“Teagan vs. Houseplant, Round Three”

The Adventures of Teagan, Ep. 14

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“Teagan vs. Houseplant, Round Three”

The house was quiet in the dead of night.  Mom and the roommate slept soundly behind doors mostly closed.  Tonight was the night.  Teagan padded into the kitchen.  The poor, mangled areca palm had been moved there, its scarred features too unattractive for Mom to keep displayed in the bedroom.  That wasn’t to say Mom had abandoned the pitiful plant.  She had placed it on top of the microwave, which was set on an isolated, rolling kitchen unit.

Though the unit was placed near the kitchen table, access was still nearly impossible, for Mom had a knack for predicting all of Teagan’s strategies for getting up there.  So the plant was on the microwave, scooted over to the end away from the table.  A wide, bowl-shaped basket full of snack food bags was on the other end, and an empty cardboard box was placed to fill the only section of table Teagan could possibly reach the microwave from.  Impossible.

Except, just before the roommate went to bed, she had moved that cardboard box.  Teagan had known she would be rewarded for her patience.  She leaped onto the table easily enough.  This time, not even the cough drops could distract her from her purpose.  She moved to the corner and sat, simply to savor the moment preceding her triumph, and to evaluate the challenge the basket posed.

She couldn’t jump into the basket—it was too tall for that—and she couldn’t jump over it because it was too wide.  Teagan cocked her head thoughtfully.  She rose up on her back legs and set her front paws on the microwave.  She tentatively nudged the basket with her head.  It was pretty light despite its size.  Teagan gave a little more push and shouldered the basket an inch back.  She looked at the thin strip of white that was the top of the microwave.  She thought she could make that.

Teagan leaned forward a little more and sprang the rest of the way up.  She teetered precariously for a moment, tensing her muscles and swishing her tail to find her balance.  She looked at the houseplant.  Gotcha.

The leaves tasted so good.  Teagan took her time devouring them, knowing there was no one around to catch her in the act, so she savored each and every bite.  One by one, the leaves on the plant disappeared, and only shredded banners on broken stems remained.  When morning came and Mom went into the kitchen for breakfast, it didn’t take her long to notice something was missing—the cardboard box.  Teagan was still in bed, snoozing, when she heard the shrill shout from the kitchen, “Teagan!”  Teagan rolled over and ignored her.  She had a tummy ache.

~Angela Wallace


~ by Angela Wallace on July 18, 2011.

5 Responses to ““Teagan vs. Houseplant, Round Three””

  1. You have to give Teagan credit for determination and patience. She set a goal and accomplished it. I guess she found out there are consequences for every action…good and bad.

    • Hehe. I can only assume she had a tummy ache, as she stayed in bed til noon that day, which was unusual. I was more mad at the “roommate” for moving the box to begin with. Apparently she hadn’t noticed my carefully crafted barrier. So, no more plants on the microwave. 😉

  2. I’ll bet Teagan did have a tummy ache. Maybe the ‘roommate’ and Teagan are trying to form an alliance? 🙂

  3. That poor plant. You tried so hard to save it. Teagan just determined it was not to be! I long since decided it would be too difficult to maintain a plant and cat in the same home. Others have done it, I know, but they still have trouble. The only safe kind may be hanging plants.

    • I have a couple places that are unreachable: the top shelf of one of those tower-like corner shelves; the TV (protected by barriers, of course 😉 ). She doesn’t seem to have a taste for African Violets, too fuzzy maybe. But yes, no more areca palms.

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