New and upcoming books- Do you have one?

A few months ago I had a blog post where authors could post excerpts of their books.  It went very well.  Now I would like to give an opportunity for new novels to be showcased with excerpts.  If you have a book that released in the past six weeks or one that will be coming out in the next two months, this is your chance to showcase your work and garner some interest.

Here are the things you should post:

  • Book Title
  • Author name
  • Genre
  • One page from the book (this can be any single-spaced page from Microsoft Word that appears somewhere in your story)

That is it!  I will look forward to seeing what everyone has come out with recently.  Readers and other authors, please feel free to ask questions about the books posted.  This is the place to do it.  Also, for anyone who has not listed their book on this site, you may do so on the advertisements page.

ETA- Please also include a release date so we know if the book is out yet or when it will be available!

~ by Suzie on September 20, 2011.

7 Responses to “New and upcoming books- Do you have one?”

  1. Sequin Boy and Cindy
    by Arthur Levine


    I never thought anything good was going to happen to me and then I met this girl.
    I saw her standing on the train platform at Jamaica Station fidgeting with the torn buckle on her faded blue backpack, waiting for the 5:35 to take her out to what I later found out was a group home in Blissville, Long Island where she lived. She’s a pretty girl with blond pigtails, big blue eyes and a great smile. And yet I sense there is something sad or withdrawn about her. Guess that makes two of us.
    I think she is staring back at me.
    Cindy is eighteen and works in Jamaica as a dental assistant, a job I found out she detests because she’s bored. I guess she can’t help staring across the platform at a strange looking young man in a hooded sweatshirt who appears to have some kind of shiny colored disks on his face, which are half hidden by the hood of his sweatshirt—that’s me. My name is Billy Wolk. I’m half Native American Indian. I have spirit Ancestors.
    She must be thinking, what are they, those ornaments on his face? I guess she’s wondering why this strange boy is staring at her. Probably thinks I look sad and alone. I am. I’m taken by the good looks of this thin girl who occasionally smiles at me. I think she is smiling at me. It’s hard to be sure from this distance. No one ever smiles at me. Sometimes they stare in disbelief. I almost never smile.
    Cindy says to herself, “what’s with that kid staring at me? He has some weird shiny stuff hanging from his face. I’m a little scared.”
    In my mind I can still feel the sting of his belt buckle hitting me. My Native American blood comes from my mother’s side. I guess that’s where I get my black hair and light olive complexion. My mother died when I was ten years old. My real father disappeared years before. My drunken stepfather kicked me out of his home when I was sixteen after beating me bloody with the brass buckle of his belt and telling me I was a worthless outcast—a social reject.
    “I hate that bastard,” is all I can think whenever the image of the beatings and the hurtful words I got from my stepfather cross my mind. I found a job working for ten dollars an hour at a pulp romance magazine with offices in Jamaica, NY as an article writer. I was always good at English and writing in high school. Any one could have written for that rag their standards were so low.
    I live in a one room fourth floor walk up on Eleventh Street and First Avenue in New York City. I guess you could say it’s a dump, and am headed home when I see her. I wish I had the courage to cross the platform and talk to that girl. I wish I had some faith in myself and wasn’t so shy.
    Self-consciously I pull at the sequins on my upper lip. I have a neat row of four gold colored sequins sewn on either side of my nose, one long row of nine sequins in red, yellow and blue sewn on my forehead, and a tinier row of six silver sequins above my upper lip. Why did I ever let some tattoo and piercing artist in the Bronx talk me into doing this as a eighteenth birthday present to myself? I guess I wanted to keep people away from me. How anti-social can you get? I must be an idiot. Maybe my stepfather was right about me.

