“Teagan and Hot Summer Nights”

The Adventures of Teagan, Ep. 11

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“Teagan and Hot Summer Nights”

            Teagan rolled over at the foot of the bed.  It was hot.  Too hot to sleep snuggled in Mom’s arms.  The bedspread was mashed up against the wall and the sheets tangled.  The fan across the room oscillated back and forth in slow, rhythmic motions.  Summer months were unpleasant, and Teagan had to shed a great deal more of her coat just to bear it.  Sleeping in her bed during the day was out of the question since the fleece blanket got too hot.  The windowsill didn’t exactly provide adequate support, even though it was cooler.

At night, Teagan was relegated to the foot of the bed.  Mom tended to toss and turn more when it was hot, throwing covers off, pulling them back on.  It drove Teagan mad.  She didn’t appreciate being kicked in the middle of the night.

She huffed and rolled over again to face the wall, putting her back to the fan.  Temperature was one thing, but Teagan could usually ignore it.  What she couldn’t ignore was Mom constantly shifting the bed.  Teagan shot her a dirty look, wasted in the dark as Mom slept.  Teagan’s eyes roved back to Mom’s feet, half covered, half sticking out from under the covers.  Teagan flicked her tail.  One more time, if Mom jostled one more time…

The night was quiet save the sounds of gentle whirring (they didn’t call it a Hawaiian breeze for nothing).  Teagan thought maybe she could try falling back asleep when the mattress jiggled as Mom rolled over, unconsciously kicking at the stifling covers and almost clocking Teagan in the face.  That was it.

Teagan swiped at Mom’s foot.  Mom recoiled, still sleepily reacting on reflex.  Teagan’s eyes narrowed as that foot slid closer again.  She grabbed onto the ankle with her paw and tried to pull it closer in order to sink her teeth into it.  This time Mom jerked awake and snapped at Teagan.  Her tail flicked in annoyance.  She didn’t start it.  Mom shifted to get comfortable and Teagan lashed out again, her restrained claws grazing sensitive flesh unprotected by socks.  This time Mom shouted; she could be quite cranky when abruptly woken from sleep.  Like mother, like kitty.

Teagan grumbled and gave up.  She jumped off the bed and stalked out of the room.  Fine, she’d sleep somewhere else, or later.  Just so long as she didn’t have to endure Mom’s fitful sleep one minute more.  Teagan passed through the living room and sighed in resignation.  There was always the windowsill…


~ by Angela Wallace on July 7, 2011.

7 Responses to ““Teagan and Hot Summer Nights””

  1. Poor kitties and their full coats of fur! How they put up with sleeping with us, I will never know. Sounds like Teagan is less tolerant of being kicked than my cat, lol. I haven’t been bitten or scratched while sleeping yet. Must not let my cat read this or she might get ideas!

    • Haha, we wouldn’t want that. I do feel bad though. Winter is so much better because then she just sleeps snuggled in my arm and it’s too cold for me to toss and turn. I have a great story about Teagan and a space heater, but it’s out of season. I wonder if these stories will still be going in winter.

  2. Teagan definitely sounds like she is strong-willed and thinks she is always in the right…well until told otherwise.

    Our house cat has taken to jumping on my chest or belly when I’m in bed reading. I think he thinks I’m his pillow…always trying to soften up parts that don’t get softer. He has been known to sleep right on my legs sometimes too. Not so much in the summer though. The funniest time was when my toe was almost sticking out from under the sheet…then I wiggled it…he startled then looked then decided it was time to leave.

    • Of course you’re his pillow. You didn’t get the memo about your purpose on this earth? 😉 Teagan still tries to sleep in my lap during the day, but she’ll stay there for two hours and she’s too hot! I’m such a sap, though, and rarely have the heart to move her.

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