What are you reading/writing at the moment?

We haven’t had a chance to really talk about current reading or writing projects so I wanted to take the time to do that today. For the writers who follow this blog, tell us just a little something about your current project. Even if you just mention the genre and setting. Give us the opportunity to learn about your book before it gets published! For the readers, what are you reading right now? You can say if it is good, bad or the best story since sliced bread. Do mention the genre and maybe (if you are up for it) a bit of what the book is about.

As an update, I have added a page onto the blog for “Author Resources” that writers can use to post websites, books, etc that they found helpful and think others will too. I have also opened it up so that people with secondary language skills can tell others what they speak in case someone needs a phrase or two for their book. Please do stop by and comment if you have anything to offer or just want to see what others have posted. I mentioned my own expertise on there already.

Also, I have been adding other reviewer sites to the blog roll. For those of you looking for more reviews, do check on them regularly. If they grow to be too many, I may do a separate blog post listing them. One of the ways I learn about them is by linking up with some great people on Twitter who support Indies. Anyone with a Twitter account is welcome to follow me and I will follow back. Any good information I see will be re-tweeted for others to see. The address to find me is toward the top right of your screen, above all the page titles.


~ by Suzie on July 19, 2011.

35 Responses to “What are you reading/writing at the moment?”

  1. I’m currently reading HOTWIRE by Alex Kava. Plot involves bioterrorism, at least that’s what the reader is lead to believe but I think it is going to end up differently. And I’m currently working on DESTINY KILLS, the 6th book in my Sam Casey series (think “Medium” with a Native American twist).

  2. Hi, I’m writing the sequel to Johnny Oops and editing two books and going crazy doing so.


    • Arthur, seems like a lot of authors are about ready to go crazy editing. Not my favorite thing to do no matter what I’m editing (which until recently was term papers and a thesis).

  3. I’m currently reading Echo Lake by EM Walton. It’s a beautiful story though needed a few chapters to get its legs underfoot. As for writing projects, I’m slogging through the outline to “Heroes With Fangs,” my upcoming Middle Grade fantasy project. Of course, I have endless edit reviews and short story projects also kicking around…when I’m not hanging around Mistress’ site, that is 🙂

    • Tim, I have noticed some books don’t connect with me right away, but sometimes if you give them a chance, they do get good. Glad this one got better for you. As for all your projects, they do seem to be never ending. Just go ahead and clone yourself, it is the only answer.

  4. Hi, this is Linell Jeppsen. Right now, in between bouts of writing, I am reading A DANCE WITH DRAGONS, by George R.R. Martin. It is excellent! I am currently hard at work on my new novel, called Story Time. This is a science-fiction/ post-apocalyptic tale, that twines Biblical prophesies into an uncertain future that is filled with scenes of planetary devestation, savagery, and human nobilty.This work is pure fantasy and speculative fiction, but I have no doubt that it will raise many a brow, and set people to talking about what-if? This book has been picked up by Phyllis Scott Publishing and we hope it hits the virtual shelves by November, of 2011. I will try to have a release party sometime in October, and will be releasing for pre-review at that time. Look soon for an excerpt of Story Time, and until then if you like a little fang, go to http://www.linelljeppsen.com, or my Amazon page to read a sample and the reviews for my vampire novel, The Hunt by Linell Jeppsen

    • I thought I saw that “A Dance with Dragons” was recently released Linell. If I’m thinking of the same one anyway. Your next project sounds interesting. Gratz that you got a publisher to pick it up! Of course, they always take longer to release anything, but at least it will be out soon.

  5. I am currently working on the re-release of my book, CHILDREN OF THE FLOWER POWER. A book I released inadvertantly in its un-edited version, and doing the final edit on my 2nd book, LAST FLIGHT OUT.

    • I have seen that happen with a few authors Carroll, the wrong version of the book gets released instead of the final one. At least you are not alone in this problem. Hope you get your books released/re-released soon!

  6. I just published Alligator Attack!
    On Kindle and Smashwords.

    It is based on a true story of a giant alligator that killed 3 people in Orlando, Florida.

    We were watching old Tom show us his string of fish. When he threw them back in the water the alligator grabbed them. The boat rocked violently. Tom fell overboard. The Alligator got him.

    We ran for help. The Sheriff, his deputy, the game warden and my uncle brought me and my little brother back to the lake to search for old Tom and the alligator.

    I was 10 and my brother was 8 when it happened.

    We had to wait until night so they could use flashlights to spot his reflecting eyes. We motored around in the boat until we spotted him.

    He came for us!

  7. I am publishing Clan of the Bigfoot this week on Kindle and Smashwords.

    It is the story of a Clan of Bigfoots living in the swamps of Louisiana.

    Jay had spent his entire adult life at the university studying and teaching about the many pre-humans in our early evolution. He couldn’t bring himself to believe that Bigfoot and Yeti really existed, but he really wanted to believe.

    Fossils had shown that at least 8 of our “cousins” co-existed about a million years ago. Our latest cousin, the Neanderthal survived until about 28,000 years ago.

    When the new fossils recently found indicated that another of our cousins existed to 12,000 years ago, and maybe as late as 4,000 years ago, Jay became very interested in the current stories of Yeti and Bigfoot sightings.