  2. From Frozen Assets, The Kolian Chronicles Book 3
    by Alex Le Soum
    Published 9th Sept 2011 on Amazon.

    Genre – science fiction action adventure

    The rain stopped. The smell didn’t. It lingered in the air, a putrid stench that caught in the back of the throat, making his eyes prick with tears from both the chemical soup and the sheer ignominy of having to endure such unregal conditions.
    ‘Come along Your Majesty, time to go at last.’
    ‘Thank goodness for that. This place is disgusting, Nazrat. What type of dirty, unkempt, miserable son of a bitch lives in a hovel like this?’
    ‘The majority of your citizens, Your Majesty. Only the privileged few can afford to live at the palace end. This is normal life for your average Dump peasant.’
    ‘Well they shouldn’t. They should take more pride in their homes. And the stench! Isis alive Nazrat, what is that terrible smell?’
    ‘I think most of it comes from the open sewer, although we’re right on the edge of the mudflats here. Some of the fumes probably drift across.’
    ‘Well, it’s disgusting. When I’m back in power I shall pass a law and make them clear up the place. Two laws, in fact. I shall also ban the mudflats from smelling so virulently.’
    Nazrat smirked irreverently at his sovereign Lord. ‘Right. Let’s just get you back in power first shall we, one thing at a time. Then you can consider what sort of charitable donation you want to make to alleviate the suffering of the poor.’
    ‘Charitable donation! Don’t be stupid, Nazrat, you’ve known me longer than that. I was thinking more along the lines of casting in chains for those who didn’t make a better effort to keep their neighbourhood tidy.’
    ‘I see, very public-spirited. And the mudflats? What appropriate form of punishment will you mete out to them?’
    ‘Honestly Nazrat, you’re being extremely facetious today. How am I supposed to punish a field of stinking slime? You know exactly what I mean. I shall make it the peasants’ responsibility to arrange some sort of deodorisation scheme.’
    ‘As your chief advisor, I feel obliged to point out that the mudflats cover nine tenths of the planet, in one form or another, and they all reek. That might be beyond the abilities of even the most civic-minded bunch of peasants.’

  3. Hi Mistress.

    Yikes….will you make an exception as my “New” book released between 7/30 and 8/3 and later with Smashwords?



  4. Wicked Sinners
    Paranormal Romance
    Releasing November 2011

    Jacques hid in the narrow alleyway just a short distance from Adriana’s home. He had to find a way to get inside her home, but after what happened last time he loathe trying it again. He couldn’t pretend that no innocent blood had ever stained his hands, but hurting Adriana had been a horrible accident that plagued his mind ever since. Julien had obviously healed her, but he couldn’t be sure that he had taken the memory from her. He couldn’t risk approaching her personally for now. He should not have dragged her into his world, and indeed, he hadn’t meant to. He had truly believed that since she was renovating her house, she wouldn’t be taking any trips in the near future leaving him time to retrieve the book, but it hadn’t taken Julien long to find her. Why had Julien been in this alley that night? Furthermore, why had Adriana been in that alleyway? He had thought her away from home when he had tried getting back into her house, but she had appeared from nowhere taking him by surprise. If she hadn’t been standing so close to him when he turned in shock then she would have been unharmed.
    “Shame shame Jacques, returning to the scene of the crime.”
    Jacques froze at the sound of Julien’s voice. The sound echoed from every direction bouncing off the walls. A shadow floated to the left, and Jacques spun to counter the attack finding only empty air.
    “Stop hiding. Come out and face me head on,” Jacques taunted, in frustration.
    Light exploded from every direction nearly blinding him. He blinked against the sudden assault upon his senses, and Julien stood only inches from him with an evil smile hovering on his lips. “It matters not because you cannot win.”
    Jacques struck out hoping to catch Julien off guard, but his fist passed through Julien’s image, as if he were a mere reflection on a pool.
    “Your only hope is to hand over the pages Jacques. I assume they are not in your pocket,” Julien cocked his head questioningly.
    “They will not bring Alain back to us,” Jacques told him, trying to keep the pain from his voice. He could not show any doubt over his own decisions, and he would not show his brother any weakness.
    “No they will not,” Julien agreed. “But you will be joining him on the other side, if I don’t have them back in my hands within forty-eight hours.”
    “You are still my brother,” Jacques told him quietly.
    “I have no brother,” Julien’s hissed, his words slashing across Jacques’ heart. He would find no mercy and he deserved none. He no longer had the luxury of wondering about Adriana’s memory. He would have to find out for himself.

