“Teagan’s Charity”

I am pleased to announce the return of The Adventures of Teagan!  New episodes will be posted the first Monday of each month.  Enjoy!

The Adventures of Teagan, Ep. 33

Angela Wallace

“Teagan’s Charity”

The supplies were all in order: the card table set up, the fabric laid out, the scissors and rotary blades sharpened at the ready.  Teagan had inspected the fleece when it first arrived.  The cute teddy bear patterns and pink snowflakes matched the holiday spirit, and the solid patterns for the backing went quite well with each various shade.  Teagan approved.

She watched Mom cut the fabric into rectangles, cocking her head to make sure Mom cut in a straight line.  Jagged edges were unacceptable.  Excess trimmings were removed and dumped in a pile to be used later.  Once each parcel was matched with its corresponding backing, Mom and the roommate sat down to the table and began cutting strips into the fabric.

Teagan jumped onto the table and sniffed the fleece.  She avoided the scissors and rotary blades, seeing how pristinely they sliced through the fabric.  Not having the opposable thumbs required to participate in such work, Teagan, naturally, assumed the role of supervisor.  She walked to Mom’s blanket and inspected her deliberate snips, then moved to the roommate’s.  Everything looked to be proceeding nicely.  Teagan yawned.  The humans did seem to have things under control; she could probably squeeze in a nap while they worked.  But no, Teagan would see this through.  It was, after all, all because of her.

About three times a year, Mom ordered a box-load of fleece and made small, kitty-sized, tie-knot blankets for the poor, homeless kitties at the shelter.  It was her way of saying thank you to the blessed people who had rescued Teagan those many, many moons ago and hand delivered her to this permanent home.  Teagan didn’t forget those left behind, however.  Their day would come.  In the meantime, Teagan would send a little warm and fuzzy love their way.

When Mom finished tying the blankets, she gathered up the trimmings and braided them into toys.  The dangling strips taunted Teagan, and she considered snatching at the one in Mom’s hand.  She restrained herself, however, acknowledging that they didn’t do this for Teagan’s entertainment.  She could abstain from this simple pleasure since so many fellow kitties weren’t safely tucked away in a house this holiday season, but in kennels and shelters.

Teagan watched instead, and only once all the blankets and toys were finished and loaded into the plastic bag to take to the shelter did she settle down for a nap, her task completed.  Oh yeah, the humans helped a little, but she was the brains behind the operation.

~ by Angela Wallace on January 1, 2012.

14 Responses to ““Teagan’s Charity””

  1. Beautiful story and beautiful blankets! A Happy New Year to all!

  2. Such a nice thing to do, Angela. I used to volunteer my Saturdays at a no-kill shelter, but it got where I wanted to take all the cats home. So hard to leave them looking forlornly in those cages for another week. My current kitty came from a city shelter that would have killed her if I didn’t get her. I hate that we can’t just let them be. If they want to control the cat population, just neuter/spay them and let them go. Doesn’t cost that much more than holding them for days or weeks before killing them off. Plenty of countries don’t euthanize their animals and its fine. They have actually hypothesized that the Europeans killing of cats back in the dark ages (when they had a fear of the felines being witch’s familiars) is what helped spread the Black Plague. Not enough kitties to keep the rat population down which caused a domino effect and many humans paid the price.

    • It does break my heart to see them without homes and people to love them. I have to turn away when the Humane Society commercials come on with the sad songs and pictures of animals in cages.

      The place I got Teagan is a no-kill shelter. Our city also has a few feral cat colonies, and this organization goes out to trap them, spay/neuter, then release them back into the colony.

      • Those commercials get to me too. Hubby doesn’t think anything of them. Not sure they affect the people who don’t care to begin with. Of course, when the hubby thinks I’m not looking he is petting the cat and even semi-cuddling with her. The other night he went into the kitchen and she begged him for food. He came and told me. I replied that she still had over an hour until feeding time. Then he begged me to feed her early because he couldn’t take her pathetic looks and meows any longer. Go figure. He just claims he doesn’t like her, but I know better. She has him wrapped around her big, fluffy tail!

        That is great about your town having an organization who neuters/spays and then releases. Wish all towns did that. It is so much better than killing.

  3. I’m so glad Teagan is back!

  4. Nice…! HNY to you and yours, Susan… 🙂

  5. What a sweet story! Welcome back, Teagan!
    I’m also one of those affected by “those” commercials – I either have to change channels or sit and cry – sometimes both. Unfortunately, I’m at a point now where I cannot take any more animals … my house is full. I wish I could adopt them all!
    I look forward to more Teagan tales …

    • Hi P.L.! If my apartment didn’t have “rules” about more than one cat, I’d adopt more too. Living somewhere that allows me to house more animals is on my list of things to do once I become a best-selling author. 😉

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