“Teagan Plays ‘Guinea Pig’”

The Adventures of Teagan, Ep. 23

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“Teagan Plays ‘Guinea Pig’”


Teagan’s ears perked up at the sound of her name.  The roommate was calling her…from the kitchen.  Teagan bolted awake and raced towards the source.  Only good stuff came from the kitchen.  Teagan hurried right up to the roommate and rubbed against her leg.  Yes?  Yes?  What is it?  Teagan hoped it was tuna; she loved tuna.  Though, if it had been tuna, she would have heard the can opener.  No, so this must have been something different.

Teagan stood up on her back legs and reached for the counter top.  She would have jumped up there, she was so impatient, but she knew that was a surefire way to not get a treat.  Still, the human couldn’t move fast enough.

“Do you have to test it on her?” Mom asked from the chair.

“She won’t eat it if it’s bad,” the roommate replied, and knelt down with a paper plate to set on the floor.

Teagan hurried to it.  A few pieces of cut-up chicken were on the plate.  Not tuna, but not a half-bad substitute.  Teagan practically dived into it.  She gobbled down the first piece, but when she moved to the second, she hesitated.  It had a peculiar odor.  Teagan, ever the nose aficionado, sniffed intently at the pieces of meat.  Ugh, it was spoiled.  She flicked her tail in disdain and turned away.  She gave the roommate a baleful look.  What was this?

The roommate picked up the plate and tossed it in the garbage.  The rest of the chicken followed.  “Guess it spoiled after all.”

What?  Teagan circled, annoyance on her face.  The humans knew it was bad and they fed it to her anyway?  Teagan was indignant.  How dare they!  To place a selection of delectable meats before her only to find out it was rotten all the way through was just plain mean.  It wasn’t fair, teasing her like that.

Teagan sat down on the kitchen floor and glowered.  Mom got up and opened a bag of Teagan’s favorite cat treats.  Well, at least Mom knew not to leave Teagan hanging like that.  It wasn’t real chicken, but Teagan really liked the VitaKitty treats.  She could accept this peace offering.  She greedily gobbled down the chicken strips.  At least she was happy and fed.  The humans still had to scrounge up their own replacement dinner.

Do you use your cat as a food tester?  I’ve heard cats are better at it than dogs, who will eat anything.  Do you agree or not?

~ by Angela Wallace on August 18, 2011.

13 Responses to ““Teagan Plays ‘Guinea Pig’””

  1. We don’t feed the house cat people food. He does try to let us know he wants some chicken or tuna when we cook it. I tell him, “No people food.”

    He doesn’t like it but eventually he accepts that he isn’t getting any from us.

    • That’s good he knows his place. I’ve taken care of some dogs that just beg and beg no matter what. Finally, I just throw them outside while I eat.

      • I don’t think he has ever had people food, he just knows it smells like something he wants. He certainly does stay close when we are cooking those foods.

        I can’t stand it when dogs beg but some people do feed them people food.

        • I guess everyone has different ideas of acceptable. Though I knew someone who fed their dog french fries. Big no-no! I’d never feed an animal from the table. Teagan gets stuff while we’re cooking sometimes, but not always. Sometimes we give her cat treats instead of people food, just because we don’t want to spoil her.

          • Goes back to what you were brought up with I guess. I’m not judging at all. Just expressing my personal thoughts and experiences. I agree, no spoiling of cats is a good thing. Teagan already thinks she rules the place. 🙂

  2. I saw this one in the drafts section of the blog for days and the title was so catchy that it was all I could do not to read it ahead of time, lol. I’m so proud of my restraint! Poor little Teagan, though, hope she didn’t get a belly ache from that piece of chicken before realizing it was bad!

    My kitty does occassionally get human food, but only in her own food bowl. I let her have unspiced meat and some raw since that is what they eat in the wild. She loves raw hamburger meat but I only give it to her rarely and in small portions. Also, she gets my leftover crab leg meat from whenever I go to Red Lobster (which is even more rare). I can never eat it all so I dig it all out of the legs and put it in her bowl for her. She gobbles it down. So does the stray cat outside. Almost every cat I’ve had likes crab leg meat. They all think it is a treat, lol.

    • Lol, I’m proud of your restraint too. 😉 Hm, I’ve never thought to give cats raw meat, but I guess you have a point about them eating it in the wild. Ooh, I bet they love crab.

      • The first time I give a cat crab meat, they never know what to think. They sniff at it, walk off, come back, sniff some more, but inevitably they always come back and gobble it down once tasting it. After that they are fans for life unless I go too long until the next time and then the process has to be repeated.

        My idea of the raw meat stems from the worry my cat could accidentally get lost or stuck outside. I want her to be able to handle eating whatever is available, plus God made them to eat raw food so it can’t be that bad for them! Especially in the small amounts I give. I read somewhere that the meat in canned cat food comes from the worst part of animals that they can’t sell to humans for consumption. That made me feel bad for making my cat eat it all the time so that is why she gets the occassional treat.

        • Yeah, I don’t have a problem giving Teagan tuna because at least it’s meat. I can’t believe what they put in dried pet food. Whole grain and vegetables? Cats and dogs aren’t meant to eat whole grains and vegetables. I wouldn’t be surprised if animals start becoming celiac!

          • You know, I have always wondered about that myself. They sure don’t like veggies and whole grains normally. My cat will hardly eat dry food so she has to get half a can of canned food twice a day or she would probably just starve herself. If it was up to her, of course, she would get even more, but I’m not going to let her get fat.

  3. None of my animals get a chance (intentionally) at “people food” – mainly because I’m afraid if they did, they’d all turn up their noses at “their” food.
    The cats did get a can of tuna fish once though, because I’d set two cans out on the kitchen counter – and I was in a hurry … So I opened one can and started dividing it among the cats’ bowls. And I’m thinking, wow! this is good quality cat food. So I looked at the can, and …
    It was the tuna fish I’d intended for MY lunch!
    Guess the joke was on me.
    And the cats liked the Starkist tuna just fine …

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