“Teagan’s Mischief”

The Adventures of Teagan, Ep. 25

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“Teagan’s Mischief”

The apartment was quiet.  Both Mom and the roommate were gone, and Teagan knew it would be a couple hours before they got back.  She strolled from one room to another, doing a casual sweep of the premises.  Everything was fine, as usual.  Teagan was bored.  She had slept, had lain in the window, had slept some more.  She had even picked up her favorite toy and deposited it at the front door as a welcome home present for when the humans returned.  She needed something else to occupy her.

Teagan had an idea.  She ventured into the roommate’s room.  The roommate used to leave these delightful drops wrapped in paper lying around on the kitchen table.  She usually popped a couple when a coughing fit started.  Teagan cared nothing for the sickly sweet hard candy inside the wrapper; they were the perfect size for batting across the floor.  And the little twists of paper at the ends made it easy for her to pick them up and toss them into the air.  Teagan wondered if she could find some.

Once the roommate had noticed her stash on the kitchen table dwindling faster than she was eating, she and Mom had figured out what Teagan was up to.  They no longer left the cough drops in the kitchen.  But Teagan knew the roommate still needed them, so they couldn’t be far.  Teagan just needed to find the new stashing place.

Teagan looked around for possible places to search.  The computer desk was out.  There were so many papers and scrap pieces of sticky notes that Teagan doubted the roommate would even find any cough drops hidden there.  The bedside table was low enough to the ground Teagan could just peek up at it.  Nope, nothing there.  She jumped onto a chair near the closet.  There was no point checking the bed.  Teagan’s tail thumped against the chair’s backing.  Here little candies, come out, come out wherever you are.

She turned her head toward the cabinet beside her and stood up on her back legs to see over the top.  Aha!  A handful of candies were nestled in a small dish in the middle of the cabinet top.  Perfect.  Teagan jumped up, not mindful of the stacks of papers she mussed; it was so disorganized in here the roommate wouldn’t notice anyway.  She picked up a piece in her mouth, jumped down, and trotted into the kitchen.  The linoleum offered the best traction for skidding and sliding.

Do you know what your pets do when you’re not at home?  Ever notice things go missing?  Maybe you thought it was the sock-in-the-dryer syndrome.  Maybe it was your pet.

~ by Angela Wallace on August 25, 2011.

10 Responses to ““Teagan’s Mischief””

  1. When my sisters lived in Missouri, and their cats were quite young, the sisters came home one day to find they couldn’t get their apartment door open. Sure, it unlocked, but the door didn’t move. Finally they were able to push the door open a little way – enough to reveal a spider-web of yarn covering the doorway.
    My sisters had to cut their way into their apartment – where they found yarn from their crochet projects had been unrolled and now covered everything … stretched across the floor, weaving over, under and around furniture …
    It was a several hours’ project to cut and gather the strands of yarn – which were no longer suitable for crochet, of course.

  2. If someone in the house leaves water or milk out on the table. Our cat will try to drink it. If he can’t get his face in then he knocks it over. Big mess. We haven’t even left the house sometimes. No worries, we clean up the mess and remind everyone not to leave drinks unattended.

  3. Angela, I don’t know why cats love those candy wrappers so much. My kitty is the same way. She also likes the plastic grocery store bags (along with the paper ones). I often find she has dug them out of whatever place I stuffed them.

    • The plastic ones, really? Teagan doesn’t like the plastic ones; they scare her. I think she had a bad experience. What does yours do, bat it around in a ball or spread it out to get inside?

  4. There was one occasion when, during meal preparation, I set my glass of iced tea on the table, turned to get something out of a nearby shelf, and when I turned back around, my part Maine coon had in head in the tea glass up to his eyeballs, helping himself.

  5. […] out yesterday’s flash fiction where my kitty steals cough drops. Share this:TwitterFacebookStumbleUponLike this:LikeBe the first […]

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