“Teagan Gets A Bath”

The Adventures of Teagan, Ep. 30

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“Teagan Gets a Bath”


It was a nice, mellow Saturday and Teagan was spending it lounging on the carpet.  She couldn’t decide if she wanted to get up and move to her bed or not, so she just stayed put.  She should have made the effort.

Mom and the roommate came in and gave Teagan an unsettling once-over.  Then the roommate picked Teagan up and carried her into the bathroom, locking the three of them in.  This could not be good.  They had removed the bath rugs and one of those spray bottles stood unobtrusively on the sink.  Teagan groaned.

She paced along the bathroom walls, but the room was tiny.  The roommate didn’t even have to get off the floor to drag Teagan back into the center where Mom proceeded to spritz her with that wet, foamy, coconut smelling junk.  The roommate held Teagan in place as Mom rubbed the shampoo into Teagan’s fur, mussing it up.  A waterless bath her foot.  Wet was wet.  It didn’t matter if she wasn’t in a sink or the tub—not that she wanted to trade.  The shampoo may have made her look grungy, but at least she didn’t look like a drowned rat.  Did it have to smell like coconut though?

Teagan squirmed, resisted, and finally hid her face in Mom’s arm, unable to bear the shame of this treatment.  Teagan was quite capable of bathing herself.  No self-respecting cat wouldn’t be.

When Mom finished massaging the shampoo in, she finally rubbed it off with a cloth.  Then came the Furminator.  Usually, Teagan had fond feelings for the deep, soothing scratcher.  Not today.  Mom combed its teeth through Teagan’s damp fur, tugging off the dead pieces.  Clump by clump, Mom deposited quite a large amount onto the Kleenex.  Teagan watched it grow in fascination.  All that came from her?

Mom kept brushing and finally Teagan had enough.  She tugged hard and the roommate released her.  They stood up and opened the door, letting Teagan dart out.  As soon as she was a good few feet away, she plopped down and started re-bathing herself.  No way would she be satisfied with a half-ass job by humans.  Hm, her fur was particularly silky now.  And she felt so much lighter; it wasn’t quite so hot with the air able to breathe through her thick coat to her pores.  If it just weren’t for that annoying coconut taste.  Blegh.

Is giving your pets a bath a pleasant or nightmare experience?  Check out this cat who likes to shower and stay hydrated at the same time.

~ by Angela Wallace on September 26, 2011.

12 Responses to ““Teagan Gets A Bath””

  1. Oh my gosh! I have never in my life seen a cat that likes water! Great video and story.


  2. Hi Angela, when I saw the title I wondered if Teagan was going to like the experience or not. I guess even cats have their limits. Of course, she had to give herself another bath. Next time, tell her “Aunt Lynn” loves the smell of coconut and would give her some extra kitty loves. 🙂

    Have a great one!

  3. Fun story! My dogs tend to act like idiots once we release them from the bathroom. They roll, they jump, they chase each other around, and try to dry themselves on the furniture.

    I’ve never seen a cat enjoy water so much. Cute video.

    • Thanks Sheenah! Lol, do your dogs get high on the shampoo? I sure hope they’re not sopping wet when you release them…I’m having images of dogs covered in soap suds, lol.

  4. Poor little Teagan. Such a traumatic experience! I used to wash my kitty when she was a kitten because she had a hard time keeping her long fur clean. When cats are small, they don’t mind the water much, so she was fine. Eventually, though, she realized that if she just washed herself properly, I wouldn’t give her baths anymore. Haven’t had to do it again in years. Occassionally, I do have to wash her backside if something gets stuck. She will eventually get it off on her own but I’m too impatient to wait. I’m often having to trim her fur in spots where she has the most difficulties. That makes a difference.

    • I had a cat I had to do that for too. Very unpleasant for both of us. I only give Teagan this waterless bath when she’s shedding a lot. It really helps to work loose the fur so the comb can get it all. Otherwise, she’s the cleanest cat I’ve ever had, and I will never give a cat a bath in the sink like my dad did growing up.

      • That actually isn’t a bad idea. It is a pain to get all that extra fur brushed off. I’ve nearly given up on my cat in that regard. Sometimes I just call her my “little fur factory”. It seems she can never make enough!

  5. Oh, by the way, love the video. I’ve never seen a cat do that before!

  6. My cat came to me from the shelter with a clump near his butt, since he’s a medium haired kiity. So I just bough a brush and started brushing him daily. My roommate saw him and was like, “Can we give him a bath?” I was like, “Errr…bad idea.” So a few days later, she asked me again. “Maybe if both of us…” I was just like, “-.- No! Kitties do not like baths.”

    • Teagan M, you could always let your roommate try. I bet she’ll agree with you afterwards. 😉

      There used to be this one cat in the neighborhood that tormented our cat. One day my mom and I found him snoozing in our bushes, so we quietly filled a bucket of water, snuck up, and dumped it on him. He never came back to harass our cat again.

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