“Teagan’s Turn to Write”

The Adventures of Teagan, Ep. 10

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“Teagan’s Turn to Write”

            The clatter of keys filled the morning air like a cybertronic birdsong.  Mom was typing furiously at her computer, pouring words into patterns and sequences in order to craft a story.  Teagan padded into the room.  When Mom was writing like this, there was no hope of getting her attention to play.  Teagan didn’t like being ignored, however.  She tried brushing up against Mom’s leg, but only received a murmured, “Hi sweetie.”  Time for the direct approach.

Teagan leaped into Mom’s lap, consequently halting the typing process.  Mom sighed and tried to swipe tail out of her mouth.  Teagan made the last little hop onto the desk and sat down on Mom’s stack of notebooks and papers.  She curled her tail around, careful not to touch the actual laptop.  Mom was very firm about that.  No touching.  Teagan turned her back and faced the wall and bookshelf, pretending she could care less about what Mom was doing.  She admired the various trinkets and string of lantern lights…her gaze roved over the plant on the very top shelf…and returned to the wall.  Mom had gone back to typing.

Teagan sighed and turned around to face Mom and the glaring computer screen.  She watched the black letters race across the blank white page, filling it with visual clutter.  No touching…  Teagan looked down at the notebook she was sitting on.  It was filled with scrawl and some of the pages were curled.  There were notes in different colors and things crossed off.  Mom’s storyboard.  Teagan sniffed the pages and rubbed them with her scent.  She could do this with Mom.  Teagan liked being involved in whatever Mom was doing.  She could even help.

Teagan lifted a paw and daintily tried to grab the metal coils that kept the notebook bound.  She tried using her teeth, but she couldn’t turn the page.

“Teagan,” Mom warned absently, still engrossed in her writing.

Teagan shifted position again and let out a big huff of a sigh.  She surveyed the other tools on the desk and settled on the pencil.  She could use that.  Teagan delicately reached out a paw and pulled the pencil toward her.  Now, how had she seen Mom use it?  Teagan moved the pencil around on the notebook, but couldn’t seem to make it do anything of significance.  She tried a little harder, giving it a more solid thump.  The pencil flipped up and over the edge, clattering to the floor below.

Teagan peered over the edge and frowned.  Mom bent down to pick it up and place it back on the desk.  She reached up and rubbed Teagan’s ears.

“Yes, you’re so helpful.”

Teagan shrugged.  Of course she was.  She reached out and swatted at the pencil again.

(Note: I was sneaky this time; I used the camera on my laptop to catch her in the act.  Muaha.)

~ by Angela Wallace on July 4, 2011.

6 Responses to ““Teagan’s Turn to Write””

  1. Cats do love pencils and spiral notebooks. Very smart of you to use the laptop camera. I was wondering how you got those pics. Definitely caught her in the act. At least she looked cute while doing it!

    Happy Independence Day by the way!

    • You can see in the first one she’s a little suspicious of what I’m doing. Happy, er, past 4th of July. Teagan doesn’t like Independence Day, as I’m sure no cat does. She spent the night hiding behind the couch.

  2. […] Anyway, wish me luck on this endeavor!  And in honor of this challenge, in this Monday’s short story it’s “Teagan’s Turn to Write.” […]

  3. I love the story and the pictures. Teagan is getting so big now.

  4. She’s so CUTE!!! I have a cat too. Her name is Sissy and I think they should keep company while we’re off typing. Seriously, my cat hates it when she wants a good pet (not a half one when I’m absent-minded) and I’m on the laptop instead. Sometimes I use one hand but both activities suffer for it, lol.

    It’s good she at least tries to help you out. Mine is a lazy bum who couldn’t care less about fantasy worlds or in your case, vampires. (Not sparkly right?) Anyway, I’m loving these sneak peaks into the life of a convoluted cat. You’re both lucky to have each other. 🙂

    • Haha. Sissy is a cute name. You’ll have to show me a picture sometime.

      Sometimes if I settle down to work elsewhere with the laptop in my lap, Teagan will climb over it and force me to move it (unless I want her typing in my WIP) and then she’ll promptly plop down so I’m stuck holding the thing over her head with nowhere to go. She does that a lot when I’m reading books as well. But yes, I am lucky to have her. I laugh every single day with her in my life. Pets are the best medicine. 🙂

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