January has been a busy month!

Hello everyone.  First, I want to apologize for not getting more posts out recently.  I was busy on my WIP and managed to finish it earlier this month!  Since then I’ve been doing quite a bit of revising and editing to get it looking better.  As of right now, the word count is coming in at almost 87k so I”m quite pleased.  It still has some work to be done on it, but I’ll be stopping soon to give it a breather. So for those who have been waiting on reviews and other things, hang in there and I promise to get to your books soon.  I get on a one-track mind when writing and tend to sacrifice reading as a result.  It will be nice to take a break and look at other people’s work once again.

Also, for those wondering about the writing contest, I opted to skip it this month.  This is the first time I have done so, but to make up for it I’m starting the next one early so it can fit in with Valentines Day.  Usually, I hold them at the end of the month but this one will start on or about the 7th of February.  Please check back to see what the stipulations are if you want to participate.

Feel free to leave a comment here and tell me how your New Year has gone so far.  Have you gotten a lot of reading and/or writing in?  Are there other pressing issues taking up your time?  I hope I’m not the only one neglecting one area of their life in favor of another! Okay, that came out wrong, but you know what I mean 🙂

~ by Suzie on January 25, 2012.

37 Responses to “January has been a busy month!”

  1. Welcome back. 😉 I’ve been really overwhelmed lately, though with small things that wouldn’t be a big deal if there weren’t so many of them. I’m not getting to all the blogs I like to, which makes me feel so disloyal. And I haven’t written anything this week. Makes me strongly consider going “unplugged” for a day or two.

    • Hey Angela, I know the small things can definitely add up and feel almost worse than one big thing! Keeping up with numerous blogs is tough. I was really doing you a favor by not posting on this one for so long so you wouldn’t have to worry about commenting on it. See how helpful I am? lol

      If you have to go unplugged for a day or two, do it. Sometimes that’s what I do to get things done.

  2. Hi, Susan and Angela! I know the feeling … January has just gone nuts! But there’s been some good stuff happening …
    Shadow Path received a Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewers Choice Award in the YA category!
    And … it’s been on Sandy’s Spotlight! Plus I’ll be featured in Jenny Milchman’s Made It Moment blog in March.
    Tomorrow (Friday), I’m heading for Houston, Texas, where I’ll be a guest panelist for ConJour, a really neat fan-run science fiction/fantasy convention.
    And … I’m rewriting book 5 in my series – Plague of Leprechauns. Tightening it up and … Kat and Tevis are acknowledging (to themselves, at least) that their feelings for each other are more than just “friends and partners.”

    • Wow P.L., lots of great stuff. Congrats!

    • Great things for you P.L.

      My co-author and I did a blog radio interview back in December. I don’t think it generated much in the way of sales but the month of December our book was also featured on Norma Budden’s blog/website as part of the launch for her new book. Also in December, Independent Authors and Writers website came back up and running. So December was a very busy month especially if you include still trying to get the print book out the door. I did write a blog about my experience with Smashwords and Create Space in December. January, I did a year in review because our book went live on Amazon the middle of January 2011.

    • PL, you are on a roll this month! Great work and congratulations on the award. Hope the panelist spot at the convention goes great. Any chance to get your name out there is always good. As for your book five, I’m glad to hear that Kat and Tevis are realizing what I saw in book 1! It is encouraging to know you’ll eventually work them out. In the meantime, I’ll look forward to seeing what happens in book 2 🙂

  3. I’ve been a bit busy between the family live, trying to get the updated print book out the door, Add in End of the Year projects done for the business, means I’ve barely kept up with any of my social media obligations. Not that I’ve been very good about being on here either.

    When I haven’t had that going on, there have been bad thunderstorms around the area…my friend insists on unplugging computers and televisions whenever there is lightening in the area. On top of that I’ve been sick off and on. So yes, I haven’t done all that I’d hoped to do this month.

    • I have missed you Lynn. It is nice to see you back, even if you can’t come that often, you are always a welcome sight! Sorry about your roommates, that has to be frustrating. The odds of there being any problems from lightening are so slim that it doesn’t really seem worth the trouble. In all reality, it would be easier to just have an insurance company cover everything. Of course, I’m a bit on the lazy side so maybe my advice isn’t the best, lol.

