August Writing Contest Winner

Recluse-First Place Winner of Mistress' July Writing Contest!

We have a writing contest winner for this month.  Congratulations to Recluse for his excellent short story “Stone Cold Kill” that received such a positive response!   I know many people enjoyed reading it.  Some of you may not know that Recluse typed this entire story on his Kindle reader.  I’m not sure how he managed, but it is quite impressive that he did it.  I doubt I could have done the same.

He has received his $20 Amazon gift card which came as the prize.  He is also welcome to print off the picture of this trophy to hang on his wall in commemoration of his win.  This is the tale for anyone who may have missed it:

Stone Cold Kill by Recluse

I was sitting behind my desk, watching the clock and contemplating doing something stupid when O’Weinstein, the Chief of Police, stormed in, steam pouring out of his ears. He threw down a copy of the late edition on my desk and glared at me.

“What the Hell is this?”

“It’s the Pravda Nuevo Times, Chief.”

“Don’t get smart with me, Chase!”

He jabbed the paper with a fat forefinger, his face turning an unhealthy purple.

“Care to explain this to me?”

“Well, I don’t read that rag myself. There’s a little too much red in their yellow journalism for my taste.”
I smiled up at the Chief, going for cute. I guess I missed.

“You sonovavich!”

O’Weinstein leaned across my desk, grabbed my lapels and proceeded to blow the scent of gefilte corned beef into my face.

“Where do you get off telling them that you can stop the Midnight Mauler but I warned you off the case?!”

Not wanting to put my hands on the touchy Chief, I stood up from my chair, as his hands slipped off my lapels.

“I told them the truth, Chief. Who knew they would actually change tactics and print it?”

To be honest, I was surprized I had gotten drunk enough to actually tell that little weasel reporter the truth, that he was sober enough to remember it, and that his editor had enough common sense to print it. The Midnight Mauler had brutally murdered 16 people, all people working late, crushing them to death, according to Magget, the coroner, before throwing them through highrise windows. The police had nothing. Not really surprizing, they couldn’t spot the obvious if it was sitting on their faces and wiggling. They even lost an undercover to the killer and a pair of detectives trying to trap the killer. I knew what it was, and was willing to risk my bright future as a live P.I. to stop it. O’Weinstein was too afraid to lose his job to listen. All things being equal, hopefully that drunken mistake on my part might save some lives.

“My offer still stands, Chief. You give me one shot, no questions asked. I pull it off, you get the credit. I get the reward. I screw up, you can urinate on my grave with clean hands.”

He closed his eyes and slumped.

“That maniac killed three of my best men. Do it. And God help you if you screw up, Chase. What do you need?”

“Just access to the High Infidelity Building’s 30th floor. I have everything else I need.”

That night, I was doing my corporate gerbil impression, acting harried at a desk in the High Infidelity Disclaims office. Things began to jump around midnight, when the Mauler came through the window. Gotta love a punctual killer. Not so thrilled to learn that I was right. The Midnight Mauler was a full blown gargoyle. An animate stone killing machine. I gave it the finger and ran for the hallway. I stopped, checked to see that the elevator was open and waiting, then backed towards it enough to give me some room.

The gargoyle came through the door like a freight train, spotted me and tried to stop, sliding on the marble floor and slamming into the opposite wall. I stuck my tongue out at it. It roared and charged. I ran for the elevator, watching the floor. There! I threw myself over the pool of silicone lubricant, to the right of the elevator, landing on my stomach. The gargoyle, a ton and a half of stone moving at high speed, tried to stop, found no traction and slammed into the open elevator. I pulled the rubber stop out, letting the door slide shut. The creature never got the chance to turn around when the cable snapped, sending it on a oneway trip to the sub-basement. The building shook with the impact. I brushed myself off and decided to let O’Weinstein’s men sift through the gravel. I needed a drink.



All of the other contestant’s entries can be viewed here.  I am truly pleased to see so many people were inspired to write under the tough guidelines.  Then next contest will begin on the week of September 19th.  I will look forward to seeing what participants come up with next.  Please do remember to congratulate Recluse on his impressive story.

~ by Suzie on September 3, 2011.

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  1. Well deserved, Recluse! Congrats!!!

  2. Congratulations!

  3. Congrats, Recluse. It’s an inventive story!

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