“Space Turbulence” by Alex Le Soum- A Sci-fi Murder Mystery

This was actually supposed to be posted yesterday, but constant diversions prevented it. I now have my husband tied up and gagged so he can’t delay me anymore! Anyway, I wanted to get this review out so others who like the sci-fi/mystery genres could hear about this latest find. I’m certainly glad to have read it! The temptation to read its sequel is tempting, despite my growing TBR list!

Here is the review:

Mysior is a woman who has lived in a difficult marriage for too long. She may be queen, but the status is relative when you consider she lives on an outcast planet known as “The Dump”.Β  As if her husband’s open cheating and lack of respect toward her aren’t enough, now his abuse has escalated to the physical kind and she can’t take any more. After a particularly brutal beating, she goes on the run with the help of a sympathetic maid. The only way to ensure her safety is by leaving the planet, but that means going by ship with a questionable captain, Hammer Mehren. She is not sure if she can trust him or not, but her options are rather limited, forcing Mysior to take the risk.

Unfortunately, her troubles increase within the first twenty-four hours of being on board the ship. The captain’s brother, Mal, is found murdered and it is unclear who did it. Being that Mysior is the only one with an airtight alibi (with the captain) during the possible times of the murder, she is the one person on board he can trust to conduct the investigation. Yet such a job is far out of her realm of experience and nothing is as it first appears. Everyone onboard seems to have a hidden agenda she must uncover. Yet if she doesn’t find the killer soon, Mysior could be next. Solving the murder and avoiding the amorous attentions of the ship’s captain will be one of the most challenging times of her life.

This is one novel that grabs your attention in the beginning and doesn’t let go. I never felt a dull moment throughout. It kept up the suspense while also including many enjoyable and humorous moments.Β  The author managed to create realistic and fleshed out characters that all felt unique. Some were easier to like than others. Mysior is the main character in this story, but in the beginning I honestly didn’t like her. She seemed weak, petty, and inept. Yet, appearances can be deceiving. She really grew as a person over the course of the story and proved to be strong, assertive and likable by the end. It was an excellent display of character development by using adversity to bring out a person’s better traits. I’m glad the author has written a sequel following Mysior’s journey further. You will want to know what happens next, particularly about her relationship with Hammer.

There is one factor that should be mentioned. You will also notice some present day phrases that are unlikely to be used in the future. It would have been better for the author to avoid these and create new futuristic ones in their place. Otherwise, I absolutely loved this book and am glad it was brought to my attention.

For those who like sci-fi, mystery, and romance, particularly mixed together, Space Turbulence is a great choice. It has them all and will keep you in suspense to the end. I will certainly be picking up the sequels to this one, as it is well worth the time.


~ by Suzie on July 23, 2011.

12 Responses to ““Space Turbulence” by Alex Le Soum- A Sci-fi Murder Mystery”

  1. Good review Susan!

  2. Hi Susan. Thanks for the great review. The formatting and editing issues have now hopefully been addressed, and fingers crossed Book 2 is clean. Also just as a point of note – the book isn’t set in the future, but in a parallel universe. The dates given are “their” dates and bear no relationship whatsoever to our own. Christianity never happened in their world, instead the cult of Isis took hold, and their society retains many archaic traditions and phrases. Their technology developed but their social structure didn’t. That’s a key part of the plot and the Hammer/Aisha relationship – at the risk of posting a spoiler – Hammer is determined not to end up in an arranged and loveless marriage and despite his genuine feelings for Aisha holds the relationship at arms length because of this.

    And Mysior – yes, she’s supposed to be weak and ineffective in the beginning. Remember this is a ten book series and her development takes place over a much longer storyline. She goes through the first seven books being easily lead and making some terrible choices. She doesn’t really fully develop until the final three books, when she starts being influenced by the right people who question why she’s allowed herself to fall under the spell of others and not be true to her own mind. But you do get glimpses of her good qualities in the early books – her wonderful compassion and ability to empathize, as in the scene where Hammer collapses in tears and she is the only one who steps forward to comfort him.

  3. Another great review, Susan, for a great story. Bravo, Janet!

  4. Cheers for both of you, Susan and Janet. Great review, and it sounds like a compelling book. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks Susan and MM for this review/preview. I’m not a huge sci-fi fan but I do like a good story line especially if it has mystery/suspense in it. This one definitely sounds like one for my TBR list.

  6. Mistress thank you so much for posting this review – I just finished reading this and book # 2 High Treason. Your review highlighted a great new series that I may have missed. I enjoyed the characters, story line and humor so much I started reading #3 Frozen Assets last night.

    Janet – I thank you for the explanation offered here as well. It provided a baseline for the setting and insight into trajectory for the long-term development of Mysior’s character (because I was a little concerned about her at first too πŸ™‚ Great books I look forward to the rest of the series!

    • Hi Tammy

      So glad you enjoyed the books. I have just published #4 this weekend, and if all goes to plan #5 and #6 (which are based around their Winter Solstice) will be out before Christmas. Hope you enjoy #3.

    • Tammy, I’m so glad my review helped you make the decision to check out this book and the ones that follow on. It really is good!

  7. Janet:

    I tracked you down here. I wanted to reply to a comment you left for Dorievee in the Kindle forums:

    OK, I had a quick look and don’t think it’s anywhere near as bad as Golemb2 says. I’ve seen a lot worse out there selling. Your work is imaginative, articulate and whenever anyone posts a question like yours, you always get the odd responder who makes you feel like crawling under a rock and giving up on the whole affair.

    You took a look at Dorievee’s novel, apparently. So did I, and I didn’t want to respond to that writer because I didn’t want him or her to be devastated. I don’t remember all Golemb2 had to say, but he or she was right. D’s novel was pretty bad, bordering on awful. I don’t think an editor could help. The novelist just doesn’t have it, and never will. He or she wouldn’t even take everybody’s advice that the cover was awful.

    You were way too nice. This writer has no prayer, and to delude him or her into thinking so, to me, is unkind. I know you were trying to help and be constructive. My opinion is silence would surely have been golden.

    I read what I could of your novel at Amazon. Now you are a good writer. Absolutely no question about that. And I mean that sincerely.

    Gary Campana

  8. Hi Gary

    I don’t think this is the right forum to continue the discussion. If you want to email me privately at janetmoules@hotmail.co.uk I’ll respond to you, although I really don’t have any more time to spend on the issue.

    Susan – my apologies for this finding its way onto your site.

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