February Madness and update on next month’s writing contest

This month has been another busy one.  I’ve managed to get a little reading in and plan to post another review soon.  Worked further on my next book, though it is still in the plotting stage.  For the most part, it’s a matter of letting various scenes play in my head until the visuals solidify.  They’ll probably change over the course of my writing, but I like having some foundation ahead of time.  I did write the first page when the idea hit me too hard to not get it down on paper, but haven’t gotten further than that.

As for next month’s contest, the details are on the Monthly Writing Contest page for those that haven’t checked yet.  It is a St. Patrick’s Day theme and you can start writing ahead of time.  Just remember you can’t post your entry until I open the contest up with an official announcement (same as previous months).  Hopefully the extra time will allow everyone to develop their stories even further than before!  I’ll look forward to seeing what contestants comes up with.

Beyond my update, how has everyone’s month gone?  Any writing accomplishments or progress on WIPs?  Has anyone read a good book they want to tell others about?  Please feel free to share!


~ by Suzie on February 21, 2012.

22 Responses to “February Madness and update on next month’s writing contest”

  1. Hey mistress, (Why do I like the sound of that, so mush?) hope you and all the other writters are doing well. I am slowly but surely improving.
    See ya!

  2. Thank you for your post! Keep up the good job and have a great aloha week!! ^_^

  3. Howdy Susan,

    Have been mostly marketing for our second book. I’m seriously considering doing a collection of Short Stories using the ones from your Writing contest. I’m thinking the title might be: “Can I Write for You” and include the various stipulations as you laid them out. My thought is it might encourage others to take a chance on their Creative Writing Skills. Even if one doesn’t win a contest, doesn’t mean their work isn’t good…they just had tough competition. 🙂

    Congratulations on your continuing progress on your books and finding time to read.

    • Hey Lynn! I’ve thought about something similar myself on the short stories. Might be a fun thing to try out! Feel free to run any ideas you have by me.

      The marketing of your second book sounds exciting (yes, I’m being sarcastic). I know how much authors love trying to sell their books. Hang in there.

      • Actually, I was talking about the Short Stories that I wrote for the contest. I did have a side thought of maybe a collaborative effort from all who participated in a particular month but that seemed like a bit more than I was willing chew. If you talk to my dentist, I have a small mouth…some think I have a big mouth. 🙂

        The marketing has been mostly for our first book…a little for the second book. Since I’m not sure which direction the book is going to take after the rough draft, I really don’t have much to market other than there will be one and hopefully before the Summer 2012.

        I don’t mind the networking so much as the promotional part of marketing. Especially since our book is in such a niche market. I’m not sure I can say it enough that I really appreciate all that you do…and all that all of my author friends do to that supports and encourages us. In turn, I pay it forward.

        • Sorry Lynn, I totally misread your comment, but I do think the short story collection is a good idea. I know Tim has a couple of his from writing in my contests that are up on Amazon.

          I’m glad the marketing side of things isn’t a problem for you, but you’re right that your novel does cater to a certain kind of reader. It can’t be easy finding that crowd, but they are out there! Good luck on getting book two out. I’m sure you’ve got plenty to do, but I know how hard you work on it. How long (as in word count) do you think the second one will be?

          • That’s okay Susan. I’m sorry I haven’t responded sooner but I’ve been pretty sick. I’m not really sure about the word count but my estimate is about half the length of book one.

  4. Great to see things are moving forward with your WIP, Suzie. I miss your contests and started writing a story for the most recent one, but it required a little more time than I had available. I now have finishing that story up on my to-do list. The problem was that the story wanted to grow quite a bit larger than story rules allowed. I guess it won and will now get its way 🙂

    • Too funny Tim…why do I have a feeling there will be another book coming out soon with a Valentine’s theme to it. 🙂

    • I’ve missed you being in my contests, Tim. Your stories never cease to surprise me with their twists! Whenever you do finish writing this latest one, I hope I get a peak at it. Next month’s contest has been cut to a shorter word count because certain people don’t like the longer ones. I’m hoping the month after that (April) to do one that will allow at least 2k words for those who like more room to develop their stories. Still working on what the theme will be for that month. I’m kind of wanting to move away from the holidays because I’ve been doing that, so April may be something totally off the wall (we’ll see). Sometimes the ideas hit me out of nowhere.

