Reading Habits

We all have our own individual reading habits.  Some prefer to read just before bed for an hour or so.  Others, like me, will curl up with a good book (or e-reader) every chance they can get.  I have seen people who like to read on their lunch breaks or while waiting at the doctor’s office.  They most likely have no problem delving into a story in public or at home while others require privacy and quiet.

There is also the matter of how much a person reads.  There are readers who actually manage to go through a regular size novel each day.  Others may only get through three or four a month.  Of course, a person’s current schedule could preclude them from reading as much as they like.  Yet some people will find a way to make time.  When working a full schedule in the Army there were times a book would be so good I would read before work, during breaks, and after the duty day.  It sometimes took me a day or two to recover since I most likely lost sleep as well.  This was for a regular sized novel of 80k words, longer ones had to be given a set reading schedule since I had to get some sleep!

So, here are my questions for you all.  How much time do you spend reading each day/week/month?  What places are you comfortable reading?  Do you every lose sleep because you tell yourself only one more chapter?  I will look forward to your answers.


~ by Suzie on September 9, 2011.

26 Responses to “Reading Habits”

  1. Mistress, I read every chance I get. My Kindle is with me all the time. I have lost sleep many times over books. Not only because I have to stay up to read another chapter, but if the book is really good, it’ll make it’s way into my dreams. This is not always a good thing.

    • I have dreamed of being in the story of a book too! Usually it is if I’m reading all the books in a series back to back. That whole idea of telling myself one more chapter… yeah, that rarely works.

  2. I assume you mean reading for the fun of reading as oppose to reading blogs, e-mail and the like. To answer your question. My reading depends on what is going on. If I know I’ll have a wait at the doctors office (i.e. the VA) then I bring a book and try to read while waiting. I much prefer to read in quiet. So mainly I read before bed.

    Recently, I’ve taken to reading two books at a time. I’ll read some on the computer where my Kindle for PC is. Then some in a book you can hold in your hand. Yes, when the book starts picking up speed, I’ve been known to say one more chapter and stay up much longer than I intended. There have been times that the book laid flat on my chest with my glasses still on my face when I woke up.

    There are times when our house cat will lay on my tummy/chest while I’m trying to read. Almost like he wants to read with me before settling down to sleep on me, “his lumpy pillow”.

    • Yes, I do mean books rather than blogs/internet. Reading in quiet is better, but at least it helps pass the time if you are stuck somewhere in public.

      Lol @ you falling asleep with a book on your lap. I have never been able to do that, but my hubby can fall asleep with his laptop on him and be sitting straight up. He gets annoyed that I take pictures of that to embarrass him with 🙂

      • Actually Susan, it was on my chest because I was laying down to sleep…then I wake up with it on my chest because I fell asleep while reading. But on rare occasions, I’ve been known to fall asleep sitting up. I watching TV those times. Doesn’t have anything to do with the subject matter, I’m just tired and fall asleep. 🙂

        • I have always had problems falling asleep so it is impossible for me to do so until I have been laying quietly for some time. The only exception to that is when I was going through military training. Then I could fall asleep holding a rifle up or even with a gas mask on! Maybe it had something to do with the fact I wasn’t supposed to be sleeping that made it easier, lol.

        • That is ironic Susan…I did get a mental picture of you doing that. Then I remember that scene in Forrest Gump when Forrest and Bubba sleep back to back in the rain.

          • It is entirely possible I fell asleep in the rain while in the military. Hard to remember for sure, lol. So many instances of sleeping during training I can’t remember them all. Training wasn’t the only time though. I learned to sleep through explosions in Iraq too (after a good deal of praying before bed).

  3. I read whenever I can! I do not leave the house without a book. You never know when you’ll have a few minutes to read. Perhaps you are stuck in a horrible traffic jam on the highway, maybe the car broke down and you have to wait for a tow truck. That being said, I do not get to read as much as I would like because I do have to work and take care of my family. I read every night and yes, there are those nights when I do not get much sleep – wrote about that the other day:

    • It has been handy since they came out with e-readers that fit in your purse. Plus paperbacks always could as well. I don’t remember to take something with me every time though. You are one dedicated reader! I’ll have to check out your blog post.

  4. Ooooh, funny you should mention books keeping you up nights. Just a few days ago, I started reading Radium Halos sometime in the afternoon. I didn’t intend to read more than a few chapters at a time, but it got so interesting I wound up staying up way past my bedtime, and finished the whole book in one sitting. And this was a looong novel! I don’t think I’ve ever done that before, but it was a damn good book, though I was disappointed in the ending. Thankfully, it didn’t give me any dreams. =^ᴗ^=

    • I plan to do another blog soon to ask people about books they read recently and enjoyed. It went well the last time I posted on that topic a couple months ago and would be good to do again. Glad you enjoyed that book, even if the ending wasn’t so good and you lost sleep!

      • Yup yup! Hopefully I’ll have a list of them by the time you post that topic again. The great irony is that so many people have told me they won’t read .99 ebooks because a novel couldn’t possibly be any good if it’s less than $2.99. I’ve read so many stinkers for $2.99 and up, but this one could easily be a NY Times bestseller, it was so good. Like Elmer Fudd said, people are bunny. =^ₒ^=

        • I have read some free books and .99 books that were wonderful, I totally agree with you there. I’ll probably be posting that blog next week so be ready!

