Let’s talk Vampires!

In honor of my favorite TV show, “Vampire Diaries,” coming back from hiatus tomorrow night (Thursday), I’m going to bring up the topic of great vampire series to follow.  Might have to bring this up again when True Blood comes back on, but that is months away.  I know not all of you follow the paranormal genre so feel free to bow out on this one if vamps aren’t for you.  Everyone else should keep on reading.  So that you know, I’m focusing on adult series for this blog post, rather than stand alone books or YA, so if I leave any novels out, that is the reason for it. Not trying to upset anyone.

Now, we all have our favorites and are often looking for more.  This is a chance to share the paranormal series that you love and want to tell others about.  So what is the big deal with series?  They are great because you can keep following the characters as they go on new adventures.  None of that feeling of wanting more and never getting it.  I’m a sucker for them.  Below, I’m going to list some of the top favorites that I like, and you can feel free to agree, disagree, or add your own in the comments section below.

1) The Night Huntress Series by Jeaniene Frost (my current favorite of them all)

2) The Chicagoland Vampires Series by Chloe Neill

3) The Kate Daniels Series by Ilona Andrews (the vamps aren’t quite as prominent in this one, but it’s really good)

4) The Mercy Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs (this focuses on werewolves but has vamps too)

5) The Guild Hunter Series by Nalini Singh (focuses on Angels, but plenty of vamps too)

6) The Blood Destiny Series by Connie Suttle

7) The Secret McQueen Series by Sierra Dean

8) Dark Angels Series by Keri Arthur (mixture of the paranormal species)

9)The Bloodhound Files by DD Barant

10) The Jane Yellowrock Series by Faith Hunter

11) The Demonica Series by Larissa Ione (focuses on demons but has vamps too)

12) The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J.R. Ward

13) Georgina Kincaid Series by Richelle Mead (main character is a succubus but there are demons, vamps, angels and others in this one)

14) The Dark Hunter Series by Sherrilyn Kenyon (she has a race that are a lot like vampires in this one plus many others)

15) The Vampire Bride Series by Rhiannon Frater

All of the series are linked to the first book for them in case anyone is interested.  These are in no particular order of how much I enjoyed them other than the first one.  I just listed them as I thought of them.  Also, there are some series I haven’t finished yet so didn’t put them here as favorites until I’m further along.  Any books that are written to be series, but don’t have sequels yet like Dicey Grenor’s Narcoleptic Vampire Series (which is really good, by the way) is not on the above list but I’ll be happy to add it when the next novel comes out!

I also did not include any series that do not have vampires (or some kind of version of vamps) in them at all.  Of course there are some other great paranormal books/series out there such as The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning, but it didn’t fit my criteria so it had to be left out.  We can save that for a later topic 🙂

Now it’s your turn.  Share the books you like whether they are indie or trad published.  I’ll look forward to hearing about them!  Oh, and you can also discuss discuss TV shows with supernatural elements in them (had to add this in there).


~ by Suzie on January 4, 2012.

22 Responses to “Let’s talk Vampires!”

  1. I think. after reading the full post that this comment may not fit, but I’m weighing in on series…whether they are books, or movies. I have become totally addicted to some of the recent series that are out now…I’m talking TV. I LOVE
    The Vampire Diaries (hated the books, tho)
    Supernatural (Sam and Dean are way too yummy…can you say cougar?)
    Dexter (what a sweet, little serial killer!)
    Sons of Anarchy (you really should hate these bikers, but you can’t!)
    Rome- Deadwood, Justified, Far Scape, Firefly, etc.
    If half the books I’ve read came close to what I’ve been catching lately on TV, I would be a happy camper!
    Sorry if I have added uselessly to the thread- LOL! Nel

    • Nel, you are perfectly fine. I thought about it after the fact and should have said to include tv shows. You named some good ones and a few I plan to try out. Game of Thrones is another great show that is coming back in March I believe.

      Oh, and I agree the VD books are nowhere near as good as the show.

