“Teagan’s Jealousy”

The Adventures of Teagan, Ep. 18

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“Teagan’s Jealousy”

Teagan heard the soft sounds of a mattress spring creaking.  She was in the window in the living room, but there wasn’t much going on outside to look at.  She decided she would be more content to be with Mom.  Teagan jumped down and trotted into the bedroom.  Sure enough, Mom was sitting on the bed, but what was this?  That blasted white, plastic box was in her lap.  Teagan sat on the floor and gave it the evil eye.

Mom was almost always on it.  When Teagan wanted to play, Mom was clicking away at the little plastic squares.  When Teagan tried to help, Mom barely acknowledged her.  But this, this is what truly gave Teagan a severe case of green.  Mom’s lap belonged to Teagan.  Teagan fit snugly on top of it better than that non-pliable rectangle.  Teagan was Mom’s companion, not that lifeless, inanimate object.  Teagan was…well, she couldn’t really pull the warm blanket card because the laptop did do that well.

Teagan huffed indignantly.  She would not stand for this.  She hopped onto the bed and gave Mom a “what’s up” look.

“Hi, sweetie,” Mom said.  “Wanna sit down?”  Mom was patting the space beside her, but Teagan had other ideas.  Yes, she wanted to sit down.  Don’t mind if I do.  Teagan put her paws on Mom’s leg and started to purr.

Mom tried to brush her off, so Teagan climbed up further, raising the volume of the motor in her throat.  Teagan pushed her way onto Mom’s stomach.  The typing persistently continued.  Teagan tried stepping over Mom’s arms, which forced her to lift them up and out of the way.  Score one for the kitty.

Teagan climbed the rest of the way into Mom’s lap, giving Mom a faceful of fur.  She cast a hated glance towards the laptop.  Mom hadn’t moved it.  Fine.  Mom had one leg bent, the laptop balanced primarily on her right leg, so Teagan took the left.  She had slept in windowsills with less lounging space.  Her purring continued more forcefully, as though she could guilt Mom into removing the laptop.

Mom sighed, but the laptop stayed.  Teagan balanced precariously on one leg, digging her claws into Mom’s jeans for reinforced purchase.  Mom reached over for the keyboard.  Seriously?  Teagan could tell from the angle of the left arm resting on top of her that it was not the most comfortable position to be typing from.  Yet, Mom was stubborn.  So was Teagan, and she was not capitulating.  She bent her head and started licking Mom’s hand affectionately.  The clicking slowed, and then ceased.  Yeah, hard to type when getting a barbed tongue bath.

Mom used her other arm to reach over and pet Teagan.  Yes, this was the kind of attention she wanted.  See, laptop, you will never replace me.

~Angela Wallace


~ by Angela Wallace on August 1, 2011.

3 Responses to ““Teagan’s Jealousy””

  1. Another great Teagan story! Keep ’em coming, please.

  2. Too funny…I can see Teagan doing this though.

  3. Lol, Teagan didn’t like you cheating on her with a laptop! She felt that all attention should be on her. So cute.

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