“Teagan’s Hiding Place”

The Adventures of Teagan, Ep. 28

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“Teagan’s Hiding Place”


“Where’s Teagan?”  Mom’s voice floated through the apartment.

“I don’t know,” the roommate replied.

Teagan could hear their footsteps as they searched the small, two-bedroom apartment for her.  She wasn’t coming out, though.  Sometimes, a cat just needs her privacy, a place to sit and reflect on important matters.  Like how the upstairs neighbor’s seven-year-old boy makes a racket jumping on the bed, or how her food dish gets low two hours before dinner and Mom should be taking note of that.

Also, sometimes she just didn’t want to be interrupted by Mom or the roommate coming into the room and jostling Teagan on the bed.  They’d coo and scratch Teagan under the chin, but it still disturbed her nap.

Her current hiding place was on one of the kitchen chairs pushed in so the tablecloth completely concealed her.  Sometimes she used the other chair, but Mom and the roommate had gone looking for her there in the past, and Teagan did not like to be found.  Before that, she had tried hiding under the beds, but Mom and the roommate always found her there too.

Granted, there weren’t many places in such a small apartment for a cat to hide, but Teagan had to try.  If only she could figure out a way to open and close closet doors.  That would give the humans a run for their money—though with Teagan’s luck, they’d raise the alarm and bring in the hounds to find her.

Honestly, couldn’t the humans just give her some space?  They were never going to let her live down those escapes onto the porch.  She had been a young, feisty teen then, eager to explore the world.  It wasn’t fair to hold that over her head—she hadn’t tried to repeat such jail breaks in a long time.

Footsteps moved into the kitchen and stopped.  Teagan waited with baited breath as a hand lifted the edge of the tablecloth and eyes peered in at Teagan.

“Found her!”

Teagan grumbled as the tablecloth fell back into the place, the humans now satisfied.  Well Teagan wasn’t.  She needed to find another place to hide.

"Go away."

 Do your pets have favorite hiding places?  Closets or cabinets where they go to escape the world?  Do you go looking for them, or wait, knowing they’ll show up when they get hungry?

~ by Angela Wallace on September 12, 2011.

21 Responses to ““Teagan’s Hiding Place””

  1. Teagan is a hoot!

    Please give her Kitty loves from “Aunt” Lynn. Of course, after her nap is over. 🙂

  2. Kitchen chairs, lol. My kitty likes those too though she doesn’t get the advantage of a table cloth. I used to have a cat that could open my dresser drawers and close them behind her. No idea how she did it. The only reason I found her is because one day I was putting laundry away and the she was snoozing on my clothes. Sometimes she would hide in the kitchen or bathroom cabinets too. That cat was ingenious at opening and closing doors so long as there was no knob to turn.

    • How funny! Dresser drawers, I can’t imagine how she’d do that either. My mom took care of a cat once who was adept at opening cabinets from the outside, but sometimes the door would shut behind him and he couldn’t figure out how to open it again. I guess he didn’t even try pushing, lol. My mom almost had a heart attack when she couldn’t find him one night. He was in the cabinet above the refrigerator.

      • I never could catch my cat getting in the dresser drawers though she did it frequently once I knew to look. Just to be sure, I would shut them all the way, but that didn’t seem to stop her. Not once, though, did she get in the cabinet above the refridgerator! That is a new one for me. She did figure out how to get in the lower cabinets which resulted in me having to put her dry cat food bag up much higher. Otherwise, she pulled it down and tore it open making a huge mess. The food I kept in her bowl wasn’t good enough apparently.

  3. My cats like to crawl inside the mattress lining – which means, of course, first they have to tear the mattress lining loose …
    The greatest unsolved mystery of all times occurred years ago when my sister was moving a carload of cats (and one dog) from Rockport, Texas, to everybody’s new home in Sheridan, Wyo.
    I went along to help. Our second night we stopped in Denver, Colo., and the next morning, as we were packing the car for the final leg of the trip, we discovered one of the cats was missing.
    Not many places to hide in a motel room, and we searched them all. Finally went outside – on the off chance the cat had sneaked out during one of our many trips between the motel room and the car. After half an hour of searching and calling – even getting down on hands and knees to look under cars – I happened to pass by the room (the window curtains were open) and glanced inside.
    And there was the cat – sitting in the middle of the bed where he hadn’t been half an hour ago!
    Urge to hug battled urge to kill.
    But we got everyone loaded, got on the road …
    And that hotel room incident led to my theory – which I’ve incorporated into my Portals fantasy/detective series – that when cats disappear and we can’t find them (no matter how diligently we search) they’ve gone Between.

  4. Thanks, Angela … Lynn … Susan. I love my cats; they’ve so totally warped my personality. It’s amazing the lessons they’ve taught me …
    Like … when you do something stupid, if nobody sees you … It didn’t happen.
    If you do something stupid and somebody does see you, cop an attitute (cattitude?), like “I meant to do that.”
    When your day is falling to pieces … take a nap.

  5. My roommate doesn’t really understand cats, so if my kitty is hiding somewhere she wants to look for him. If I can’t find him, I check under the bed or under my dresser and shrug. He’ll come out sometime.

    • Unfortunately for Mozart, my tortoiseshell, a crew was here Tuesday and yesterday to fix the roof on the house. Sanji, my Elder Statesman (at least 19 or 20 now) slept through the whole thing. Mozey squeezed himself into hiding between the refrigerator and the wall.
      The roof was finished yesterday before noon, no crews today, so Mozey is in his usual favorite chair …

    • It took my roommate a few times before she realized that looking for the kitty made her mad. So we let her be now.

      P.L.–the refrigerator! How uncomfortable. Poor Mozart.

      • I felt so sorry for him, Angela … But I knew better than to try to cuddle him. He’s so macho, I think it embarrasses him when he does get scared by something. So I let him be … and now that nobody’s tromping around on the roof, and dropping heavy packs of tiles on it, he’s back to his confident self. (I have to confess, all that noise on the roof rattled ME! I kept waiting for the ceiling to collapse and one of the roofing crew come crashing through onto the kitchen counter …)

        • Isn’t it funny how cats get embarrassed? We’ve learned not to laugh when Teagan trips or anything, because she doesn’t like it!

          • They’re such sensitive creatures … Well-developed little egos. And they do hate being laughed at!
            I’ve had a couple of cats that would simply glower at me – but a couple of others (including Mozart) who will take Revenge if I embarrass them.
            So I try very hard not to do that …

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