Blog Tour de Force!


Some of you have heard of this, but I think many haven’t so I’m putting this out there for mass consumption. Currently, there is a blog tour going on for Indie authors. It has garnered a huge following and tons of comments on the participating blogs. They are offering free books, gift baskets, and even an iPad! It is a great way to get reader’s attention.

You are too late to be one of the author’s that has a participating blog, but they will be doing more of these tours in the future. Everyone should take the opportunity to check it out, as this looks to be a wonderful way to promote your books. For readers (and authors too), you can still participate in the contest for a chance to win the prizes. Here is the information site:

The “Indie Book Collective” site is where it is all planned and they promote many Indie authors. So the following link is another one you should check out for promotion. They have some great tips on publishing and formatting as well:

To keep up with the latest events without checking the blog sites, Twitter is great. The Indie Book Collectiver or IBC for short has an address and regularly tweets author’s books that have come to their attention. This is their address:


I strongly recommend everyone who has books to promote looks at these sites as they can be a great way to market yours. If any of you know of other good places, feel free to leave a comment so people can know about it.


~ by Suzie on July 20, 2011.

6 Responses to “Blog Tour de Force!”

  1. Sigh. First you have to have a blog, Twitter, Facebook…. So many places; so little time.

  2. A quck question…I am not an Indie, but the promotion of my book(s) is left to me. Would I be welcome or is this an Indie site only?

    • Linell, this is directly from the IBC site. You are welcome to join:

      Who can join?

      Anyone who is putting the ‘elbow-grease’ into marketing their book. Fiction or non-fiction. Traditionally published or eBook distributors. Readers and writers. You can be aspiring or well established in the marketplace. It doesn’t matter! The collective is open to all.

  3. Susan, thanks again for a wonderful lead. I love how you work to help us authors.

    • You are most welcome PL. I will try to post any significant tips I see in the future. Helping you all is a lot of fun for me 🙂

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