What is your preferred genre for reading?

I have a couple of updates before getting into today’s topic.  First is a reminder that there is about eight days left to submit your entry for the November writing contest.  There are two entries so far that you all can check out if you’re curious to see what people have come up with!  I’m hoping everyone that is interested can find a little time to contribute before the rush of holidays overtakes us.

Also, I am happy to announce that Angela Wallace (my guest blogger for the Adventures of Teagan stories) has just released her new book, Elemental Magic.  This novel will be the first in a series she has begun.  For those of you interested in paranormal romance (particularly sweet romance), this would be a great book to pick up.  I know I’ll be reading and reviewing it very soon.  For more information, she will be posting an announcement on her blog tomorrow.

Now on to today’s topic.  A long time ago I asked people to vote in a poll on their top three favorite genres.  There were a wide variety of responses.  Now, I’m curious as to what everyone’s number one pick for genre is and why.  For anyone who has followed this blog for very long, you have probably figured out that I prefer Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance.  If the book has vampires and romance, you can believe there is a good chance I’ll read it!  I’ve been addicted to the genre for over a decade and haven’t got tired of it yet.  Of course, I do branch off occasionally to take breaks from it or try something new, but at least seventy-five percent (if not more) of all books I read are paranormal in some form with romantic elements (the next largest being sci-fi romance).

Why is this?  I like the escapism and magic of it.  The concept of a different kind of danger than the ones we face in the real world.  Plus the idea of immortality and how that shapes character’s behavior/background is fascinating to me.  Then there is just the good old super powers that we all wish we could have, but can only read and dream about.  Stick a romance and some action into the mix and I’m a happy little reader.

So, now it’s your turn.  Tell us about your favorite genre, the one you typically fall back on the most (whether it is fiction or non-fiction).  Why does it draw you so much?  I would love to hear your answers!

~ by Suzie on November 20, 2011.

15 Responses to “What is your preferred genre for reading?”

  1. “Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance. If the book has vampires and romance, you can believe there is a good chance I’ll read it!”–I agree. It’s the escapism factor. That’s what I love.

  2. Well, although I have, at times, gotten in to cop procedurals, (Jefferey Deavers, Lescroat, Tannenbaum) I usually head back to horror, fantasy, and science fiction. One of the most memorable books I ever read was The Stand, by Stephen King. I also loved, Swan Song by Robert McCammon.
    I adored, The Lord Of The Rings series… The Wheel of Time, and more recently, The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, and anything by Simon Green. Oh… let’s not forget; Anne Rice got me started on vampires.
    That is why I wrote The Hunt, a paranormal romance starring vampires, and Story Time…a post apocalyptic, sci/fi thriller.

    • Linell, I have been meaning to ask you something about The Hunt. I loaded the sample awhile back, but it seemed to have a large cast of characters without focusing on a particular couple. Did I just need to read further to find the romance? That was what threw me off was I got the impression from the sample that the story wasn’t following a particular man and woman who would fall in love. If you could give me a bit more background, that would be great!

  3. Thanks for the announcement, Susan!

    As you know, I love the same genre, and for most of the reasons you mentioned: escapism, magic, danger, super powers. I used to read straight fantasy, which gave me much of the same, but now I don’t enjoy it as much as urban fantasy, and I think the key for me now is being able to relate. The supernatural part may not ring true of my life, but there are plenty of human issues that characters deal with in the background. Plus, I love me a snarky, sarcastic lead, which is something you don’t find in regular fantasy.

    • That is definitely what makes urban fantasy so great. I love having a strong female lead that isn’t perfect but has the courage to go up against the biggest and baddest. The odd part is I’ve gotten so used to the UF series being written in first person that I don’t enjoy third person as much anymore. It is something about being deep in someone’s head and seeing things play out through their eyes. That feels more real to me, if anyone knows what I mean.

  4. I love fantasy – urban or otherwise. Though I write urban fantasy/detective, I do enjoy a good Tolkienesque epic fantasy (Dennis McKiernan’s Mithgar series being among my favorites).
    But I’m just not into building a whole new world from scratch, preferring to work with the one available when I write.
    And I do like Kim Harrison’s books featuring the witch Rachel Morgan – with living vamps, weres, pixies, fairies and at least one elf …
    My reading tastes are fairly eclectic, though, and I enjoy pretty much anything that’s well written and has plausible, likeable characters.

    • PL, I’m discovering that the whole world building thing with fantasy is not easy. It explains why the first book in a series usually takes the longest to write!

      Despite my having read nearly all the major Urban Fantasy series, Kim Harrison is one of the ones I haven’t. Mostly because I rarely pick them up if it is a witch for the main character. Yet with there not being much left for me to read, I’m considering trying her books out. Hopefully, I’ll like it!

      • I’m posting a review of Book 9 of that series next Saturday. And after our little discussion of Klaus on your other post, I realized you’d probably love Harrison’s books because the bad guys definitely move back and forth between hating them and liking them. 😉

  5. I think my favorite genre to read is suspense. I like the tension and the mystery involved.

  6. I generally read any novel, regardless of its genre however I love reading descriptive novels, those who describe situations and events beautifully, Anita Desai usually comes first in this Catogry.
    Also, I love reading a blend of Asian Novels – they usually talk about their culture, family, traditions and roots, something I could relate to.

    My favorite till now is Adeline Yen Mah’s “Fallen Leaves”. Jeffery Archer falls second, i think.

    • Thanks for contributing your own preferences. I like description, but prefer for it to be sprinkled throughout rather than dumped in large sections. This causes problems for me with some novels as they lose my attention quickly if they don’t get to moving on with the story. Of course, I’ve seen lots of other people that absolutely love thorough details. That is why there are as many styles of writing as there are readers. We can always find something that works for us!

  7. I guess my reason for preferring information to be “sprinkled” rather than “dumped,” Susan, is that I find too many authors (especially new ones still developing their styles) tend to stop the action in the wrong place.
    Recently for example, I was reading a book in which the POV character, who’s being introduced to several people, immediately started thinking about all the events (two pages worth in the book) that had brought her where she is …
    Then – two pages later – she responds to the greeting of the first person she’d been introduced to!
    It just doesn’t happen like that in real life. It’s very jarring to the reader.

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