  5. A Secure Heart
    Charity Parkerson
    Contemporary Romance
    Released Sept 4, 2011

    It all began with her name. With a name like Flower, you were doomed if you lived in a small town like Flatline, Texas. If you add in having to wear glasses, as thick as coke bottles, you were dead meat.
    Her parents had been tree-hugging hippies; at least this was how her aunt always described them. She herself would never know them, since they died working for the Peace Corps shortly after her birth, leaving her in the care of her great aunt Millie. Millie was a sweet conservative woman, who did the best that she could for Flower, but she couldn’t do anything about her name. You could shorten it to Flo, but then she sounded like she should be waitressing at a truck stop somewhere.
    Her only friend growing up was Bradley Henderson. He was overweight and forced to wear some unfortunate headgear, but one day they discovered they owned the exact same Malibu Barbie, the one with the brown hair not the bleach blonde hooch. They were inseparable from that moment on and together teased without mercy. He was Blowfish-Bradley while she was Flower-Four-Eyes. She thought to go by her middle name once, but it was Luntz, and after learning the things that rhymed with that, she quickly reverted to Flower.
    Flower swore she would change her name to something normal like Mary as soon as she turned eighteen, but on her sixteenth birthday, Millie took her to get contacts and that same day she met Chad.
    Chad Williams at seventeen was already six foot four. His sweeping dark hair and laughing blue eyes stole her young heart away. He told her that her name was beautiful just like her. Of course, he also told her she was the only girl for him, divested her of her virginity, and then left her stranded at prom, but the new love of her name stuck even if he did not.
    Losing Chad crushed her heart, and she was sure that she would never recover.
    She even momentarily considered marrying Bradley, just so she wouldn’t have to spend the rest of her life alone, since as a teenager she truly believed that without Chad, the world would end, but luckily, she didn’t go through with it, especially since Bradley now lived as Brandy. He danced four nights a week down at the Queen of Diamonds in Abernathy and he was everyone’s favorite gal. The Barbie should have been a tip off.

  6. An Accidental Family (This book is currently in Kindle Top 100 list.)

    by Donna Fasano

    Contemporary Romance

    From Chapter Two

    “That had to rate as the tackiest wedding in history.” Robin crossed her arms over her stomach and stared out the small, oval window of the plane, but the inky blackness of night kept her from seeing anything. She’d spent so much of her time over the past two days traveling in the air that she was almost becoming accustomed to the constant ringing in her ears from the vibration of the huge jet engines.
    “Hey,” Jonas said, pausing long enough to chuckle, “our nuptials may have been as gaudy as a plaid tuxedo, but it solved my problem.”
    His choice of words had her swinging her gaze in his direction.
    “Our problem,” he amended. “Don’t you agree?”
    Robin sighed. “But a drive-through wedding chapel?” She arched her brows. “I felt like I was going to the bank.”
    Again, he laughed. “Fly to Vegas, deposit a fee into a slot and withdraw a marriage license. Pretty convenient.”
    She shook her head. “Maybe,” she muttered under her breath. “But it’s also a little on the sleazy side. I can’t believe there are enough people who do it to keep that place afloat.” But judging from the line of cars that had been waiting behind them at the chapel, business was booming. “And really… was the Elvis impersonator necessary?” A man in a shimmery white jumpsuit complete with fringe had crooned Love Me Tender while they waited for their official wedding certificate to be signed and framed.
    Jonas shrugged. “He came with the deluxe package. I figured we might as well enjoy the complete experience.”
    Suddenly Robin felt more tired than she’d ever felt in her life. Resting her elbow on the narrow window ledge, she closed her eyes and rubbed her fingers lightly across her forehead.
    “You must be exhausted.”
    The usually teasing lilt in Jonas’s voice was replaced with genuine concern.
    “It’ll be dawn soon. Why don’t you lean your head back and take a nap? I’ll wake you before we land.”
    She nodded and tried to comply with his suggestion. So much had happened over the past two days. And there was something about traveling thousands of miles to attend a memorial service only to be whisked off once again to travel yet more thousands of miles to be wed that made a person just a little restless. She tried to count the hours she’d been awake, but she lost track.
    She couldn’t believe everything that had happened. Just yesterday, or had it been the day before, she’d been sitting in a plush hotel suite preparing notes for the article she was writing about several restaurants in the Hawaiian tropics. She’d enjoyed ocean breezes, fabulous sunsets, delicious food and wine. Who would have thought that she’d become guardian of her fourteen-month-old nephew and wife to the child’s uncle? It was ludicrous! Bizarre! It would have been laughable if she were the type of person who found the twists and turns of fate a laughing matter.
    A sigh escaped her. Jonas was just such a person. She’d bet her last dollar that he was dying to let loose an uproarious guffaw. Hell, he had been nothing but smiles and light-hearted banter throughout the trip. She was beginning to think that nothing could faze the man.
    Mrs. Jonas Winslow! This whole business was so… weird.
    But what else could she have done? she asked herself. She couldn’t have let him raise Tony on his own. No way! She couldn’t have allowed that to happen.

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