“Teagan and the Paper Bag”

The Adventures of Teagan, Ep. 20

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“Teagan and the Paper Bag”


Teagan heard the lock on the door turn with a click.  She bounded over to the door, but had to jump back when it swung inward.  Mom and the roommate stood outside with arms full of grocery bags.  Teagan leaped out of the way as they blundered in and headed for the kitchen where they deposited their bulking loads.  Teagan went for the door, but Mom got there first and shut it quickly.  Teagan sighed.  She hadn’t tried to escape in over a year; it really wasn’t fair for them to hold it over her head.  Oh well.

Teagan trotted into the kitchen to survey the spoils.  She ignored the boxes of Kleenex and paper towels.  Those were uninteresting.  Oh, what was that she smelled?  Teagan stuck her head in one of the plastic bags and sniffed intently.  Celery.  Mhm.  Poor, chopped up plant, if only Teagan could get a moment alone with it.

Mom and the roommate busied themselves with unloading the bags.  The plastic ones they balled up and stuffed in the cupboard, but the large paper bags needed to be folded down.  Mom emptied one, and as she turned away, the bag fell over on its side.  Teagan immediately moved in.  She ducked her head under the sagging lip and burrowed inside.

As Mom passed by, Teagan lashed out at her feet.  Hee hee.  They couldn’t see her under there.  Mom tapped the side of the bag with her foot and Teagan scrambled to punch back.  The paper bag was tough though, and she couldn’t pummel through it to get to Mom on the other side.

Teagan turned around and watched as human feet moved back and forth outside the small opening.  Okay, there was a downside to being too well hidden to notice.  Teagan surged out with the poise of a snake strike and then immediately dashed back inside.  Mom tapped her foot against the edge of the bag again.  Teagan rolled onto her side and lashed out with her paw, ripping the edge of the bag in her attempt to snag Mom’s sock.  Mom’s foot recoiled.

A moment later, one of Teagan’s yellow coils came bouncing into the bag.  Teagan stared at it.  Grenade!  She tackled the coil, rolling around inside the small confines of the paper bag while Mom finished unloading the groceries.  They left the paper bag on the floor.  It was now Teagan’s little fortress.  Whenever she got to feeling feisty and wanted to play hide-and-seek, the paper bag was now home base.


~Angela Wallace

~ by Angela Wallace on August 8, 2011.

4 Responses to ““Teagan and the Paper Bag””

  1. Lol, Cats and paper bags. They seem to love them and Teagan appears to be no exception! I keep a small box in the corner of the living room for my cat to hide in when she wants. It has been there for months and she still uses it to “get away” from us.

  2. That s cute and kinda creepy at the same time. Haha

  3. Teagan is so cute! I love this story and the fact that she likes the paper bag still is wonderful. I know cats and kids…they prefer the bag and the paper to the toy. Go figure.

    Kitty kisses to Teagan from “Aunt” Lynn

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