“Teagan and the Furminator”

The Adventures of Teagan, Ep. 27

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“Teagan and the Furminator”

Teagan lay on the floor, lightly dozing.  Why she sometimes preferred the floor as opposed to a bed or pillow was anyone’s guess.  It did make it easy for Mom to come in, kneel next to Teagan, and attack her with a pointy comb.  Not just any comb.  The Furminator.

Mom took the plastic safety cap off the metal teeth.  Teagan eyed them as Mom came closer.  Those barbs sank into Teagan’s thick coat and tugged.  Mom repeated the motions, brushing down Teagan’s back.  Ooh, that felt good.  Teagan rolled onto her side and closed her eyes.  Oh yeah, right there.  That’s perfect.

The Furminator pulled loose that old, dead hair.  It was part massage, part exfoliant.  Teagan started purring and rolled over onto her back, her front legs tucked together like a bunny rabbit’s.  Mom tried to brush her tummy, but what she really wanted was to get at her sides and back.

Mom scraped the brush against the carpet as she tried to get Teagan to roll over again.  Teagan didn’t care.  She was in heaven.  Mom brushed and brushed and brushed, every few strokes using her hand to swipe away the excess fur and de-clump the comb.

While that was all well and good, Teagan finally had enough.  She stood up and walked a couple paces away.  Mom lurched after to grab the remaining fur still clinging to Teagan’s now shiny coat.  Teagan turned around and her eyes went wide.  Where did that massive pile of fuzz on the floor come from?  Teagan watched Mom clean the rest of the brush and put the cap back on.  No way that came from Teagan.  She craned her neck to give her shoulder a good lick.  Her coat did seem a little lighter, and softer, and cleaner.

Teagan turned back to the pile of fur.  Mom could stuff a pillow with that stuff.  Not that she should, because that would just be wrong.  Teagan swatted at the fur and got a clump stuck to her paw.  She tried to lick it, but Mom hurried and grabbed it away.  True, Teagan supposed the point was to avoid hairballs, not induce them.  She scratched at her collar.  She felt so light and refreshed.  She should get days of spa treatment more often.



Do your pets love to be groomed?  Have you ever used the Furminator?  It’s not just for cats!  You could also always try this method:

~ by Angela Wallace on September 5, 2011.

9 Responses to ““Teagan and the Furminator””

  1. Another terrific story about Teagan. Our cat wouldn’t like a vacuum cleaner anywhere near him. He moves quickly out of the way whenever we turn on the vacuum cleaner.

    Kitty loves to Teagan and Hugs to you, Angela.

    Have a great one!

  2. The cat must be. 🙂

    What’s a holiday. I’m an author…we don’t get days off. Unless drug away by my friends! 🙂

  3. Another wonderful Teagan story, Angela! I am amazed at how much Teagan looks like my sister’s cat, Cissy. I hope your beautiful girl enjoys as rich and full a life as Cissy did.

  4. I bet she’ll like a playmate, Angela. Two cats is way more than twice the fun! (More than twice the mischief, too, but it’s all fun.)

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