“Teagan vs. Houseplant, Round 2”

The Adventures of Teagan, Ep. 9

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“Teagan vs. Houseplant, Round 2”

            The living room was dark with the curtains drawn.  Teagan sat on the floor, staring at the open door to Mom’s room where the only light in the apartment filtered through.  She wasn’t sure she could trust this strange stroke of fortune, but it seemed Mom really was engrossed with her new “social media” hobby.  Teagan didn’t much appreciate it.  Surely Mom’s time could be better spent playing with Teagan.

Today, however, Mom’s obsession was serving Teagan quite well.  Mom had finished her weekly chores of cleaning the kitchen and watering the plants, but this time something in the routine changed.  Mom left the areca palm sitting in the sink—something about “misting” the leaves.  Pft, plants have no right to be so demanding.  Rather than let it drip all over her shelf, Mom had left it to drain in the kitchen…and promptly forgotten about it.

Teagan took her chance.  She padded silently into the kitchen and eyed the leaves draping over the counter.  This was too easy.  Teagan stilled and flicked her ears back and forth, listening for any sign that Mom had gotten up to come check on the plant.  Nope.  She was lost in cyberspace.  Teagan wiggled her hindquarters, preparing to leap.  She had to make the landing soundless if she wasn’t to be discovered.  Her muscles coiled like a spring and suddenly released, launching her into the air and onto the counter.  She paused, but heard nothing stir in the back room.  Teagan held her head high; her execution was flawless, of course.

She turned predatory eyes to the palm resting helplessly in the sink.  Teagan licked her whiskers.  She was going to savor this.  She selected one of the larger, more lush-looking leaves, and sampled it.  Mmm, it tasted good.  She devoured it in seconds and moved on to the next leaf, then the next.  At last, houseplant…

Teagan’s ears pricked up.  Something had disturbed the air.  Drat, Mom must have noticed Teagan’s absence.  Teagan sprang from the counter, unable to help the audible thump of her landing on the solid linoleum.  She dashed under the table as Mom’s footsteps hurried through the apartment.

“Teagan?” Mom flicked on the light and Teagan winced at the indignant sound Mom made.  “Teagan!”

Teagan moseyed out from under the table, flicking her tail carelessly as though she had just been on a casual stroll.  She looked up at Mom with big, innocent-looking eyes.  Who said only puppies can do it?  Mom made a sound that resembled a growl—funny really.  She scooped up the plant and whirled on Teagan, trying to stare her into confession.  Teagan remained nonchalant, however, impervious to such attempts.  She cocked her head and spun around to jaunt out of the kitchen as though she had no idea what Mom was glaring murderously about.

~Angela Wallace

~ by Angela Wallace on June 30, 2011.

7 Responses to ““Teagan vs. Houseplant, Round 2””

  1. So like cats to feign innocence. That poor plant! Why is it cats can’t resist them?

  2. Another wonderful Teagan story! I love it!
    I decided long ago … You can have cats, or you can have plants. I’d rather have cats.

  3. Teagan strikes my funny bone again.

  4. The sad part is I already have trouble keeping plants alive. That palm flourished for a year before this unfortunate incident. And it gets worse. Round 3 coming soon.

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