“Teagan and the Black-and-White”

The Adventures of Teagan, Ep. 16

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“Teagan and the Black-and-White”

Sunlight trickled through the leaves, dusting the window in a bright afternoon glow.  Teagan sat in the windowsill, soaking in the rays and being content to just lounge in the warm sun.  The courtyard was vacant of children this fine afternoon, which meant peace and quiet for Teagan.

Something moved in her peripheral vision.  Teagan’s eyes flashed open and her body tensed.  It was the black-and-white.  He was a large cat, slim too, though his muscles had power in them.  Blazing yellow eyes were set against sharp, angular features.  This cat owned the courtyard.

Teagan practically fell out of the window.  She hit the floor on her feet and hugged the wall.  Had the black-and-white seen her?  Teagan waited a few moments before creeping slowly towards the bins stacked next to the window that served as her boarding dock.  The long, forest-green curtain was still drawn on that side, giving her some cover.  She jumped onto the bins and ducked her head down quickly.  Her eyes were level with the sill, peering out under the one-inch gap the blinds hung over.  She couldn’t see, dang it.

Teagan mewled unhappily and hopped to the card table right in front of the window.  She stayed close to the curtain for cover, practically crawling on her belly as she inched towards the open window.  Her ears bent back and she took a peek.  The black-and-white was lounging on the fence of Mom’s enclosed porch—of Teagan’s enclosed porch.  Teagan made a rumbling in her throat again.

The black-and-white appeared to be dozing, soaking in Teagan’s sun rays.  Tom thought he was king of the world, two-bit, flea-infested, mange of a cat.  Teagan muttered to herself.  She stayed out of sight though.  She had heard what happened to those who got in the black-and-white’s way.  Some of those sounds shouldn’t even be physically possible from a cat.  This tom was a bully, and at the moment, still sitting on his throne.  There was nothing Teagan could do about it.

Still, she hated the idea of retreating completely and leaving the entrance of her home unguarded.  Maybe she couldn’t fight the beast, but she wasn’t going to simply say, “Come on in.”  She relaxed her muscles and settled into a less strenuous position, still laying low on the table behind the curtain.  She’d wait for him to leave.  She mumbled more insults he couldn’t hear to the glass.  So much for her beautiful afternoon to herself.  Where was cannon fodder when you needed it?  Oh, right, those young and delusional cats had already been run out—with patches of fur left behind to decorate the black-and-white’s war wall.

~ by Angela Wallace on July 25, 2011.

5 Responses to ““Teagan and the Black-and-White””

  1. Poor Teagan. Please give her kitty loves from her “Aunt” Lynn.

  2. Those darn bully cats. They come around and pick on my outdoor stray. As soon as I hear a cat fight, I run outside. The bully always runs. I’m not above doing whatever it takes to get him out of my kitty’s territory. I think the stray knows it because he never runs. Just sidles up next to me and laughs at the bully. The attacks happen less and less frequently because of that. The bully just wants to eat my stray’s food, but he is so much bigger and fatter than the stray that I have no pity.

    Anyway, lol, another great story Angela!

    • That’s one of the reasons Teagan is an indoor cat. The bullies here have no fear. I’ve tried to break up a few cat fights in the past, but I have to get up close and personal to make either one back up, and they don’t retreat very far. If they’re fighting under a car, it’s even harder to break it up.

      Hehe, you’re champion of the strays, Susan. 🙂

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