      Hope you get to feeling better health-wise. Being sick certainly doesn’t make for a productive author. Remember to take care of yourself.

      • Thanks, Susan! Pam has been editing my edit of Stormcaller, and she’s got some family stuff to deal with, so it may be end of this month before she has Stormcaller ready for you. But our plan is to let you see it ASAP while Pam does whatever she has to do to get it on Amazon and Nook.
        I didn’t realize, until I talked with her, how complicated this whole thing gets once you bring a distributor on board. We got Baker and Taylor to represent us during our early efforts to get the paperbacks into the brick-and-mortar stores, but now it seems their just another layer of complications when it comes to the ebooks …
        In the meantime, Kat and Tevis have done their job in letting me know they’re ready to start considering a serious relationship with each other. These books have been growing organically – I don’t know any other way than simply let things develop in their own time …

        • Whenever she has it ready, I’ll be excited to read it. I’ve got a few books that are in the read ASAP category which I’ll be getting to shortly, but after that it will be your book (if it’s ready) and then whatever in my TBR catches my interest the most.

          It certainly sounds like a complicated process getting your books out! I hadn’t realized it was so involved. As for Kat and Tevis, I think it’s good to let them find love in their own good time. When i started writing my current novel, I had my character’s love interest all planned out. First book would only introduce the readers to them, but not much progress would be made. I have a lot of red herrings so no one can know for sure who that love interest is (evil grin) but he is picked out. Well, I think anyway. The darn red herrings got more interesting than I meant for them to be.

          My one beta reader who I’ve discussed this with finds it funny that I’m not so sure anymore. The main point will be that my character will only fall for one man. It’s just going to take awhile. Book two will give away a lot more on that, but won’t be entirely settled. I’m not sure my character’s love life will fall into a happy place until the end of the series. Main reason is that I want the romance to be an element that doesn’t overtake the adventures she goes on. Plus my character isn’t quite ready to settle down this early in the series, so I understand the delays on your own books. Only the author know when their people are in the right place for a more permanent romance.

      • Thanks Susan. I was taught when in someone else’s house respect their rules. I do try even when some don’t make sense to me. 🙂

        I’m feeling mostly better but the other two adults in the house are sick right now. So I just do the best I can and go on.


        • Hey Lynn, hope you have recovered and that your housemates are on their way to recovery too! I understand that you have to respect the rules when living in someone else’s home. Not always easy, but necessary!

          • Thanks Susan. I’m not sure why but this morning I wasn’t feeling well. Could have been exhaustion or I’m trying to get what the others have had. Quite possibly both since I’ve picked up the slack while the others have crashed out. Anyway, I slept the morning away and missed services today but there was no way I was going anywhere. I’m still a little worn at the edges but better than this morning. I believe a person’s body will let them know when they are over doing something. 🙂

          • Nothing is worse than getting sick again when you just got over it. Sorry you are having to go through that. Do try to get some rest and take care of yourself! My hubby started getting sick Friday night and ended up missing work yesterday. He was doing slightly better today after sleeping the entire day and night Saturday so he went on to work. I think he is looking better than before since he came home, so hopefully it was one of those short-term ailments. The main problem with him is he is a complete baby when ill and I have to do every tiny thing for him. On the other hand, when I’m sick, I am pretty much on my own. He might bring me a glass of water, but he can’t cook or anything so I still have to work that one out. He won’t clean either, which means the place is a mess by the time I recover, lol.

          • Susan,

            I hear you about that…it seemed my former spouse had similar problems…only his was…where’d you put this or that. I’m pretty much on my own here but sometimes I get things done for me. 🙂

  4. Glad to hear you’re writing!
    My January has been similar: re-writing (tweaking!) Book II; developing marketing tools; building my “tribe” of readers and fans; trying to Tweet & blog more…

    Slow & steady but optimistic!


  5. Well done on getting the base draft done, Mistress!! Great news…! 🙂 Mine grew by about 20% during edit, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens for you.

