“Teagan’s Favorite Game”

The Adventures of Teagan, Ep. 21

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“Teagan’s Favorite Game”


Teagan bounded into the living room at the sound of the key fitting into the door lock.  The door swung open and Mom stepped inside.  She had been gone all day and Teagan had missed her.  She trotted into the kitchen and plopped down, rolling over onto her back.  She gave Mom innocent, expectant eyes.  Mom knelt down to rub Teagan’s belly.  (Shut up, dogs.)  Teagan purred and after a few more rubs, jumped up and ran back into the living room.

Mom set her stuff on the kitchen table and followed.  Teagan arched her back and flicked her tail at Mom.  Then she bolted down the hall into the back bedroom.  A moment later, Teagan heard Mom’s footsteps following.  Mom peeked her head in and Teagan jumped.  She crab-walked to the edge of the bed and waited under the edge of the bed skirt.  She listened as Mom’s feet shuffled away, counted to three, and then she took off after her.  Teagan sprinted into the living room and stopped.  Where did Mom go?

She waited and listened.  Suddenly, she caught sight of a head of red peeking out from behind the kitchen wall.  Teagan crouched low.  The head tucked back behind the wall and out of sight.  Teagan lunged and landed around the corner.  Mom shrieked and laughed, and Teagan turned and ran back into the bedroom.  She dashed under the bed skirt again where she huddled and waited, unaware of her tail sticking out.

Teagan watched Mom’s feet come into view, stepping softly and slowly.  They looked like they were about to come further into the room, but then they retreated out of sight.  Teagan waited, holding her breath.  Nothing changed.  She wiggled her hind legs and rocketed into the living room where she came up short again.  For such a big person, Mom was good at hiding.  Teagan heard a chuckle behind her.  She whirled around.  Mom was crouched down on the sofa.  Teagan chirped and tore off into the kitchen.  It was dark in there, which meant she had the advantage.

Mom followed, and the two of them did a stalking dance around the kitchen table.  Teagan made a break for the paper bag, but Mom wasn’t falling for that again, at least not in the dark.  Bleeding was just the thing to ruin the fun, so she turned and ran off again.  Teagan didn’t wait this time before giving chase.  She tailed Mom into the living room where she caught the lumbering human.  Teagan leapt into the air and tackled Mom’s leg, almost bringing her down.

Mom squealed and stumbled.  Teagan rushed past her into the bedroom.  She collapsed on the rug.  Mom tiptoed in a moment later, also breathing heavily.  Teagan rolled onto her side and huffed.  Just because she finished first didn’t mean she was surrendering.  Besides, Teagan always won.

~Angela Wallace

~ by Angela Wallace on August 11, 2011.

24 Responses to ““Teagan’s Favorite Game””

  1. Angela, that is great that you and Teagan play like that. I hope you are all right from the “attack”. Teagan makes me smile.

    Have a great one!

    • Teagan doesn’t use her claws. She’s very mindful of that. When I first taught her to play hide-and-seek, I thought it was hysterical that she loved the game so much. It’s developed more into tag recently, but she still loves it. 🙂

  2. Another wonderful Teagan story. And I agree … it’s really neat to read about the fun you two have.
    Have a super day!

  3. Another cute chapter in the life of a frolicking furball. Great job, Angela 🙂

  4. Lol, Teqgan sounds like such a playful kitty. Never heard of one playing tag like that. Very cool!

  5. I can’t even get my basset hounds to fetch tennis balls – although the dachshund does. Bassets seem to have a “three-ball” rule. I throw it the first time, they will go get it. I throw it a second time, they give me a long-suffering look … then go get it. I throw it a third time, and they’re done. I get this look like, “I’ve brought it back to you twice – and you can’t keep it! I won’t bring it to you again.”
    And they won’t.

    • Lol, my cat has her lazy days where she begs me to throw the mouse. I mean this literally as she meows over and over until I throw it. Then, she may run over, get it, then drop it halfway back to me. Then she looks expectantly at me as if I should get up and grab it to throw again. Other times you can throw it twenty times and she will always bring it back. That makes recording difficult because I never know when she will keep the fetching up. This is actually the third cat I have had who fetches. At one time I had two that would both do it. Sometimes a competition broke out with who could get the mouse first, lol. You got to teach them when they are young, but if you do, they will keep it up into adulthood.

    • Haha. Maybe it’s a hound thing. That’s a hunting breed, right? I can definitely see that look of “you lose the prey three times it’s your own fault.”

      I’ve never had a dog, and the cat who fetched did it on her own, so Susan, how exactly do you teach a cat to fetch? I might try it in the future.

      • Well, the first one was like yours and did it on her own. I had no idea at the time that cats even fetched, lol. After that, when I got the next kitty, I just started throwing his mice and if he brought them back, I threw them again. He was young, not more than a few months old and caught on quick. It didn’t require much effort on my part other than doing it regularly at first so he didn’t forget the game. Same thing with my current cat, she was only a few months old when I started with her.

        Back to the first cat that started on her own. I should caveat that she did have one litter of kittens before I got her spayed. One of her babies was extremely shy of strangers and made it difficult to give her away. By the time she reached four months old, her fetching mom taught her the game without me having to do it. Kind of like how they teach them to use the litter box. I couldn’t believe it when she started bringing the toy mice to me just like her mom did when she was young. Eventually, I found a nice home for that kitten and explained to the guy about her ability to fetch. He thought it was rather cool to get a kitty already trained in it, lol.

  6. I hadn’t related the “fetch thing” being related to them being hounds, Angela, but now that you’ve mentioned it … I can definitely see the connection – that I’m allowing the prey to escape.
    Neither of my cats is into fetching, although the tortoiseshell – who’s an indoor/outdoor cat when we’re down in Texas – will bring his prey (lizards, birds, the occasional snake) for me to admire.
    And the dachshund once brought in a dead mouse from the back yard. (I don’t think he killed it – but I’m not sure, and I didn’t spend a lot of time examining the corpse.)

    • I had an indoor/outdoor tortie a long time ago and she would leave us piles of intestines by the door. Not even the bones were left! One time she caught a bat, and another time it was already dark and I didn’t see that she had a mouse in her mouth when I let her in. Only the mouse was still alive! Talk about bringing home a gift for the pet owner, lol.

      I take care of this one dog and she likes to kill squirrels. If I thought mouse corpses were yucky to clean up, squirrels are worse. *shudder*

      • You all make me thankful that my cats have always brought me their catches of birds, lizards, mice, and goffers either alive or whole but dead. Well, except I didn’t find it funny when one of the lizards popped up on my kitchen stove one day because I didn’t catch my cat bringing him in that time. He never killed the lizards he brought for some reason but did kill the mice.

  7. OMG, Angela … the things we do (and endure) for our animal companions!
    But they’re worth it.

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