Review of the Blood Destiny Series by Connie Suttle

For all of you paranormal fans, I have a new series you should definitely check out.  This one really had me captivated.  So much so that I finished the first five books in three days and pretty much ignored most people who contacted me during that time, sorry!  I wanted to tell everyone about it then, but chose to hold off for a little over a week until book six came out so I could give a more comprehensive overview.  I’m not going to give away a bunch of spoilers here, but do want to give an idea of the major elements you will see, should you decide to try this one out.

Book one, titled Blood Wager, starts out with a forty-seven year old woman, Lissa, whose husband just died after a terminal illness.  She had known for years that the day would come, but she was still rather depressed.  Not really thinking clearly, she decides to go to a bar and get a drink.  This is unusual for her because she doesn’t normally drink.  Well, it turned out to be a very bad decision on her part.  After only imbibing a  few glasses of wine, Lissa was already on her way to being drunk.  Not wanting to stay any longer, she heads for her car, but is attacked before even getting out of the parking lot.  Little had she known that there were vampires in the bar who put together a bet to the tune of one million pounds and it all hinged on her.  One of them bet the other that she would turn into a vampire within nine days (apparently it is a long process), but not only that, no female had successfully become a vampire in many centuries.  So the odds were against her.

Lissa beat them, though, and woke up in a warehouse that they had placed her in.  They weren’t there, not believing she would turn, and hadn’t come back yet to see if she had finally died (which is what happens if a human doesn’t turn).  She finds the written out bet on a table, remembers seeing fangs during her attack, and puts it all together.  Alarmed by what has happened, she goes on the run, sensing that if they found her, they would kill her to hide what they had done.  This begins a life-altering course of events that gives her little time to grieve for her recently departed husband as everything becomes about survival.  Lissa does pick up on her new abilities fairly quickly, which helps.  In case you are wondering, the turn does set her back to looking like a twenty-something year old woman and quite a bit skinnier, but the nice thing is that her older age gives her a bit more maturity than you usually see in heroines changed to vampires.  I liked that she had a lot more life experiences under her belt that prepared her for everything that would happen, even if it was still an emotional time.  Not to worry about her sense of humor, though, as it is strong and you will get the occasional laugh at how she handles things.

So, I don’t want to spoil everything that happens thereafter, but eventually she does run into others of her kind which leads into the next books in the series.  Lissa will be alternately loved, used, abused, and betrayed by many she thought cared for her.  Through it all she keeps a certain strength while still being able to cry when it gets to be too much.  She is brave almost to a fault and will do anything to protect those she cares about, along with the innocent she doesn’t want to see hurt.  The reader will meet other paranormal races as well, including werewolves.  Eventually the story goes one step further and space travel is involved (though not by ships).  She will learn that vampires didn’t start on earth, and are on other humanoid planets as well.  Let me just say that this series is epic because the author doesn’t hold back.  The story continues to grow and grow.  Lissa is, of course, at the center of it all and there is a lot about her background that she had no idea existed.  So many endearing characters are introduced that bring life to the tale.  There are also plenty of bad guys that have to be taken down.  Dull moments rarely exist in these books and you will be left turning the pages wondering what happens next.  Never for a minute did I imagine a simple vampire story could be this involved and go to such lengths as it does.  It has truly blown me away.

Now to be fair, and because you all know I always give the good with the bad, there are a few caveats.  While the first two books were very entertaining and compelling, they did have a couple of flaws.  The editing could have been tightened up a bit and more of Lissa’s thoughts and emotions should have shown, especially since she was going through some serious problems.  Don’t get me wrong, she did express some emotional turmoil, but not quite as much as you would expect.  Thankfully the author corrected this by book three which resulted in me crying while reading that one!  There is still the occasional typo here and there in all the books, but the number of them has reduced, plus they never were that bad to begin with.  The cast of characters grows by quite a bit as well, so I would recommend new readers jot a note or two as they come into the story (things that will help you remember them).  Some may only show up briefly, but come back later and sometimes it is hard to recall who they were.  You’ll thank me if you do this because book six mentions nearly all of them.  These are the only factors I had trouble with and honestly, they are not that big of a deal.  The story itself, as it unfolds throughout the books, is so compelling that these small things are barely worth complaining about.

If you are wondering about romance, there is plenty of that too.  Don’t expect it to stay as Lissa and one guy, though it does generally keep along those lines for a while.  Also, there are sex scenes, but they are brief and not too colorfully detailed.  I found this worked fine for me and should suit people who like or don’t like them since they aren’t over-the-top but neither are they non-existent.  Her love life is not easy though, so be prepared for some major trials on that end.  She isn’t one to just let people walk all over her, but there will be times when you want to punch the guy for being stupid in the way he treats her.  One major factor is that those who care for her tend to get a bit over-protective at times, yet are always wanting her help in dangerous situations.  It puts her in some rather sticky situations since she can never please everyone, needless to say.

So I’m going to leave it at that, but if you like vampire series then you should really consider this one.  It has turned into one of my favorites and I have every intention of following this author as she continues on.  The books are well worth the time to read and I’m sure I’ll be going through them again because they are that enjoyable!

Four whips for Blood Wager!







In case you are wondering, the first two are .99 cents which is certainly not a budget breaker.  The next two are currently set at $1.99 and the last two are $2.99.  Honestly, I would have paid more because they were that good.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer or go bug the author and get her to tell you!

Updated to add– Another review for book ten, Blood Reunion, is available here.

~ by Suzie on December 18, 2011.

13 Responses to “Review of the Blood Destiny Series by Connie Suttle”

  1. Lol, did you manage to get rid of the Like button at the top? Great review once again. I’m adding them to my list. 😀

  2. Love your review of her series. I’ve been a fan of hers since she was trying to get people to read her first book by giving free ones away. Her books have definitely replaced Twilight as one of my favorite series. Thanks for spreading the word about her and her books.

    • Thanks for stopping by Sarah. I’m glad you liked the review and I do hope it draws more interest. You can’t be a vampire fan and not have checked these out!

  3. I recommend the books, too! I’ve been trying to get all of my friends to read them, but next time I’ll just send them to your review!
    By the way, although I recommend them to fans of vampire/fantasy books, I’m not usually a big fan of such books. I don’t know why this one drew me in the way it did. I couldn’t put them down, either!

    • Hope the review convinces your friends, Erin. It is definitely a good pick for readers of all types of books. You get so emotionally involved with all the characters that it is easy to get attached to them. Glad you enjoyed the series too!

  4. Adding to my queue!

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  6. Have you tried Connie Suttle’s other 2 series ? (high demon & irindicti)
    They tie into her blood destiny series and are enjoyable also.

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