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Just a quick reminder that this is the last day for the writing contest.  I will be closing the comments section of the February Writing Contest in less than six hours.  If you haven’t gotten a chance to enter, get it in quick!  I will be releasing the finalists names by tomorrow evening after a thorough review of all submissions.

J Lowder has asked me to let everyone know his publisher is having a Kindle sale for his novel which some of you all may want to check out.  His book, Tears of Min Brock, will be available for $2.99 from now until St. Patrick’s Day.  For those interested please click here for more details!  If others have special offers of their books coming up, please shoot me an email (the address can be found on my About Me page).  I will be happy to let people know.  The only thing I ask is to please remember to give me enough notice so I can coordinate ahead of time.

On a final note, I also have some information on a new source for book covers.  Richard Sutton has a special offer for those who will either be releasing novels soon or are looking at revamping their current look as a new marketing strategy.  He is a regular on this blog and someone worth checking out.  Richard has provided me with all the details below.  This is in his words, not mine, and looks to be something worth checking out!


Free Book Cover Consultation for Indie Authors

As an Indie Author myself, I know how critical… and worrisome, finding the right design for your book’s cover can be. In my case, as a graphic designer with more than 25 years of experience in the marketing and corporate advertising world under my belt, I’ve had an easier time of it than most. But as a small businessman, I am acutely aware of how it feels to finance a project from my own wallet. I couldn’t afford high-priced design services myself, so after re-emerging from retirement to begin work with authors and small presses, I saw a need for applying the science of market packaging to book cover design.

All too often, a book ends up packaged by an illustrator looking for a showcase. Illustrators and photographers need showcases, but in the case of a book cover, the primary function should be to motivate readers to open the book up and begin reading it, not showing off a flashy bit of work with typography near-impossible to read. Another equally disconcerting outcome is a book saddled with a “standard” low cost design for its cover which does nothing to attract reader’s attention and in fact, helps the book slide into obscurity. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of a tweak here or there or a little bit of fixing to turn these into an effective selling tools. It’s all part of the process, and the more opinion an author can get before making a final decision, the better.

To bring access to structured, studied marketing principles to even a fledgling Indie Author, I’m offering a free cover design consultation to anyone with a book to publish. My business, RS Communications,, has been evolving on a project-by-project basis for the past three years after I decided to hang out my shingle again.  On the site is an extended marketing article discussing my proven strategies for placing a product into the right market niche, and my specialty in small-business graphic design.  There is a bit of background information on me there, as well as my writing blog site, There are also links to my book marketing specific articles which may also be of interest to anyone with a book to sell.

Go to the site and follow the link to the Book Cover Questionnaire.  Complete as much as you can, and I’ll reply as soon as I digest it, usually within a few days.  In the meantime, I recommend that every self-published author follow a couple of exercises as you consider your book cover. First, spend some time in a bookstore, looking through fresh, new covers in your book’s genre. See what seems to be working, especially those covers published by deep pockets traditional publishers. As you retrieve a book from the stacks or from a table, ask yourself why you were attracted to that book. What elements of the presentation aroused your curiosity? What emotions were sparked by the color? By the illustration or photography? If you are outgoing, ask questions of other shoppers. Speak with the proprietor or manager for their opinions. All these are important things to be conversant with when you begin thinking about the best presentation for your own work. Remember, once your book is published, it changes from an artistic work, to a product. The focus applied to any niche product’s marketing and packaging applies.  If you’d like some help in determining the right direction, let me offer my experience and throw you some ideas. If you’d like to bring me into your publishing project, I look forward to our working together. I can offer some reduced price packages as well, so plan to pay a visit, today.

Richard Sutton
Author of The Red Gate and The Gatekeepers

~ by Suzie on February 14, 2012.

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  1. It’s great to see Indie’s working together! 🙂 In case it’s helpful, I’ve also posted a couple of “Idiot’s Guides” on my blog site (i.e. written by an idiot) summarising some of what I learned when trying to pull my own cover together. Not sure how helpful they are (other than as a memory jogger for myself) but they seem to get quite a few visits. You can find them under the “Guides” section of my Homepage menu…

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