Writing Contest Winner and Another Poll Question to Vote on!

Tim Greaton- First Place Winner of Mistress' Writing Contest!

As most of you have figured out, we have a writing contest winner.  Congratulations Tim Greaton (author of The Santa Shop) for your excellent short story that inspired so many votes (twenty-seven out of thirty-eight to be exact)!  Some of you may know, he actually contributed three stories, but only the first could be allowed for submission.  That one can be viewed, along with the two other finalists, here.  I am truly happy to see so many people were inspired to write under the tough guidelines.

Tim has expressed the desire not to receive the prize of a $10 Amazon gift card.  He mentioned several ideas of where he would rather it go, so he will need to get back to me on which he prefers.  Regardless, Tim gets a nifty picture of a trophy here as his other prize!  He can print it and hang it on his wall if he likes 🙂

With all the fun had by everyone while conducting this contest, some have expressed a desire for me to run another in the future.  Perhaps with a few strange stipulations again just to make the writing interesting.  As I would like to see feedback on this idea and whether it is something readers of this blog would want, I’m going to post another poll for you all to vote on.  Admittedly, I just like to create these polls because they are fun, but it also lets me know what everyone thinks.

Please, take the few seconds to cast your vote.  Also, don’t forget to congratulate Tim.  He deserves the recognition for his great work.  Just to clarify, though, he will be welcome to submit stories in the next contest, but would not be eligible as a finalist so that others have a chance to win (sorry Tim, but I know you understand).  If this becomes a regular feature of the blog, I will probably make the rule no one can be the winner again for a set period (maybe 90 days).

Just so you know, the poll below will allow you to select UP TO TWO ANSWERS.


~ by Suzie on July 2, 2011.

24 Responses to “Writing Contest Winner and Another Poll Question to Vote on!”

  1. Congrats Tim! I look forward to more contests with strange stipulations. 😀

  2. Thanks, Suzie, Angela. I look forward to more opportunities to read and share story ideas 🙂

    Regarding the ten million dollar prize money…hmmmm…a community jet? No, too wasteful. A state-of-the-art clubhouse with several hundred writing stations? No, too hard to hear with all that noisy thinking going on. Hmmm…yep, guess you’ll just have to double up the prize for the next lucky winner 🙂

    • Sounds good Tim. I will roll it over with the next contest for double the money. Based on the voting patterns, it looks like it will be later this month before the next one occurs. I may allow for a full week to submit stories next time. Already have the stipulations jotted down. All I will say for now is the next one can be between 350-700 words. Several people, not naming names, cut it close last time.

      Also, I was hoping someone would click on the second to last option for today’s poll. Looks like one did. It gave me a giggle to write it! The poll will remain open since I know many people are away doing holiday weekend stuff and may not get to it today,

  3. Susan, I absolutely refute your thinly veiled accusation that some of us were cutting the word count close last time :-). To be clear, my first story was 600 words (not including the 4-word title), my second was 597 words (not including the 2-word title), and my last story was 595 words (not including the 5-word title). Between all three stories, I had an extra 8 words to throw around, a full sentence for god’s sake :-).

    • Tim, I noted how close you pushed it (on all three stories, lol). Ironically, your sister did the same thing. Must be a family thing. I was half tempted to just name a last name, lol. Anyway, now you will get a full 100 words extra to throw around! Considering what one of the stipulations is, you will need it.

      • Suzie, with all due respect, I don’t think you can catch me up. If you can dream up a rule, I believe I can find a way to write a story around it…now whether it will be a good story….

        • We shall see, lol. As a hint, a certain word (which will be revealed at the beginning of the contest) will have to be used at least ten times in the story. It cannot be used more than once in each sentance though. I will be curious how people manage it 🙂

  4. Congrats, Tim! Can I also say he ought to be eligible each time, there’s no reason why not. Everyone has an equal chance at the beginning!

    • Because if Tim is given an inch…he’ll take a mile. Seriously, it happens a lot in contests. Besides this way the rest of us have a chance. (smiling) You really did good Tim, I knew I didn’t have a chance after your first story. But it certainly was fun being one of the runners up.

      • David, I’m okay with this rule. The truth is: Lynn frightens me. There’s no telling what she might do to win next time 🙂 I believe Suzie had my best interest (protection) in mind when she suggested it 🙂

        • You are right Tim. I just want to keep you safe so you’ll keep writing those great stories. After ninety days, you can be back in the game. There will be enough other winners by then that no one should be hiring a hitman, lol. Of course, we all still want to see what stories you come up with. They are always entertaining!

        • You are something else, Tim. You’re out of danger…I think my Mother stare won’t harm you. It only works on my children…except now they are all grown…so I think my powers may have weakened. 🙂

  5. All I’m going to say is, “I’m not the one that brought up the subject of mother stairs.”

    • I love your play on words, Tim. I was laughing so loud my friend asked what was up…so I had to explain and she laughed.

      • Oddly, Lynn, I was on the phone with my mother when the email about your last post came in. I, of course, had to explain your comments and she, too, laughed about the mother stair.

        ‘Talk about a nasty disposition. First you treat your children like that, then you laugh…

        • LOL!

          One year for Christmas, I asked my son to do a superhero character for me. He loves to draw and it was something he could do on his limited budget…if I recall correctly my super talent was the mother stare.

          I’ll have to see if he has somewhere that I can post it for you.

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