  2. Night Huntress and Mercy Thompson, of course. 😉 You’ll probably also be happy to know that I caught up on VD and will be watching the new episode tomorrow. I don’t have any adult vamp series to add to your list. Only YA ones stick out in my mind. 😛

    You liked the Bloodhound Files? I read the first book. FBI profiler meets vamps? Count me in! But I didn’t end up liking the book. The murder investigation wasn’t very interesting, and I the characters didn’t leave an impression.

    • Yeah, Angela, we agree on some stuff and others not so much, lol. I love the Bloodhound files and feel very attached to the characters. On the same token, I really tried to get into Kim Harrison’s series and it’s not working out. The characters just don’t do it for me. So you never know what will be good for any one person! That’s okay since there are plenty of books to explore 🙂

  3. I do like Supernatural on TV. Kim Harrison’s books … I have to say I’m intrigued by the idea of living vampires (not-yet-dead undead???).
    But my all-time favorite vampire books are still the two by Barbara Hambley – Those Who Hunt the Night and Traveling with the Dead. Not exactly series, but …
    Hambley’s a master at creating a vampire (Ysidro) who is threatening, dangerous – and yet alluring …

    • PL, I don’t read Kim Harrison’s books. Don’t ask me why but they just weren’t something I could get into. I do watch “True Blood” like any faithful fan, though.

      My own series has vampires in it and it’s fun to write them the way I want them to be. I’ve always had a preference for dark vamps that still manage to have some redeeming qualities. Like you know the danger element is there, and that they could lose control, but that they are still people (even if they are realy OLD people).

      Only one of the series above doesn’t fit that idea, the Kate Daniels series. In that one, vamps are mindless creatures who are controlled by necromancers. On their own, they have zero ability to control themselves and basically create blood baths (so they are kept locked up when the necromancers aren’t using them). They have no feelings, organization, reasoning, or cognitive skills. The concept of that bothered me, but it is such a minor part of the story-line that I got over it. All the main cast of characters are not vamps, but some kind of supernatural, so it is okay.

  4. Hey, PL. I know you’re on the road (be careful!) , but I wanted to congratulate you on your PRG Reviewers nomination! Good luck! Also, I wanted to add that I loved all the Sookie Stackhouse novels. I really like True Blood (the HBO series), but they are pretty sophisticated, sexy, and kind of shock-jock…ya know? The books are lighter, a little moe fun, and innocent.

  5. Hello, I found you on author’s corner at Amazon. this is a fascinating blog ! I like vampires, well, not real ones…. just the stories of them. “Interview with a Vampire” is one of my favorites. and the movie.
    Phantom Fugitive is not about the vamps but does have a mentally ill demon in it… yes, they can be mentally ill…. and depressed…poor things….
    It is free today….. last day of my promotion… wish you would read it and maybe do a review? I am desperate in need of reviews.. guess that sounds pitiful.
    It is the first in my series: A Ghostly Revenge is the second one…. my third is Protesters… almost finished it. Russell is busy in all three.. with ghost problems.
    look forward to your blog entries !

    • Hey Jan, sorry for not getting back to you sooner on your comment. You caught me right during the final stages of my novel when I pretty much shut out the world, lol. I’ll keep your books in mind for future reading. They sound good!

  6. Hi, Nel! Thanks – and thanks to you for letting me know about the PRG nomination! This is the first day I’ve been able to spend much time online …
    I’ll be doing better after this.
    Great discussion going here.

  7. This reminds me that I need to be more proactive about writing my own vampire series, “The Orphaned Ones”. For those that don’t know, I have the first book up on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Orphaned-Ones-Peter-von-Harten/dp/1463569947/

    Sorry if this isn’t the place for self-promotion, but I thought it warranted a mention if anyone might be interested. It follows a group of boys following their transformation on the brink of World War 2. I’m currently working on the sequel, “Purgatory Road”, in which they travel to Paris in the midst of the Nazi occupation and run into all sorts of trouble. Admittedly, I think it will be better than the first since it doesn’t drag on as much and has more action, adventure, and expands on the mythology I’ve built, but the first one’s back story becomes more important later on in the series anyway.

