“Teagan’s Revenge”

The Adventures of Teagan, Ep. 8

“Teagan’s Revenge”

            Teagan rose from her perch in the window.  Her internal clock was impeccable.  She knew that in exactly fifteen minutes, Mom’s roommate would start getting ready for bed since she had to get up at three in the morning to go to work.  Teagan sauntered into the other room, eliciting the intended scowl from the roommate.  This had become a regular routine: Teagan invading the roommate’s space at the time the door was to be closed, prohibiting access—payback for all those times the roommate interrupted Teagan’s napping.  Some might call it vindictive; Teagan called it sass.

While the roommate retreated to brush her teeth, Teagan scouted around the bed.  In the past, she would just burrow underneath, making it impossible for the roommate to settle down unless she wanted to trap the kitty in with her for the night.  But the roommate had gotten smarter since those initial infiltrations.  She had since moved various objects around under the bed, creating an impenetrable barricade.  Hah, Teagan scoffed.  She would just see about that.

After a few passes and investigations at the corners, Teagan realized the wall was in fact pretty sound.  She couldn’t find access through any of her normal routes.  There was a stack of flattened cardboard boxes on one end, a precarious collection of wrapping paper rolls on another, and a box of batteries.  This was not going according to plan.  Teagan circled again, this time getting frustrated.  Even the secret entrance through the side table was obstructed with a clunky space heater.

The roommate came back in, obviously gloating over Teagan’s failure.  She would not be thwarted!  Fine, if she couldn’t get under the bed, she’d have to get under something else.  She moved to the foot of the bed, eyed the top edge, and dove for the crevice of overhanging bedspread.  Using her claws for purchase and her powerful muscles, she scaled the mattress and tunneled under the covers.  How’s that for who gets the last word?

“Angela!  Come get your little monster!”

Teagan snorted contentedly.  Like Mom would do anything.  She didn’t have the heart to ever force Teagan into or out of places.  Teagan was queen in this land.  She felt Mom’s presence standing over the bed even though she couldn’t see through the fabric.

“Teagan…” Mom cooed.

Teagan made a muffled meow.  She would not be ordered or guilted into moving.  The roommate had offended her dignity and she must pay.  Mom lifted the edge of the bedspread and gave Teagan a look.  Teagan debated for a moment.  She had made her point.  She would leave on her own terms—a mad sprint from the bed to the doorway, clearing four feet.  Her tail flicked haughtily.  Sleep well, roommate.  There’s always tomorrow night.

You can't see me.

I'm not moving.

~ by Angela Wallace on June 27, 2011.

4 Responses to ““Teagan’s Revenge””

  1. Yet another great story.

  2. Ha ha, cats can be so devious. She looks so cute under those covers!

  3. I love these Teagan stories!

  4. This is adorable. I’ll be back to read more.

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