Review for “Elemental Magic” by Angela Wallace

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  Mine went well, spent with family and good food!  Now it’s time for another review.  I actually had this one written up two days ago but thought to wait until after the holiday to post.  I’m pleased to say I really enjoyed this novel and I’m glad to recommend it to others.  If you are interested, just click on the book cover and it will take you straight to the listing on Amazon.  This is my full review:

Aileen Donovan is a woman with a few special skills regular humans don’t have. As a water elemental, she can manipulate water and communicate with the creatures in the sea. This made it ideal for her to become an oceanographer and work with her father and brother (who are also water elementals) at their research center in Westport, Washington. Though there is a whole society of people with skills like theirs, it is a heavily guarded secret. Aileen is fine with that, but it does become tricky to cover up when paranormal occurrences begin happening in their area. She is good friends with one of the local Coast Guardsmen, Colin, who gets his hands full with a suspicious ship wreck. What she can’t tell him is that there is a lot more going on that normal science can’t explain. This is further complicated by an attraction she is beginning to have for him.

Aileen finds herself caught in the middle of solving the mystery behind the wreck and why this one is so different from any others. It begins with a simple job of plotting possible locations for where the ship may have sunk, but quickly escalates into so much more. As it turns out, a sea creature thought to be nothing more than a fable has risen from the depths of the ocean and is causing mayhem and destruction. Not only this, but there appears to be key players who want a strange object that was on board the sunken ship. Based on gathered clues, Aileen realizes that the item could be extremely dangerous if it gets into the wrong hands. She and her fellow elementals must find it first before any more innocent people are hurt. This means lying to a man she is falling for and it makes her job all that much more difficult.

Elemental Magic is a light urban fantasy full of intrigue, paranormal, and action packed scenes. The main character, Aileen, is not your typical UF heroine. She isn’t fearless and doesn’t normally fight bad guys through physical confrontations. Rather, she is a down to earth woman who is driven to help keep the human population and sea animals around her safe. If that means putting herself in harm’s way, then she is willing to take the risks. Despite her lack of combat skills, she does have a few tricks up her sleeve. She can manipulate water to use in attacking her foes and her father taught her how to shoot handguns rather well. This means she isn’t completely inept in a dangerous situation, but simply lacks experience in fighting. She does manage to be resourceful and that gets her out of a few messes.

Aileen also has a few insecurities that affect her behavior. She believes her magical capabilities aren’t as perfected as other member of her family and she tends to be somewhat introverted, which has resulted in a lack of social graces. It makes for some rather interesting confrontations that she gets into. This also means she doesn’t know how to handle her feelings for Colin who is showing obvious signs of attraction to her. It makes for a sweet romantic story set in the midst of action packed scenes occurring throughout the novel. There is rarely a dull moment to be found.

I found the world building and character development to be well done with this debut novel for the series. There is still a lot more to learn, but a clear picture is drawn and the story has a realistic feel. I would have liked to see a bit more about Colin’s background outside the coastguard but I’m sure that information will come out in future novels. The romantic scenes in this novel will not go beyond some hot kisses, but that was enough to satisfy me. Overall, Elemental Magic was a great story to read and I will certainly be following the series closely as it continues. I highly recommend those who read paranormal romance and urban fantasy check this one out!


~ by Suzie on November 25, 2011.

6 Responses to “Review for “Elemental Magic” by Angela Wallace”

  1. Thanks for the recommendation and I’m glad you had a wonderful holiday.

  2. Terrific review, as always. The book sounds fascinating.
    I’m glad you had a good Thanksgiving, too!

  3. Great review, Mistress, that really gives me a clear understanding of what I would be purchasing.

    Sounds like another job well done, Angela! Which is, of course, no surprise 🙂 Congratulations!

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