    As for the TV shows, I haven’t been one to follow either True Blood or Vampire Diaries, though my stepsisters are getting my into Vampire Diaries lol. I think they’re interesting even if it’s not quite my taste in vampires. I tend to appreciate more epic-scale things such as Interview With The Vampire. I loved the books more than the movie since I’m a huge stickler for historical research and placing vampires in the realm of different past eras. I love how characters relate to the many periods in time they have lived through, so I try to bring that out in my own books as well.

    I guess I can be picky, but there’s admittedly few vampire series that I actually fully enjoy because I’ve always craved the darker and more serious tones, but I’ll be sure to check out some of those other books since I haven’t heard of them.

    Thanks always, Susan =)

    • I tend to agree with you, Peter. I like vampires that are dark … broody … edgy … Why write vampires if you’re going to pull the fangs?

    • Hey Peter, I have bought your book, the Orphaned Ones. Should have it read within the next week now that I’m not on a total writing craze. There are several that I promised to read and review soon so I need to get on it! Based on the last book I read by you, I’m confident I will like this one too 🙂

      As for vamp books, I will admit that I prefer contemporary with at least some romantic elements, but occasionally delve into the historical. I’ve read one other based around WWII, “V-Squad” by Pamela Marcantel, and enjoyed it. She didn’t include romance in the book, but there was definite sexual tension. I’m such a sucker for human-vampire relationships, but am happy to wait for it to happen in a series so long as you throw me a few bones and imply it could occur.

      Books that pull the fangs don’t bother me much, but I do tend to enjoy the darker books more. That was the great thing about “Queen of the Damned”. Lestat was a dark and dangerous vampire, but it was great to see him hook up with a human girl and turn her. That is the kind of stuff I like the most.

  8. I noticed you didn’t mention Laurell K. Hamilton on your list. Are you against her type of vampires or do you not enjoy her book series. After reading her books, I was inspired to write my own book series and reintroduced me to the joys of reading again. If you haven’t read her books, I would recommend you give at least Guilty Pleasures a try. There are a lot of books in the series and she talks about vampires, weres, and other preternatural beings in a way I’ve rarely come across before. Let me know what you think.

    I love your list by the way. I think there are only a few on your list that I haven’t read and now that you have mentioned them and I see that we have the same taste in reading, I’m going to look them up and give them a try. Thanks for the suggestions.

    • Ack! I can’t believe I forgot that series. Read it so long ago it must have been buried in my iBooks app. Because I have an iPad, I was skimming through Kindle, Nook, amd iBooks for all the series and must have missed it. Laurell K. hamilton does have a good series, at least for awhile. I stopped around book seven because the character was switching guys around too much for my liking. She should have stuck with the vamp, left the werewolf alone, and not gone on with any other guys (as I discovered through reviews that she would be doing if I continued). Up to that point, though, it was a great series and I enjoyed it. Glad you reminded me as I’ll have to get that added to the list!

      Most of the books above are trad, but there are a few indie in there as well. Hope you find some you like and feel free to leave more suggestions 🙂

  9. Thanks for the list, a lot of these I have not heard of so I am super excited especially since I have several months before my favorite show is back on HBO (though after reading the books I am sad to say that I think the show is a little better)

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  11. […] is my favorite paranormal author, that was a big deal for me!  As some of you may recall from my Lets Talk Vampires post, the author of this novel is one of the ones I recommend who has a good vampire series to […]

  12. Thank you for the list. Jeaniene Frost is by far my favorite paranormal author as well. Most of the other series you listed are also favorites. I have another series to suggest, as I enjoyed it almost as much as the Night Huntress, so you may find it worth reading: The Vampire Huntress Legend series by L. A. Banks. You can find the list of books in the series and each book’s short description here:

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