What are you reading?

Every once in a while it is nice to get an update on what people are reading.  Maybe you have discovered something really good, maybe you have found something not so good.  Either way, sharing observations of books you’ve read lately is helpful

For me, I am currently reading “Gladiator Girl” by R.H. Watson.  It is an alternate reality action-sports love story that is rather different from anything I’ve seen before.  I like that it has a tough heroine in it and plenty of action.  The plot and world building are fascinating as well.  The main complaint I have so far is the stilted writing.  It doesn’t flow very well.  In addition to this, there was one part that made no sense.  The author put a section in that was way out in left field.  It had absolutely nothing to do with the current scene (though it interrupted it) and gave no explanation for why it was there.  I read a lot and can usually infer these things, but not this time.  A good critique partner or editor could have caught this, along with a few grammar mistakes that have come up so far.  Otherwise, the story has been fairly enjoyable.  I do love a good butt-kicking heroine and well-developed world, so those help make up for the few shortcomings.

So, now it is your turn.  Tell me about a book you are either reading right now or just finished.  If there is more than one, you can talk about the others as well.  I would love to hear what else is out there!

~ by Suzie on September 13, 2011.

25 Responses to “What are you reading?”

  1. I’m currently reading USERNAME by Joyce Faulkner. Joyce is one of the publishers at River Road Press. They helped publish Call Sign: Wrecking Crew (Storm Warning) and believe me it was no easy task. Still even with a good editor things can get messed up in the process and the wrong version got published. This could be the case with the book you are reading right now.

    USERNAME is Scary Good! It is a thriller and is definitely for Mature audiences. Due to some of the subject matter it might not be a book for those of a gentile nature. Think Criminal Minds (the TV series) but being actually inside the criminal’s mind. I’m not saying anything else. I’m starting chapter 2 tonight.

    • You are right that I have seen plenty of cases where the wrong version got published. The thing is, one of the people who reviewed the book swore they didn’t see a single error and went on and on about how well the novel had been edited. I think that set me up for failure as it made me expect more from the book, if you know what I mean. There was also one part in the dialog that had parentheses right in the middle of it. I’m fairly sure you aren’t supposed to do that, correct me if I’m wrong though. It should only be seen in the narrative, and even then, only sparingly.

      Glad your book is going so well. Always great to find an enjoyable one that gets you excited to read more!

      • Now, I understand. I would be disappointed as well then. I don’t speak with parentheses…quotes maybe…with the implied quote sign going up with the fingers.

        Yes, I was a little spooked at first with the prologue but was assured that was the worst of it. I shall see. If I remember I’ll come back with an update.

        • Quotes are fairly common. Even the occassional italics, but not parenthases in dialog. I wouldn’t even do that in a first draft!

          Prologues are tricky. It is hit and miss as to whether I like them. Some of the recent blogs I’ve read say to avoid putting them in your own book at all costs. They used to be popular but now there are publishers that will refuse to look at a manuscript if it has one. Times change I guess.

          Do give an update if you remember!

          • (Why the heck not?) Seriously, why would they not like a parentheses in a narrative, if it is appropriate to the situation. Of course, some publishers seem to look for a reason to reject a book or so I hear.

            I went to River Road Press because they took just good care of my friends Eddie and Connie Beesley. Eddie wrote, Lucky Enough, which is an Autobiography…he was in Vietnam. It’s a really good book…of course that was under Red Engine Press … but now they are called River Road Press.

            Joyce Faulkner and Pat McGrath Avery are both published authors in their own rights. I’m sure you can Google search either one of them to learn more if you or anyone else here is interested.

          • I’m not exactly sure why editors want parenthases used sparingly but I have seen a number of book reviewers that complain when authors use them too much. They can be distracting from the narrative if frequent, but that is all I can tell you.

            It is the prologue that I was saying publishers will reject if a manuscript has it though. I’ll try and dig up the most recent blog I read on the topic.

          • Here is the blog on prologues. The woman who wrote it is an editor and has a ton of great writing tips!


  2. Hi, I’m reading American Sanctions by Jim Burkett on Kindle only $2.99. Quite a thriller.


  3. I recently read LEGS by William Kennedy (about Legs Diamond) and I’m about to dive into THE KILLING OF CRAZY HORSE. Yeah, my reading taste is all over the map.

  4. I am reading The Stand by Stephen King. I really want to finish it to see how it ends 😀

  5. Oh, too many, I’ve read too many to mention. But then, Susan knows I post book reviews on Saturdays. 😉 I am currently reading A Local Habitation by Seanan McGuire. I like the character, a Fae changeling, and was interested in the murder mystery plot, but it hasn’t really gone anywhere. It’s been a series of chapters searching for clues but not actually finding any. Plus I got a hunch as to who the killer is from the first hundred pages. I don’t know yet if I’m right, which I hope I’m not, because that would stink. No one wants to solve the mystery 200 pages before the character does.

  6. Susan, The blog you posted didn’t like something. Of course, I’ll take your word for it. It makes sense not to have parentheses too often. I just thought they didn’t want them at all.

  7. With reference to prologues, I think unless you’re writing a continuing series and need to somehow update your reader on what’s gone before, prologues really aren’t necessary.
    And I’ve gotten kind of bored with prologues as a reader, because it seems so many (too many?) writers use them to “set the stage” for their world – and that can be done more fluidly by incorporating all that information in bits and pieces throughout the rest of the book. I have yet to read a prologue in which I have found information that I really needed to know right away.
    As for my current reads, I just finished re-reading Phantoms, a really spooky horror novel by Koontz. I come back to it now and then, because even though I know how it turns out, it’s stil fun.
    Before that, I read Caverns of Socrates by Dennis L. McKiernan … an older book but a new discovery for me. A good book but scary, and some of the horror was pretty graphic.
    I’ve just started reading (for review for myshelves.com) Michael A. Stackpole’s Conan the Barbarian. I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy it, but … I am!

  8. I just finished “A Salt-Splashed Cradle” by Chris Longmuir. The 1830s authentic feel of both the Scottish fishing village and the whaling boats at the center of the story was astonishing. Chris is an award-winning writer in England, and she is definitely a talented literary novelist. She has also written some mysteries, I believe, so those would probably also be interesting.

  9. I’m so happy to discover your site! MountainMama sent me over from The Spinning Wheel 🙂 I’m currently readinf CREEP by Jennifer Hillier. “A thriller of deadly attraction”–and it is!!

  10. I’m currently reading “Mindbenders” by Arthur Levine. Great so far!!

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