ROW80 Check-in for October 12th

Some of my regulars may not have noticed the new page I posted here for the “Round of Words in 80 Day” or “ROW80” writing challenge, but it is time for my next check in.  If you would like to know about the particulars, look at that page for further details.  I just joined in for the fourth round which began last week.  There are many participants and it is a great way to keep track of your writing goals.  I’m enjoying the challenge so far, and love that everyone is so great about checking in with each other.  It helps motivate you to meet the goals you set for yourself!  For a recap, I will list the things I have set out to do each week.  This is the mid-way point, so they don’t have to be fully met yet.

1) Write 2,000 words a week.  That comes out to approximately 285 words a day.  If I can do more, that is great, but this is the minimum.

2) Post at least two blogs a week.  I’m not one of those people who can do them every day, but twice a week is reasonable for me.  I will also be posting my two check-ins here in addition to that.

3) Edit/revise at least ten pages of my WIP each week.

4) Read one book a week and write a review.


Progress for October 12th mid-week check-in:

1) I wrote about 900 words so far on my WIP.  Also, wrote another 1500 words for background/bios on upcoming characters that doesn’t count toward the actual manuscript.

2) Already posted two blogs this week and I’m doing the first check-in now.

3) I edited/revised nine pages of my WIP so far.

4) Have not started reading the book for this week, but I have picked which one to read and plan to start today.

In summary, I’m feeling pretty good about my progress so far.  Some days are easier to get motivated than others.  Hopefully, I will be able to fully meet my goals by Sunday at the next check-in.  I also plan to add one more thing for the next one.  There are a couple of other writers that I exchange critiques with for WIPs.  It will help keep me on track for doing them if I have that as a goal as well.  Never hurts to have it listed since it is something I need to get done fairly often.

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by to encourage me so far.  It has been greatly appreciated.  I definitely get motivation from your comments!

~ by Suzie on October 12, 2011.

16 Responses to “ROW80 Check-in for October 12th”

  1. You’re doing great. Sounds like you’ll meet your goals this week. Keep it up.

  2. Great Job Mistress! You have set out to do quite a bit and you seem to be managing it beautifully 🙂

  3. I love being more on the done side by mid-week, though it doesn’t happen often. 😛 Nice job!

  4. Looks like you’re well on your way! Great job! I haven’t found time for reading yet, either.

    • I have a nasty habit of doing certain goals in chunks. Such as editing will be the big thing one day, writing on another, reading on yet another, etc. Some people can break it down into organized time allotments, but that has never been me. Once I get focused on something, that is just what I have to work on!

      To be fair, though, I did work on the editing over two days instead of one, so at least it wasn’t one chunk this time, lol.

  5. Keep up the good work! You’ve done quite a bit for it being mid week already. 🙂

  6. Awesome job! I’m on the same page as you with the book reviewing, but hopefully today I’ll get that book read and reviewed (maybe get 2, so I’ll be ahead of the game for next!) 😉

    • Thanks for stopping by Liza. I feel bad the reading part of my goals is behind, but lately, ideas for my story have been really inspiring me to put them on paper. I did start reading a book last night and I’m going to try and finish it today. We will see how that goes 🙂

  7. welcome aboard, sounds like row80 is really working for you.

  8. Sounds like you’re doing great! 🙂 Just from a personal perspective, I think I’d be tempted not to have #3 (the edit/tuning) as a weekly objective until closer to the end of the process (I get bogged down in it too much and the more drafting I do the more there is to get “bogged” in… LOL)… Doesn’t stop me tinkering though!!

    • Yeah, some people say not to do that, but I finished a 71,000 word story last year doing the same thing I am now. I’m much happier if I can go back and revise/edit things when new ideas come to me. Otherwise, when the novel is done, there will be ten times more to change. Better to just fix it now unless the story isn’t impacted much by the idea, then I just note it for future reference. Another reason for the edits is I have critique partners looking at my chapters two at a time. I hate it when they keep catching basic typos and poor wording that could have been fixed if I just went back through another time. Of course, they still catch some even then, but it isn’t nearly as bad as the first version!

      Aside from all that, I just enjoy developing the story. Most writers are working on books in the hopes of publishing, I don’t care all that much whether this books sees the light of day as it is all about the fun of writing and getting better at it. If the story turns out to be good enough, then I’ll consider publishing, but this is more for me right now. Just like the one I wrote last year has only been seen by a select few friends. It was my first attempt at writing any major fiction story and has its flaws, but taught me a lot. I just love having stories unfold in my head so I can make them come alive.

      Writing a book straight through takes away from that, I just can’t do it, but admire those who can!

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