ROW80 Check-in for October 30th

I admit to missing the check-in for Wednesday due to having a killer migraine followed by a stomach ache.  Now I’m trying to make up for lost time.  This week was productive in a few areas, though not necessarily the ones that count toward my goals.  After receiving some feedback from my critique partners, I made a couple of big changes to my WIP.

One was working out the plot problem I mentioned before.  The timeline got moved a bit, but I think it will make the urgency of the story more apparent, so it is a good thing.  Also, I cut out Chapter Three of my work.  Part of me knew when I wrote it that it was deviating off track, but I had to put it on paper anyway.  The chapter had been meant to give more background to the character and show her preparing for the big “problem” she must face.  Yet it slowed the story down and introduced a character who wasn’t really necessary.

I opted to cut it out (it hurt but was necessary) and lost 5,000 words in the process (it was a long one).  That meant the important info had to go somewhere else.  I’ve been re-distributing the most important details elsewhere and making minor adjustments where the follow-on chapters needed it from the big change.  This is in addition to improving descriptions in my story, which are often lacking in the first writing. I have gotten about 2000 words back, but no forward progress on the novel.  This has slowed me down, but I would rather deal with it now, when there is less to fix, than later.  I’m almost ready to get back to writing the next scene, though, so hopefully this next week will have a better report.

Anyway, here all the goals again, along with my progress in them:

Weekly Goals:

1) Write 2,000 words a week.  That comes out to approximately 285 words a day.  If I can do more, that is great, but this is the minimum.

2) Post at least two blogs a week.  I’m not one of those people who can do them every day, but twice a week is reasonable for me.  I will also be posting my two check-ins here in addition to that.

3) Edit/revise at least ten pages of my WIP each week.

4) Read one book a week and write a review.

5) Spend at least two hours working on critiques for other people’s WIPs, if I have any to do.  This one just got added, but will be included in all future posts.



1) Lost 5,000 words due to editing, but gained 2,000 back.

2) Posted three blogs this week, which is one over my goal.

3) Edited/revised about twenty-five pages of my WIP so far.

4) Read two books this week and posted reviews for both on Amazon.  I actually read a novella as well, but didn’t bother to review it.  This week I was in a reading mood, so got more in than usual.

5) I did not get to the critiques I was planning to do.  This is partly from being busy and having physical ailments and partly because I have my monthly writing contest going on.  It takes a lot of time to go over all the entries and select the finalists, in addition to writing up the blog for it.  In a way, though, it is critiquing since I have to pick the best stories to move on to the next round.  No idea how many hours I spent on that but it was far more than two!

That is everything.  I may have had some set-backs, but I feel like a lot still got accomplished.  If you all have a moment, please stop by and check out the stories that made it to the finalist round and vote.  The poll closes at midnight (EDT) tomorrow, October 31st.  There are some great entries this month I think you’ll enjoy!

~ by Suzie on October 30, 2011.

10 Responses to “ROW80 Check-in for October 30th”

  1. Kudos to you for looking for problems early on. I like to write out everything, and then trim later. I’m so afraid I might forget an idea, even if I have it outlined, that I want to get it out as fast as possible. I always trim when I’m close to being done (like now) but it is always painful.

    • lol, that is actually why I trim now. I’m actually afraid I might forget what I wanted trimmed and how that would affect the rest of the story. I think everyone has their own method that works best for them, but it is always interesting to see how everyone does it!

  2. Ouch! I hope you’re feeling better. Despite the start, you managed to pull it out quite nicely. Well done.

    • Thanks Ryan. The migraines are a regular thing. My real problem was being stubborn about taking the nausea medicine they gave me to go with my pain meds. The problem is nausea pills make me extremely drowsy for about twelve hours, rendering me pretty much useless. So I often refuse to take them and just hope the upset stomach goes away. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. There isn’t an easy balance 😦

  3. I don’t know if I count editing out the scene as a setback but as an advance. If it was something that would have harmed the story in the long run, then removing it was a move towards a finished version. Great job on your other goals, we all have off/ill weeks and that is one of the great things about ROW80, we can adjust for life without worry.

    Have a great coming week, Susan 🙂

    • Thanks Gene. I do feel that editing it now was the best thing. That way I wasn’t referring to anything that happened in that chapter in the later ones. As it is, I had about seven other chapters that had to be edited to some extent based on that cut. Can’t imagine how much worse it had been if I didn’t remove it until after finishing the novel!

  4. Sounds like you’re doing well on the editing, I cut my prologue twice and still not happy with it but I’m back at the planning stages to redevelop the whole thing anyway. Sorry you to hear you wasn’t feel well but seems like you’re back on track. Happy halloween.

    • I honestly believe the beginnings of a story are the most difficult. I’m not surprised at your own troubles with your prologue, Katy. Hope you get it just how you want it soon!

  5. Mistress you are doing Great! I believe the editing counts, it actually enhances the story or you would have left it, so good job. For most authors it is harder to edit out than create. I also believe you are right about the contest counting as well. I hope you are feeling better! Keep it up – because I am dying to read your story! 🙂

    • Thanks Tammy! I actually felt really good about cutting that chapter. It was actually one I liked, but my heart knew it didn’t fit. Hopefully I have a finished story for you to read sometime in the near future!

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