“Teagan in the Tub”

The Adventures of Teagan, Ep. 26

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“Teagan in the Tub”

Teagan poked her head around the corner.  Mom shuffled around the bathroom, scrubbing the sink, the toilet, wiping the mirrors.  Teagan watched as Mom moved from one fixture to the next in her cleaning frenzy.  She smelled the bleach.  Blegh.  Noxious fume.  Teagan hated it.  When Mom tried to pet her with it on her hands, Teagan responded with a jerk and a snap.

Teagan’s ears perked up.  Mom slid open the shower door, exposing the bathtub.  Ooh.  Mom’s back was to Teagan; she’d never see it coming.  Teagan took off like a rocket, skittering across the tile and leaping into the tub.  Mom squeaked in surprise and rocked back on her heels.

Teagan spread her legs and let her momentum skitter her across the smooth, slick surface of the bathtub.  When she finally stopped, she whirled in a circle, her claws scrabbling at little specks of chipped paint and towel fuzz.  It was like ice-skating.  Well, sort of.  The tub did have the shape of an oval rink, and it was pretty slippery if Teagan used her fur-covered sides to slide around instead of the rubber padding on her paws.  She was just a smidge too big for her to really go around in circles nonstop.  She kept colliding with the sloped sides whenever she tried to skate from one end to the other.

That was okay, though.  Teagan attacked the paint chips again.  The sounds of her claws clicking and clacking echoed in the small bathroom.  Mom laughed, but then the roommate passed by and a yelp of indignation escaped her.

“Don’t let her ruin the tub!”

Mom looked disappointed when she gave Teagan a “stop it” look.  Teagan flattened her ears back and ignored Mom, choosing instead to go another round of chase the grout.  Mom stood up and put her hands on her hips.  Teagan suddenly realized just how cramped this space was with the one open shower door as her only escape.  Mom’s disapproving look no longer seemed funny.

Teagan’s tail twitched, and she bolted from the tub, almost slipping as she sailed over the metal grooves and landed on the plush rub.  She kept going until she was out of the bathroom.  The humans usually kept the shower door closed.  That was all right.  Teagan would just wait for another opportune moment to sneak in some tub skiing.

Do any of your pets like baths?  Check out a video of this cat who loves the kind with water.

On a side note, I’d like to take a moment to say that the Adventures of Teagan will now be posted once a week instead of twice.  Thanks so much for all your lovely comments and support, and Teagan thanks you too!

~ by Angela Wallace on August 29, 2011.

10 Responses to ““Teagan in the Tub””

  1. Thanks Angela for another fun Teagan story. I do enjoy them so much. Understand completely the need to cut back on them though.

    *Kitty loves to Teagan*

    Have a great one!


  2. Another really cute Teagan tale … She sounds like such a sweetheart! And a cute video of the sphynx bath! I’ve never had any cat that liked getting baths, but my calico, Marian, enjoyed splashing water out of the dogs’ and cats’ drinking bowl. For years I blamed the basset hounds (who seemed to collect all the water in their flues then drip it across the floor), until one day I heard a splashing sound in the kitchen … and discovered the calico with both front feet beating the water like a drum set.
    I think she liked watching it go up in the air like a fountain spray and come down again.

  3. I wish I could’ve gotten a picture, Angela. Unfortunately I never had the camera handy when she did that.
    It probably was a plot to frame the dogs, at that. Basset hounds have these huge lips, and they slobber – a lot. So after the dogs would drink, the water bowl would be … no other way to put it … slimed.
    Marian wouldn’t drink out of the bowl after the dogs used it. I would have to empty the bowl, clean it, and put fresh water in it for her.

  4. P.L.

    Our house cat likes fresh water…Meows at us until he gets it too.

    Kitty water fountain is on the list of things to get…but not very high up there though. (smile)

  5. LOL, Angela. You’re right! Nobody wants to follow the basset hound to the water bowl.

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