“Teagan Goes Undercover”

The Adventures of Teagan, Ep. 22

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“Teagan Goes Undercover”

There was something up with the humans.  They had been away all night, leaving Teagan alone in the apartment, and now they were behaving strangely, stumbling around in a stupor.  Mom had forgotten to clean Teagan’s litter box.  She was always so good about cleaning it every morning.  Teagan had to wonder.  She watched Mom and the roommate as they gathered breakfast in the kitchen.  Their movements were sluggish, almost as though they weren’t really paying attention.  Teagan watched the roommate turn the ketchup bottle upside down—and squirt it into the tea.  The roommate stood, staring at it for a moment before making a grumbling noise and dumping the tea out.

Teagan shook her head.  This was strange, very strange.  Perhaps her humans had been abducted by body snatchers.  Teagan needed to investigate further.  She followed them after breakfast when they went into the back bedrooms to fold laundry and put it away.  Teagan spotted her opportunity—an open dresser drawer.  She sprinted for it, diving in before Mom could place the sheets inside.  Teagan ducked under and turned around.  Mom sighed but didn’t fight…also unusual.  She returned to the other laundry.

Teagan crouched, her eyes level with the rim of the drawer.  From her vantage point she could see the whole room and part of the hall.  In their dazed state, the humans would forget she was there, and then maybe she could catch the aliens exposing themselves.

She watched and waited.  Mom stepped on a toy mouse and Teagan’s eyes narrowed.  The little fuzzball needed burying.  Her eyes roved from one corner of the room to the other.  Hm, the pink panther was staring at her with its big, alien green eyes.  Maybe it was behind the body snatching.  Teagan ducked a smidge lower.  The pink panther didn’t move from its corner, didn’t blow Teagan’s cover.  Still, she didn’t trust the mutant cat with a giraffe’s neck.

Mom finished the laundry and sat down at the computer.  She stared at it.  The sounds of clicking and clacking on the keyboard were faint and far between, not rattling off like usual when Mom was absorbed in it.  Teagan wanted to get her humans back.  She glared at the pink panther.  Oh, creepy green-eyed one, you will meet your fate.  In the meantime, Teagan jumped out of the drawer and simply sat on the carpet, staring at Mom’s back.  She needed a nap, that’s what she needed.  Teagan would be happy to provide a blanket should Mom drift over towards the bed…

Do your pets behave differently after you’ve been away?  Do you? 😉

~ by Angela Wallace on August 15, 2011.

6 Responses to ““Teagan Goes Undercover””

  1. Sounds like someone had a fun late night. I have a feeling I know what they were up to! It seems many pets don’t like us breaking our routine. My cat was not happy about moving accross states a couple years ago. She really didn’t like staying with my grandfather for awhile so we could get our home set up. Never seen an animal so happy to be back with its owners, despite the new place to live, until this cat.

  2. Hi Angela. It is so funny that you post this today. I was away on a long weekend Spiritual Retreat. Our house cat seemed happy to see me. He even had to put himself right on top of my luggage before I could move it to the room where I’m staying. Then he felt like he had to sleep on me last night. Then today he found my lap to sit on. I guess he missed my kitty loves and he got some more today.

    So Teagan won’t be jealous, please give her some kitty loves from “Aunt” Lynn.

    • Hehe, he’s saying “you’re not leaving me again, even if I have to hold you down.” After the first time Teagan was left home alone all night, she started greeting us by going into the kitchen and rolling over to get her belly rubbed. It was the cutest thing.

      Teagan loves your kitty love, Lynn. 🙂

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