New Book Releases- Post them if you got them!

It’s that time again to post your books if you have new ones to share.  I am looking for ones that were released in the last sixty days or will be released in the next thirty days.  This is an extra opportunity to get the word out there on your new novel!  Please post the following:

1) Book Title (I’ll go through and add covers for everyone that already has theirs released or you can email me a copy of the cover if it isn’t out yet)

2) Author name

3) Genre

4) Release date

5) Synopsis (preferably no more than two paragraphs)

6) Book trailer if you have one (for those that don’t and want one see this post)

Authors can provide further details at the bottom of their post including pricing information, purchase link, giveaways, etc.  Everyone else is welcome to comment on the books or ask questions.  I will look forward to seeing what is out there.

*Tomorrow I will be posting the December writing contest details for those of you interested in participating this month.  Keep an eye out for it!


~ by Suzie on December 15, 2011.

5 Responses to “New Book Releases- Post them if you got them!”

  1. Photobucket
    Hi, my novel is
    Johnny Oops 11 – Timeless
    Arthur Levine
    Published Oct. 20 , 2011

    Johnny Oops 11 is a rocket scientist who flies a spaceship to a far away Planet with his inner self, Outy, and marries a bald Blue lady by the name of Ala who never ceases asking Johnny funny questions. They have a son called Johnworld who is Magenta colored, has Yellow hair and perceives his mission in life to be to propagate different races. They spend most of their lives trying to ward off the prejudice and bigotry that follows people of color.

    Discriminated against back on Earth, Johnny Oops 11 sets off once again in another spaceship together with millions of Indolts—Ala’s people, and the Magentas of which Johnworld is the first. They have to shrink all their people temporarily down to their essence—in the case of the Indolts no more than the equivalent of an eighth of an ounce and convert each of them to bar codes laminated on to blue plastic disks one inch long by two inches wide. They travel through time rather than space enabling their trip to be timeless.

    Only 99 cents on Kindle at

  2. Photobucket
    Parental Control (Kolian Chronicles #5)
    by Alex Le Soum

    Genre – science fiction crime drama / space opera

    Release date – December 2nd 2011

    The Winter Solstice is looming. Traditionally a time for family and friends, it ought to be a happy occasion for the Mehrans. Hammer and Mysior make the final preparations for their Solstice nuptials, anticipating only the usual pre-wedding trivia – who sits where, who gets the top of the range wedding favours, who has to decorate the rose bower and how to stop Grandma seducing every sports celebrity on the guest list.

    But nothing ever goes smoothly for the Mehrans. Suddenly the Best Man is accused of murder, Hammer’s mysterious enemies start to show their hand, and Aisha drops her own bombshell.

    Amazon link:

  3. Greetings! It’s snowing here…how cool is that? Here you go:


    Book Title: Younger Next Decade: After Fifty, the Transitional Decade, and What You Need to Know

    by Barbara Ebel, M.D.

    Genre: Nonfiction (other)

    Release date: November 13, 2011


    Looking for straight talk when it comes to your health after fifty? Want sound advice for the decade Dr. Ebel calls the transitional decade and beyond? Want to know the why, what, and how to maximize your well-being before it’s too late?

    In fourteen chapters, Dr. Barbara writes with affability and in lay person’s language about bodily changes over fifty, smoking and its toll, diet and weight, alcohol, stress and caffeine, and exercise, to name a few. She touches on medical issues such as Diabetes and hypertension, and even the benefits and harm about sunshine.

    Dr. Ebel gives us suggested rules and guidelines to improve our health using many of her own examples. And to top off this insightful read? She brings on board new refreshing ideas and topics such as spirit, dogs, and productivity!

    Only $2.99 at:

    or visit my website:

  4. Yes, it is snowing. I thought it looked pretty cool too! I have everyone’s book covers added that posted so far 🙂

  5. Thanks for doing this!

    Valknut: The Binding
    A dark urban fantasy
    by Marie Loughin
    Released December 20, 2011

    Lennie Cook’s father disappeared when she was a child, leaving her alone to survive her mother’s descent into alcoholism. Years later, after her mother’s death, an old letter surfaces among her mother’s things, giving Lennie her first clue to her father’s fate. He has taken the “iron road” to protect Lennie from a mysterious legacy that has haunted the Cook family for more than a century. Torn between anger and longing for her missing father, Lennie resolves to find him and learn the truth.

    But when Lennie follows her father into a world of trains, hobos, prophecy, gangbangers, mythical beings, railroad detectives, and a living, breathing Fate, she finds that the truth is more horrific than she ever imagined. Her great-great-great grandfather broke the chains that bound Fenrir, son of Loki. To save her father – and save the world – she must defeat Fenrir and right the wrongs of her ancestor. And to do that, she must first conquer the darkest places of her soul.

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