    • Hey Anthony, I’ve managed to get a lot of work done on the MS. When I completed it on Jan 12th, it was 80,500 words. Since then I have cut 3,000 words and added about 11,000. It is sitting at 88,400 now which is right about where I wanted it. My original goal had been 80k but then I found out my genre, Urban Fantasy, usually runs between 90-120k so it was good I could add quite a bit more. I’m worn out after two full run-throughs of the manuscript. Plus a few chapters got even more looks than that because their revisions were bigger. Time to set it aside for a bit so I can come back to it with fresh eyes later. For now, I’m outlining book 2 of the series. I’m loving all the ideas I have for it and can’t wait to begin writing!

      • Sounds great! 🙂 Awful as it sounds, I found that I had to put the book aside for several weeks (preferably months) so I could come back to it ‘cold’. Only then did I really notice the sections where words were still locked in my mind and not down on paper. This ‘settling’ also helped me to smooth the writing style (mine changed during the very lengthy drafting). Doing some of the layout and outlining work for the next one sounds a smart way to use that time productively (“note to myself”!). Whilst it can be tough, editing did become quite a rewarding exercise for me… Enjoy (if possible!). 🙂

        • I do think moving on to the next book for awhile will make the difference for when I come back to the first. Fresh eyes on a MS are helpful. Glad I’m not the only one to come to that conclusion! I did get a bunch of outlining done in the last couple days. It’s rather necessary because of it being a series. I have to continue setting the stage for plots in future novels on top of having the ones in the current book. It’s made a difference by getting down everything I want to happen and where it will end up by the end of the book. I’m not putting anything in stone, as it will be flexible, but it is good to have the basics so I’m not left floundering mid-way through writing.

          • One piece of advice, Susan. Wait to actually finalize book two after you have book one out and published…reason being is that you may change your mind about where you want to put something then it will re-order book two somewhat. Also, remember that some readers may need a little reminder of what happened in book one (or previous books as you get further along) when you do book two and so forth. I learned that trick from reading Patricia Cornwell’s ‘Kay Scarpetta’ books.

            I’m also realizing that my co-author’s pantser method doesn’t fly well when doing a series. Good thing he has me to say…not so fast there buddy. 🙂 So I agree an outline is a great plan. Problem is he never has learned to do an outline and I’m not in his head as to what he wants to happen.

          • That is great advice, Lynn. I actually have some scenes in mind to recap things from the previous novel, but at the same time they won’t slow the actual current story down. It is important to keep that in mind which is why I’m finding plotting out this second book to be so important. I don’t want to forget anything. You are right that it’s best not to set anything in stone, which is why it will be flexible for now. My main thing is to get book two in semi-good shape ahead of time so that readers won’t have to wait long for it after book one is released. I hate waiting a year or more for the next novel in a series I really like, so I don’t want to do that to others either.

          • You’re welcome on the advice. I think it is great that you are plotting things out. I just thought I’d throw that out because it was something that I realized when I was typing out the rough draft of book two from his hand-writing. Having it go well with the action is even better.

            Sort of an off topic but important question for you or who ever might know…what exactly is speculative fiction? I’m wondering if our book is more in that genre than Action/Adventure.

  6. I’m back, everybody! Got home before 11 a.m. today (Sunday – and shaved at least 15 minutes off what was supposed to be a 3-hour, 45-minute trip), then had to go ransom my dogs from the boarding kennel – everybody’s safe (yay!) and happy, and my boys apparently made a lot of friends, canine and human.
    It’s evening here now – spent the day catching up on what’s happened here during my absence, going shopping with my sisters, etc.
    Tomorrow I’ll be back doing book stuff and newspaper stuff. Today I’m kind of just kicking back and mellowing out.

  7. Thanks, Susan. Totally uneventful drive to and from Houston – exactly how I like it! I came back Sunday by way of Texas Hwy. 35 – takes a little longer, but you go through some pretty country and a long span of bridge across Lavaca Bay – beautiful! I love the sea.
    ConJour was a blast! Reconnected with friends in Houston that I haven’t seen since ConJour 2011, had a reading (from Shadow Path) and guested on 5 panels … long days, short nights and total fun!

    • I love long distance driving for all the scenery, PL. Of course, I prefer it to be uneventful as well, lol.

      Sounds like the convention was great fun. Hope your book reading garners some more sales!

  8. Thanks, Lynn. I love going to conventions. They’re very energizing.
    But I also dearly love being back home again …

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