“Teagan Goes Spelunking”

The Adventures of Teagan, Ep. 12

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“Teagan Goes Spelunking”

            There was a lot of commotion coming from the kitchen.  What could Mom and the roommate possibly be doing?  They didn’t cook often, but what else does one do in the kitchen except make food?  Maybe Teagan could get something.  She trotted into the kitchen and stopped short.  She didn’t smell anything cooking.  Rather, the counters were cluttered with pots and pans and other odds and ends of cookware.  The roommate was swallowed halfway by the fridge, scrubbing empty shelves while Mom scrutinized each and every pan, preserving some and relegating others to the trash bin.  What a mess.  Why did their idea of cleaning always involve making things worse first?

Then Teagan noticed the cupboard door wide open.  She scurried around under the table to approach it head-on.  A darkness stared back at her.  Was this a portal to another realm?  The place where monsters in the closet and under the bed come from?  She waited for her moment when Mom and the roommate stepped out of the kitchen, and then she stalked up to the entrance.  She sniffed the edges of the cupboard, looking for booby traps, before venturing deeper into its gaping maw.

The air was musty and dust coated the tattered shelf paper.  Teagan sneezed.  She hoped the humans didn’t actually use some of these pots for cooking.  Blegh.  Teagan wasn’t sure even she would eat off them.  Blackness stretched off to her left and she boldly pursued.  Her paws fell silently on the floor; her ears flicked back and forth, listening for any telltale skittering sounds of something to pounce on.  She heard nothing.  All the smells down here were old.  If it was a portal to another realm, it sure hadn’t been used in a while.  No gremlins sneaking in through here.

Teagan eventually found the back wall—so the cave did have an end (what a shame).  Teagan checked to see if it was sealed properly.  Yep, she wouldn’t have to worry about protecting this front.  She gave one more casual look around and decided to leave.  There wasn’t much down there after all.  She navigated her way back, careful not to touch the mucky utensils.  Yes, this time Teagan approved of Mom’s need to engage in this “Spring Cleaning” ritual.  Some of the stuff down here had long since died and needed a proper burial.

Teagan hopped out of the cupboard, slightly disappointed there hadn’t been anything more interesting to investigate, but satisfied she wouldn’t have to guard against any imp invasion.

Anybody home?


~ by Angela Wallace on July 11, 2011.

10 Responses to ““Teagan Goes Spelunking””

  1. Very interesting. I like it.


  2. Imp invasion, lol! Have you been reading Katie MacAlister’s Dragon series?

  3. This one is in my list of all time favorite Teagan adventures. Mostly because it sounds so much like our house cat. He is always venturing into the cabinets especially when we turn our backs for one second. One time in got in so good we had to clear out the cabinet to reach him. We found lots of lost treasures that day for sure. Hope he scared off any unwanted visitors like imps and gremlins.

    • Lol Lynn. Between you and Angela, I now have a new stipulation to add to the next writing contest. It will start in about a week. This one should be lots of fun!

      *evil grin*

      • Lynn: Think the architect had a thing for cats? I don’t think we should build spaces to easily lose stuff in.

        Susan: Ooh, sounds devious. Can’t wait. Oh, what’s the title of the first book I should read in that series? Katie MacAlister has a lot out.

        • Here is the reading order for the dragon series. I don’t think the imp invasion comes up until book three or four though.

          You Slay Me
          Fire Me Up
          Light My Fire
          Holy Smokes
          Playing With Fire
          Up In Smoke
          Me and My Shadow
          Love in the Time of Dragons
          The Unbearable Lightness of Dragons

      • Susan, If it has to do with cats…I might have ‘an in’. If it anything else…well we’ll see.

        Angela, you may be right. Remember this isn’t my place…I just live here and help out.

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