“Teagan vs. the Relatives”

The Adventures of Teagan, Ep. 13

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“Teagan vs. the Relatives”

            Mom had straightened up and it wasn’t Friday.  Teagan found it an odd divergence in behavior, but nothing to be too concerned about.  She should have paid closer attention.  The curtains were drawn back on both sides, filling the living room with an amount of light infrequently enjoyed.  Moments later Teagan heard voices approaching the gate.  That didn’t bother her so much as people were often coming and going to the different apartments around the courtyard.  These voices belonged to two burly men, and they headed straight for gate number 11.

Teagan sprang from where she was reclining on the floor.  It was the uncles.  Wood grated as one of them pulled the cord to unlatch the gate, and Teagan bolted toward the back of the apartment.  She paused in the doorway and turned on the off chance that they had mistaken the apartment number and would leave.  But no.  Mom opened the door to greet them.  Their loud, obnoxious deep voices resounded into the apartment, and Teagan fled into the bedroom and under the bed.

Teagan did not like the uncles.  She didn’t usually take to any visitors, really, but men she did not like.  Surely, there was some dark, tragic tale behind her abhorrence, but Teagan didn’t like to dwell on it.  She tucked herself far back into the corner under the bed to wait them out.  They only came to visit a couple times a year, but when they did they disrupted the entire day.  Teagan should have been napping at this time, not cowering under the bed waiting for these intruders to leave.  They were a bit too large for her to take on, however.  Spiders and gnats she could handle, no problem.

Time passed slowly in the dark and cramped confines under the bed.  She couldn’t even doze under there.  Later, she heard one of the uncles calling out in that soft, crooning voice reserved for furry companions.  He made a snicking sound with his tongue.  Like she was some relative of a horse.   This uncle with the beard had a penchant for touching things, like Teagan’s favorite toy.  He had it now; she could hear the faint tinkle of the bell.  Teagan couldn’t let that pass.

She crept out from under the bed and slinked into the hallway.  The uncle was kneeling on the carpet in the living room with the black wand and strings of yarn in his hand.  He had twined the cord completely around the stick like a candy cane.  Why did he have to touch her things?  Had she any warning of their coming, she would have hidden it.  One paw in front of the other, nose working as her early detection warning system, she inched forward, but dared not come close enough to be snatched.  Mom smiled genially and shrugged apologetically to Teagan.

The uncle flicked her toy back and forth across the floor, but she wasn’t going to try to take it from him.  She didn’t have the muscles or brawn of a dog to yank it away and run.  The other uncle on the couch twitched and Teagan retreated.  Let him play with the toy to his heart’s content.  She didn’t care.  (Well, she did, but she wasn’t going to let him know that.)  She retreated back under the bed to wait them out.  Eventually they left and Teagan immediately inspected her toy.  Mom plopped down on the couch and looked at Teagan.  They would both be going to bed early that night.  Relatives were exhausting.

~Angela Wallace

~ by Angela Wallace on July 14, 2011.

6 Responses to ““Teagan vs. the Relatives””

  1. Sounds very interesting.


  2. Teagan was smart enough to know when to take on a challenge and when not to. Good for her. I agree…relatives are exhausting.

  3. Poor Teagan! Strangers are no fun. My cat was hissing and growling at the maintenance men working outside the other day. She takes guarding her home very seriously. Thankfully, when I had relatives over, she just hid until they were gone.

  4. Are you going to turn Teagan’s adventures into a booK? They would make a cute children’s book.

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