Story ideas you would like to see but have never found…..

As most readers are aware, I will be posting the finalists for the writing contest later tonight, but thought to do a regular post today as well.  Please check back as I need everyone to vote!  Now on to the main topic.

Have any of you thought of a story idea and been unable to find a book that has it?  This happens to me quite often.  Sometimes I do manage to find what I am looking for, other times I don’t.  One example is an idea that came to me after watching the movie Troy (yep, Brad Pitt is rather inspiring).  I’m a big fan of time travel books and got to thinking.  Are there any time travel romance novels out there where the main character travels back to ancient Rome or Greece?  I would take either one, especially if the heroine could meet a guy looking like Brad Pitt or almost any of those warriors in the movie 300.

You can find plenty of novels going back to Scotland or Britain, sometimes even Ireland, but good luck finding one for ancient Greece or Rome.  In fact, I couldn’t find many historical romance novels set in either of those locations.  Why is it the movies love to use those parts of Europe but not romance authors?   Seems like people would certainly read them if they did.  Admittedly, I am a history major, but my focus is on the Middle East so that doesn’t help me much in writing the idea myself.  It would be great if someone else did though!

So here is your chance to tell everyone what kind of story line you would like to see.  It could focus on a certain kind of character, setting, or time period.  Whatever strikes your fancy.  Authors, if you actually have written a book or know of a one that fits an idea proposed here, please feel free to let us know!  I would love to get some brainstorming going on good topics for books!

~ by Suzie on June 29, 2011.

23 Responses to “Story ideas you would like to see but have never found…..”

  1. Susan, off the top of my head, I don’t recall any books to which you refer either. If I come across any, I’ll let you know.

    How far back would you go with a story anyway?

    Have a great one.

    • Oh, I would read anything that went back as far as possible and still have some civilization. It would just be great to see some modern day heroine having to make her way through those ancient times.

      • I think if any heroine was to travel back that far…she would be in for culture shock…mostly women were treated like dirt…I guess royalty wouldn’t be.

        • Well, technically, women were treated like crap up until less than a century ago. They had few rights and were generally treated as property of their male relatives. Of course, you would want the woman to meet the right kind of guy who respected her amd treated her right when she traveled back. There would be some conflict initially which is what will push the romance part of the story. In all of history, some men treated women right while others didn’t. I think it is possible to make it work. Just look at the movie 300. Historians claim women had been warriors in their own right back then.

          • Never saw the movie 300 but I’m sure you are correct that some men did treat women right. If truth be told…some men still treat women like crap but it is becoming less and less.

          • Has anyone read the Boudica series by Manda Scott? Dreaming the Eagle, Dreaming the Hound, Dreaming the Bull, Dreaming the Serpent Spear. The series is set in Roman Britain from Boudica’s viewpoint. Quite good conflicting attitudes towards women – Boudica was a warrior queen. Plenty of romance in there too for you, Susan 🙂

            Another series I’ve just thought of and love is Clan of the Cave Bear, by Jean M Auel. Goes back a bit further than we’ve been discussing – neanderthal times, but brilliantly written and fantastic if you want to delve into a totally different time zone.

  2. Something that I’d really like to read, and this isn’t a plot, is a story with strong brotherly love. Most plots pit two brothers against each other. I get it, Cain and Abel, tried and true. (Hehe, I first made the typo “tired and true,” which actually fits. =P) But I want to read a story (or see a movie, for that matter) where brothers actually stick together against evil.

    Susan, I don’t know of any time travel romance, but I do know of a romance trilogy set in ancient Rome.

    • Angela, I presume you mean other than the O’Malley brothers (and sisters).

      • Well, yes. But they’re family by choice, which strengthens the bond, in my opinion. I’m thinking of the typical eldest versus younger son, and only one can become king/inherit family fortune/etc. and invariably turns on the other in order to accomplish said goal.

        • Okay, just checking. You’re correct they are family by choice. Which I found to be a really cool concept on her part.

          I guess that speaks to the competitive nature of mankind…survival of the fittest etc. It would be cool if they only inherited whatever if they worked together as a common goal.

  3. I don’t know if it’s truly original, but I set my fantasy/detective Portals books in Corpus Christi, Texas – because I wanted someplace that wasn’t New York or Chicago or LA … and I couldn’t think of any other writer who’d “done” Corpus Christi. (Besides, I lived in Corpus a few years, and I like it.)
    As for other possibilities … How about a vampire/werewolf book where the two species (?) AREN’T at war with each other. (Other than the original Dracula book, wherein the Count refers to wolves as “children of the night.”)

    • PL, I was actually impressed to see you use Corpus Christie for your setting when I read your book summary. It is nice to see places used that aren’t the typical ones we see. New Orleans is another one that gets used a lot for paranormal books. You are right that werewolves and vampires are usually at war with each other in books. My favorite book series that I talked about on the Amazon thread actually has no werewolves and instead the enemy species is ghouls. The two sides do get along most of the time in the series though.

  4. I write a new book every year, starting right around December and into Feb. – let me ponder this idea. It is very intriguing. A female time traveler, (a scientist from the future) gets sent back into time and ends up in ancient Rome, where she falls in love with two brothers. But before they destroy each other over her, they fight to save their empire, to which their father, (to be named at a later date) is ruler of. Ultimately, the girl returns to her time, after which, she is forever shrined as … the goddess of love. (Nobody in future realizes she is Aphrodite) I think I will write you that story.

  5. It’s not a time travel romance, but I do possess a book set in Troy which I would class as romance.
    The Firebrand, by Marion Zimmer Bradley. She’s better known for her Arthurian legend, but it’s a great book that I would highly recommend. It tells the story of Troy through Kassandra’s eyes.

    A storyline that would fascinate me would be a “what if it had happened like this instead” scenario. Not quite sure how to explain it, but for example in England, Henry VIII had an older brother who died in his teens. What if he’d lived? Or take any key event that changed the world and rewrite it so it happened differently, and spin the story out from there.

    OK, I’ve been watching Quantum Leap on the TV today. Elvis very nearly became a double act and didn’t get the big break. I think that’s what’s set me off on this line of thinking. LOL.

    • Janet, I will have to check that book set out. Sounds interesting.

      Your Quantum Leap reference reminds me of a book series I have been following by an Indie author not posted here. The premise is about a modern day woman who has had horrible luck in the romance department. A close friend manages to convince her to read romance novels (which she thought was silly but did it anyway).

      Shortly after she reads a bunch of them, she gets into an accident. Next thing she knows, she is in another woman’s body in Scotland a few hundred years in the past. In order to leave that time, she has to fall in love with the guy and settle down. Once that happens she is transported to regency England in another woman’s body amd has to go through another romance. Each book is a different time and place with a lesson in love. So far there are four books out. I have really enjoyed the series. Every time the woman is tranported, she keeps hoping it will be home, but also misses the life she lived in last. Basically, she has to keep living out romance novels until they reach their conclusion and then move on to the next.

      • Mistress & Janet,
        I love Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Arthurian legend series (thanks for the reference here Janet) I will have to check out The Firebrand as well.

  6. Susan, it’s funny that you’ve asked for input on this particular story line. I’m in the process of editing one of my son’s books (probably have it ready in about a month or so), about time travel back to ancient Roman times, the birth Jesus, and a few other settings. It’s about a group of kids who find a time travel machine and have to go back to certain periods of time to collect parts of a machine to keep the earth from being destroyed in the future. No romance involved though!

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