  5. I spend most of my time writing these days, but I was averaging a book a day and five on weekends by the time I was eleven. I got sent to the principle’s office for reading books in class, frequently, from the age of seven on. I think I was reading Clarke when I was assigned Rebecca of Sunnybrooke Farm as appropriate for a girl. Thankfully, my father didn’t agree there was something wrong with a girl who read science fiction and neither did the librarian. After the school ‘administration’ tried again, assigning me all the Nancy Drew books, my daddy took me to the public library in Kansas City, Kansas and told them to give me an adult card and Mom took me every week. Then I got old enough to walk to the ‘dime store, about eight blocks away, and he raised my allowance, so I could buy every SF paperback published every month. That wasn’t many in the last half of the fifties. So, I still read a lot of other books too. Loved Costain. Delderfield was ‘enh.’ Liked Burton’s biographies, but I had to reread Dante and Machiavelli when I got older. I really don’t know how fast I read, but an 80k book doesn’t last a whole evening. See why I’m sure there are women out there who will truly appreciate my really big books?

    • Me and a friend of mine used to get in trouble for reading during class too. She actually flunked 6th grade because she opted to read rather than do classwork. I wasn’t quite that bad though, lol. Your books are certainly long, but I’m sure you’re right that the market is there for them.

  6. Last question first … Do I lose sleep … I can’t count the number of nights that I’ve settled in to read “for just a few minutes” – then suddenly noticed it’s one or two in the morning, and I still can’t put the book down!
    Most of my “for pleasure” reading these days is done in the evening or during meals – because that’s when I have a bit of spare time. Days are for my books – writing and promoting – and the other projects I’ve taken on, but after 5 pm, after I feed the dogs, cats, and me, then I can settle in with a book I’ve really looked forward to reading.

    • I think we need to form a club for those who have lost many hours of sleep to reading too late! Glad that I’m not the only one who reads while eating. Most of my family (even the readers) think I’m weird for that.

  7. I am almost never without a library book. It’s sad, really, because I don’t get to read books I own very often since I’ve always got library books with due dates. On average, I’d say I read maybe 1-2 hours a day. If I’m trying to finish a book because of *cough* due dates, then that can become 3 or 4 hours. I always bring a book wherever I go. I’d rather read for ten minutes in a waiting room than stare at the wall.

    I don’t lose sleep over books (unless, again, there’s a due date I’m trying to meet the night before). I’m able to put them down and go to bed, but that may just be because sleep has always been precious to me. It’s always been even more important than school and homework (and I’m super homework girl).

    I like to read while watching TV, especially during commercials, or when I’m watching stuff I’ve already seen. It helps me stay awake, because reading does make me drowsy, sadly.

    • Those darn library due dates! I buy all my books but God knows the hubby is never happy to see the amount of money I spend each month on books alone. Last summer, before I discovered Indie authors, I was buying a book every other day because I went on this crazy reading binge. Since they were trad pub, it was $7-8 each. I think he wanted to throttle me but I couldn’t help it, lol.

      I envy your ability to sleep and be disciplined about it. That is a nice trait to have!

  8. I always take a book to Panera’s and spend an hour or two reading and either eating or just drinking iced tea. If it’s a real page turner I’m reading while hubby is watching some boring TV show. If it’s a book assigned by our reading group and it’s real slooooowwww reading, it may take me a week or two to struggle through it. If I’m stuck at a railroad crossing, I make sure I have a book with me, as well as waiting in a doctor’s office or at the hairdresser’s.

    • You all impress me. I read a lot but not so much outside the house unless I’m going to the VA hospital. The wait there is always long that bringing my Kindle is a good idea.

      • Susan,

        The VA is where I see a lot of people reading. At least anyone who has been there more than once that is. I’ve read chapters waiting to be seen…I’m a slower reader too.

        Of course, that hasn’t stopped people from striking up conversations with me. I’m reading my book and the guy next to me strikes up a long conversation but I did give him my business card. 🙂

  9. Susan, the “reading while eating” thing … That started when I was a kid – pretty much as soon as I learned to read (and I must’ve been around 4 or 5 years old). I loved reading! And I would bring my books to the table …
    Mother banned them, of course. No reading books at mealtime. So I started bringing magazines … which were banned. Next came comic books – until they also were banned. Then I would grab a newspaper … finally got to the point of reading the ingredients lists on cans and boxes …
    But the reading habit stuck with me.

    • Lol PL, I have been known to read whatever containers were on the table too. Don’t think I started reading books at the dinner table until I was a teenager though. You have a most impressive history of reading!

  10. My grandfather – Daddy – taught me to read by reading to me, starting probably when I was just two or three years old. I have happy memories of sitting in Daddy’s lap while he read books about Uncle Wiggly (the “gentleman rabbit” – my favorite), or the Pokey Little Puppy, or Babar the elephant king.
    So from the beginning, reading was to me the doorway to enchanted worlds – and I loved the sight and sound of words.
    I wish more parents could, or would, take time to read to their children. It can be such a wonderful, magical experience of bonding.

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