A Special Teagan Christmas Story

The Adventures of Teagan

“A Special Teagan Christmas Story”

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring…except for the mischievous cat.  The tree was all lit and decked out with bells, with snowmen and angels, and all kinds of balls.  Beneath its lush green branches, atop a red velvet rug, lay jumbles of presents all wrapped up…

Teagan wound around the gifts, ducking under dangling ornaments.  She batted at a stuffed snowman, but it didn’t jingle like the ones on top.  Mom knew better than to place the breakable ornaments within her reach.  She could always climb the tree…  Teagan crouched and craned her neck up between the wiry branches.  It wasn’t even a real tree.  Teagan felt a slight disappointment at missing out on tasting a real pine delicacy, but it probably would be like eating toothpicks.  She heard Mom saying a real tree required a pot of water and that’s why they didn’t get one every year.  A bowl of water could certainly provide some fun times.

Alas, this tree was firm, yet weak.  Teagan placed a paw in the crook where the metal branch connected to the trunk, testing her weight.  She could probably climb it if she wanted to, but what was the fun in that if no one could see the results of her mischievousness?  Somehow, she didn’t think knocking the tree down would get her quite the indignant response she normally wanted.

She settled down among the packages.  The paper crinkled as she rubbed against it.  She sniffed the white and red wrapping.  Teagan liked wrapping paper.  It flew through the air when she tossed it, so light and feathery, and made fun crunchy noises when she tackled it.  Teagan looked at the packages and decided she didn’t want to wait for Christmas morning.

She smacked the package nearest her.  It was soft and pliable.  Oh goody.  Teagan pounced.  The glossy paper slid across the carpet with her momentum.  Teagan planted her body on it and looked towards the bedrooms.  Nothing stirred.  Those humans were heavy sleepers.  Teagan rolled over and kicked at the present with her back claws as she used her teeth to tear at the other end.  The wrapping paper shredded easily, its crinkling and crackling cries of defeat delighting her.

Bits of paper broke off.  Teagan dove after a large section, slipping and sliding, batting and tossing.  When she tired herself out, she went back to investigate the package.  Pft, clothes.  Nothing Teagan cared about.  Consider it an early Christmas present, Mom.

~ by Angela Wallace on December 22, 2011.

12 Responses to “A Special Teagan Christmas Story”

  1. Teagan would enjoy unwrapping the presents with our boys, all night long on Christmas Eve. Even the hung stockings are not safe from their nocturnal predations. They may be only 18 months old, but they all weigh in around twelve pounds. Makes for a busy holiday!

  2. We just got a kitten this year, she’s barely 6 months old now, and we have two males. One of the males will be 10 years old soon and the other is 5 years old. The kitten is causing all sorts of problems with the tree so far. We didn’t put anything breakable on it because of her, but she’s still managing to knock the ornaments we did put on the tree off and pulling the tinsel off and bending the branches and making the bell ring so she has to pull it off too and play with it throughout the house all night long. We haven’t even had a chance to put presents out yet. We probably won’t until Christmas Eve, because the males have ALWAYS gotten into them and now with the lil one, oh boy, we better watch out!

    • We haven’t had tinsel on any tree since the late 1970s! Now we’ve got to watch what kind of ribbon we wrap with, as one of the boyos likes to ingest lengths of curling ribbon. My wife pulled three feet of it out of his mouth a few weeks back. Never a dull moment!

      • I call it tinsel, but it’s not the stuff from the 1970’s! I call that icicles. I’m referring to the garlands made out of the metallic paper, lol. I refuse to put “icicles” on my tree because I don’t want any of my babies to eat it!

    • Kittens will be kittens! Though, I think that bell should accidentally “get lost” before next Christmas. 😉 You could put out fake presents. Wrap an empty paper bag or open box. I bet your cats would love that.

  3. I miss Teagan!

    • Sandy, I’ve talked to Susan about restarting the Teagan stories, though they will be less frequent than what I was doing before. But in the time I’ve been away, she has definitely given me loads more of material to write about! 🙂

  4. A delightful Teagan story! And it so reminds me of the years when I put up Christmas decorations … and put them up … and put them up.
    One memorable Christmas, I festooned garland around the house – and came home to discover the cats liked that almost as much as they liked climbing into the tree and knocking ornaments around the floor until they broke.
    Well … I solved that last problem with acrylic ornaments (then I only had to find them after the cats were done) … but about the third or fourth day of restringing and rehanging everything (and it was only the first week of Christmas!), I surrendered …
    Thanks for some fun (NOW they’re fun …) memories, Susan.

  5. Cute story of Teagan, Angela. I was glad you could give us another one! I’ve certainly had my fair share of troubles with kitties and Christmas trees. Usually with the presents, though, they just go after the bows. Apparently Teagan really gets into the spirit of things, lol.

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