“Teagan’s Love Affair”

The Adventures of Teagan
Episode 34

“Teagan’s Love Affair”

By Angela Wallace

The rain drummed outside and the trees bowed to the will of the wind, but on the other side of the windows, Teagan stayed warm and dry.  She loved the winter months, not for roasting fires, the Christmas season, or fuzzy blankets strewn across the apartment, but because that was when the love of her life came to stay.

Some might call the gray hunk of metal ugly, its metallic shield harsh, its black base plain.  But it was the inside that counted—a centerpiece of coil that glowed like hot embers, the heat reflecting off the round, fan-looking machine like a flameless fire.

Mom had the space heater set on a timer to come on two hours before her alarm would go off.  Teagan waited in the dark, snuggled against the small of Mom’s back for warmth.  Once she heard the familiar click, however, she forsook the bed for her true love.

Teagan jumped down and walked to the heater.  She curled up at its base, resting one paw delicately on the plastic shield holding it up.  She sighed, feeling the warmth wash over her like ocean waves.  We meet again.  Teagan laid her head down and gazed up at the glowing face of her beloved.  No words were needed.  Teagan basked in those rays of love for hours, rolling onto her back once one side was sufficiently toasty.  Then she would sunbathe her belly.

There she still lay when Mom awoke hours later.  On the days she worked, Mom would turn the heater off.  Something about an unsupervised fire hazard.  Teagan would give a mournful sigh, forced to rely on body heat and fleece blankets for warmth.  They didn’t have the loving caress of the Presto Heat Dish, though.

So whenever Mom was home and that heater was alive, Teagan would be planted in front of it.  No matter if her fur was burning hot to human touch, or her dry skin gave her unattractive dandruff.  All that mattered was their time together.  Summer would be here soon enough, and Mom would pack the heater away.  We’ll always have December, Teagan thought dreamily, and drifted to sleep.

~ by Angela Wallace on February 6, 2012.

9 Responses to ““Teagan’s Love Affair””

  1. lol, Angela. I haven’t seen a cat who hangs out in front of a space heater before. That is too cute. Mine uses our fleece blankets or body heat, but it’s just central heat and air for our place so there aren’t any other options. Nice hearing another Teagan story. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for another cool Teagan story, Angela! She has such personality!
    I haven’t seen a space heater like that before. No wonder it’s the love of Teagan’s life.

  3. I’m thinkin’ I gotta get me one of those …

  4. It’s too warm here to spend money on something like that, but my cats do love the couple nights a year that we have the fireplace going 🙂 Such a cute little story!

  5. This is a really good story. Teagan is so unique. Our house cat likes to sleep all over. The other day he was halfway on my robe, that I took off and didn’t get hung back up, on the couch (aka my bed). He looked to me to be shivering a bit, so I covered him up with the other half of my robe. At some point he caught uncovered and turned around but he wasn’t shivering any more.

    Please give Teagan some love from ‘Aunt’ Lynn.

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