“Teagan and the Invasion”

The Adventures of Teagan, Ep. 19

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“Teagan and the Invasion”

Teagan padded around the living room.  It was dark.  All the lights were off as the humans had retreated to their bedrooms before settling down to sleep.  Teagan sighed and paced some more.  She wanted to play.  Something caught her eye, a shadow moving along the wall.  Teagan’s pupils dilated, her superior cat senses allowing her to see well in the dark.  A small creature scuttled its way up the wall.  Teagan sprinted to the couch, leaping from the cushion to the back arch.  She stood on her back legs and tried to get a whiff of the intruder.  It was already just out of her reach, hustling its way toward heaven like it was escaping the depths of hell.  Maybe it was.

Teagan sank back down and chittered at the fleeing insect.  Another shadow flitted by in her peripheral vision.  Teagan didn’t wait to look; she struck out with her paw, slapping at the wall.  The insect lost its grip and fell a couple inches.  Teagan tried to get a good sniff in order to identify it.  The body was thin and oval, not much bigger than Teagan’s pinky, with a beady little head.  A set of elongated wings folded across its back like a spoon.  Hm, termite.

Teagan smacked it again, but yet another shadow distracted her.  It was an invasion.  Teagan squeaked and chattered the alarm as she continued striking at the bugs like they were a game of Whac-A-Mole.

Mom came out of the bedroom and turned on the hall light.  “Teagan, what are you doing?”  Mom’s eyes widened, though Teagan’s had to readjust to the new light.  The wall was covered with tiny, insect soldiers, all scurrying towards the ceiling.  Mom shouted for the roommate.  Together they moved the couch away from the wall.  Teagan jumped in after them.  Sure enough, these cretins were minions from hell, crawling up out of the molding.  Teagan jumped after one, her paws smacking against the wall in a clatter.  The foot soldier fell and Teagan lunged to gobble him up.

Mom grabbed Teagan and tossed her onto the other couch.  “Don’t do that!”

Teagan meowed indignantly.  She was not going to let this trespass go unchallenged.  She leapt back to the other couch, but Mom and the roommate were already crowding the space, sweeping the bugs up with napkins.  Teagan tried to push her way through so she could get some action, but the humans were just too big.  Teagan’s whiskers twitched.  She whirled to the other wall.  There were more.  Here buggy, buggy…  She meowed her charge and attacked the wall, but these escapees had made it to the ceiling already.  Mom turned to look and shrieked again.  Come down little buggy…

Mom and the roommate helped Teagan gather up the rest of the interlopers.  Then the humans took caulk to the moldings along every single wall in the apartment.  Mom was still frazzled by the time she went to bed.  Teagan stayed perched on the back of the couch that night, standing guard should any stragglers attempt what their predecessors had failed.

~Angela Wallace


~ by Angela Wallace on August 4, 2011.

8 Responses to ““Teagan and the Invasion””

  1. Oh my goodness! What a way to wake up and poor little Teagan just trying to help. Hope you got rid of the interlopers.

  2. Teagan is a pretty good guard kitty. She alerted you to the invasion. I do understand though. You weren’t sure if they might have been fleeing from poison or something.

    Our kitty takes care of any bugs that he can. He considers them flying snacks. At the very least, he enjoys the chase.

  3. Another great Teagan story! It reminds me of my almost-Siameserye and her war against the miller moths every summer here in Sheridan, Wyo. It gave a whole new meaning to that ad slogan, “It’s Miller Time.”

  4. Another great Teagan moment! Hope you got rid of the bugs. Ick!!

  5. Susan & MM–Not so much gone, but I was serious when I wrote that we caulked up every single crack along the walls. This incident was a year or two ago, and we haven’t had any more invasions since. I still can’t wait to move. 😉

    Lynn–I just don’t like the idea of Teagan munching on bugs. I guess, unless it’s a poisonous spider, they’re really just protein. But still, it grosses me out. 😛 If it’s a gnat, though, I’m perfectly happy to let her chase after it.

    P.L.–Lol. Cats go wild.

  6. I also used to have a dog that went after crickets. The first time she caught one, I didn’t see what it was, and I said, “Koko! What are you eating?”
    She turned and looked at me, with these cricket legs hanging out either side of her mouth.
    I was really sorry I had asked.

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