!” Mom called.

Teagan didn’t move right away.  She needed a moment to regain her composure so she could make her exit like the proud, unperturbed, exquisite creature that she was.  Then she heard the shuffle of treats in their plastic bag.  Teagan straightened in interest.  She wasn’t above bribery.

~Angela Wallace


~ by Angela Wallace on June 23, 2011.

14 Responses to ““Teagan vs. Vacuum Cleaner””

  1. I think this is my favorite story yet. Love the part where she thinks the vacuum must be hungry. Teagan is braver than my own kitty and atleast stays out! Mine hisses and growls at the vacuum and then hides in the closet until at least an hour after it stops.

    • It took us several tries before we found a place she felt safe in that wasn’t under the bed. She’s smart, though, which does make the whole process easier.

      I’ve been trying to take more pictures to put with the stories, but Teagan is camera shy. I’ve discovered the camera is actually an effective way to get her to stop doing naughty things…

      • That is funny Angela. Kitties never like to cooperate with cameras! The pics you have managed to get have been great. Whenever you don’t post one, I assume Teagan wasn’t working with you on it.

  2. So cute! Love it! Especially the cat’s POV. I’m sure that’s exactly what kitties think about vacuums. 😀

  3. This is lovely! Great cat POV. Now…my Seren-kitty no longer cares about the vacuum monster but the dog tries to GRAB the thing, yikes!

  4. Omg that was so sweet! I have a cat too and she always hides when the vacuum’s on which is not too often because we are slobs. 😛 I love the name Teagan for a cat, and I’m very happy I stumbled upon this, I hadn’t seen it before! I love writers who give a little extra when they blog and it seems you’re doing just that, Angela. I’ll be keeping my eye on the kitty litter, I mean this blog. 😛

  5. I love your Teagan stories! My cats are very much the same – so are the dogs.
    And even when I leave the vacuum in the closet and start sweeping or mopping, the animals get all jittery. You’d think I never cleaned. Jeez … I sweep and mop at least once a month!

  6. I really do love the Teagan stories. I’ve been posting the link on my personal Facebook page to share with my friends that love cats. Don’t know if they visit or not but I try.

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