    When another sighting of a Bigfoot occurred, Jay decided to use his summer break from the university to explore the area of the sighting to try to photograph Bigfoot.

    He found Bigfoot. Actually he found a clan of Bigfoots.

    They killed 2 men who were also searching for them, and captured their female companion.

    Jay came to study and photograph Bigfoot. He did much more. He became part of the clan.

  8. I’m currently reading, Dee Henderson’s The Witness. (Christian base Author – Mystery/Intrigue) Up until now, I haven’t really gotten into the story (I mean, I’m not turning the pages as quickly) Either it is me or in this book there is something of her writing magic missing. Copyright date is 2006 which is after the other books. Don’t get me wrong it is a good book and story…just not what I’ve gotten used to from her books.

    As for us, I’m typing some on our second book, Call Sign: Wrecking Crew (Inferno) it is a continuation from Call Sign: Wrecking Crew (Storm Warning). I think this new one will still be Action/Adventure/Political Intrigue (it’s still in it’s rough stages). We are re-proofing Call Sign: Wrecking Crew (Storm Warning) because I suspect the wrong version got sent through. Oh well, live and learn. Once that is done we will finish formatting on Smashwords to get them out to the deployed troops on Operation e-book Drop. Maybe after promoting our e-book Sizzling Summer Sale, I’ll be able to concentrate more on the typing part of both of our books.

  9. I’m always reading. It’s probably the one thing I do more consistently than write. I just finished book 3 of the Night Huntress series and am half way through The Shifter by Janice Hardy. It’s a YA fantasy about a girl who can draw pain out of people and push it into others, which makes her either an abomination or a potential tool by the occupying conquerors. I’m enjoying it so far, and I believe it’s a trilogy.

    I’m currently working on book 2 of my elemental series, which is urban fantasy. I’m just about ready to transition from planning stage to writing stage. All I can really say at the moment is that there is someone going around killing people by turning them into mummies (corpses, that is, not the kind that get up and walk around).

  10. I just finished The Door to Canelllin by E. H. Jones, one of the authors you’ll meet here. Fabulous book about a boy who accidently travels to another world and has to slay a dragon to make his way back home. Very well written.

    I’m in the middle of editing my son’s second book, which I hope to have finished in another month or so. I’ve gotten to the point that I’m hating the sight of the book because I’ve read it so many times!!

    • Oh yes MM, The Door to Canelllin is on my TBR. Glad to hear it is good! Best of luck to you in getting edits done! An awful but necessary task.

    • MM, I can relate.

      As for our first book, I may need to go take my laptop to the local library and hide out and proof it…one more time…some version with the changes got missed…darn it. It’ll probably be quieter than here right now. Plus, I won’t be tempted to use the Internet on my laptop…well unless they have wi-fi or something…which I highly doubt.

  11. Okay – first, I am not an author though I love to read…
    I haven’t read anything in particular recently though I am going through “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte, since its in my Literature course. I didn’t really like the beginning nor the Yorkshire accent used for some characters. It was not until Chapter 9 that I found this book really beautiful. I think, once you start empathizing with the characters you start to like this book. I really loved the way Emily Bronte portrayed the turmoil, pain and sorrow.
    As for writing, I am currently writing 4 versions of my Composition Essay “Imagining the world after 1000 years”. 4 versions..why? Because my friends are doing the Add. Maths and Maths homework for me :P/ …

    • I never actually read those stories, but heard of others who did. Funny about the math homework, I always get stuck doing that myself and it is my worst subject!

  12. Much of what I’ve been doing lately has been promoting Shadow Path – Book 1 in my Portals series. But I will soon start prepping Stormcaller – Book 2 in the series – for release on Kindle (hopefully that will happen this fall). Also, I’ve started writing columns and book reviews for myshelf.com … My first column is up this month. A Plague of Leprechauns, book 5 in my Portals series, is with my publisher, and I have started book 6 … doing some writing around the Shadow Path promotions.

    • Hopefully Stormcaller will arrive as soon as possible! I want to know what happens next. Of course, it is good you are doing book six as well. I am pleased to hear this.

  13. I just published The Devil Takes the Bodies on Kindle and Smashwords.
    It is based on a true story of the evil occurrence in Mississippi.

    The Devil Takes the Bodies of dead women and girls just before they are buried. The “half-breed” Indians living over in Itawamba County in Mississippi are suspected. Most of the disappearances happened in that county and 3 in Monroe County. This is the story of the ninth, tenth and eleventh incidents which occurred in Lee County.

    It wasn’t the suspected Indians.

    Two young boys were among the first witnesses in Lee County. Their curiosity and “running wild freedom” resulted in them seeing the Devil several times. Eventually he takes them too.

    The Devil continues his quests and eventually takes 11 dead women and girls. And he winds up with the 11 plus 3 live children, the 2 boys and an 11 year old girl.

    The ending of the story proves that evil existed in Mississippi early in the last century.

    The story is told in the language of that era.

  14. I finished Mindbenders by Ted Krever last week. Gotta say it’s a great book by the way! (Currently writing the review.) I just started reading Timeless Love by Susan A, while I am am not that far into the book yet it is a great beginning! I will have it finished by next week. So I will have to start bugging her again to get the next one done 🙂

    • Glad you like the beginning. I was thinking it might be too slow and I should do something to shake it up a bit. Particularly since the story has a much faster pace later on.

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