      Good luck on your to-do list. Every time I see it on your daily status emails, it amazes me you stay sane!

      • Susan, I actually really liked the idea that grew out your most recent contest requirements. My barely begun tale takes place in a restaurant during a full-fledged hurricane. A woman suddenly finds herself sitting at a table waiting for someone or something. She’s uncertain how she got there. The storm outside is literally raging and only two other couples are seated at tables. A waiter is wiping up wine and picking up broken glass across the table from her, when a man she “hated” from college comes out of the restroom with a wine stain all over his shirt. He calls her “Sweetheart” and apologizes for the mess. The problem is, the hateful man looks twenty years older than college-age, proclaims himself to be a doctor, and she has no recollection of any intervening years since college, nor can she imagine any reason she would willingly have chosen to be in the same room, forget to eat dinner with her “date.” So the stage is set 🙂

  5. I agree that this month has been busy. Kudos on all the writing you’re doing!

    I’ve read a handful of books. The ones I enjoyed most were by Larissa Ione. I’m really digging her Demonica and Four Horsemen series. I’ve been watching the series Justified, Sons of Anarchy, Lost Girl, Being Human, Spartacus, The Vampire Diaries, and The Walking Dead. I’m also working at getting my sequel together. I feel a lot of pressure to make it better than the first. Readers actually have expectations now.

    • Funny that you mention ‘Sons of Anarchy’ we make reference to that in our book.

      I hear you about the expectations for the next book. It’ll come to you…and us.

      • SoA kept popping up in conversations, and though it’s not something I normally would watch, I was curious. I got hooked after a few episodes, probably because I really love Jax. 🙂

        Thanks for the encouragement! I added Storm Warning to my To Be Read list on Goodreads.

        • Hi, Everyone. I have to pop in and say I was in Hollywood a couple of years ago to watch the filming of an episode of Dexter. One night at the hotel, I flipped on the TV and found SoA playing. At first, I thought it must have been a west coast only show, but was ecstatic to find it was on a national channel. I’ve been a fan ever since. I grew up in a “unique” environment. The crowd that used to hang around my father’s auto-repair shop were often thieves or worse, and my father got along as well with them as with the attorneys and policemen who frequented the place. In short, I think I enjoy SoA because it echoes the same mix of insane personalities that used to surround my father. He called some of the worst criminals his friends–and they were true and loyal to him–and absolutely hated some of society’s most moral people…and vice versa. For me, SoA captures the heart of those gray areas, when people can be saints within their world yet reviled in others.

        • Thanks so much putting ‘Storm Warning’ on your TBR list on Goodreads. I do understand what you mean about the attraction of one of the actors playing into continuing watching a program. 😉

    • Hey Dicey, glad to hear you’re still enjoying Larissa Ione’s books. I haven’t had a chance to get back into her series. I’m currently reading Peter von Harten’s book, The Orphaned Ones. It’s a YA vampire novel, which is normally not my thing, but he has a knack for story telling so it hasn’t been a difficult read like most YA can be for me. Should be done soon and posting a review.

      Yay for watching Vampire Diaries with me. Angela and I like to have debates on the show and where it’s going. Now I can add you as a person to discuss it with!

      I have full faith in you for book two. Do not doubt yourself. I know it’s going to be amazing and you better give me plenty of warning for when it will release so I can have my schedule clear to read it!

  6. I’m looking forward to Spring Break, which unfortunately isn’t until April. With work, all I have time for right now is editing Book Two. Poor Book Three is all alone, only half written.

    • Hi, Angela,

      I long ago learned that only patience and plodding will get us to the promised land. As Ernest Hemingway said: “Write as well as you can, and finish what you start.” I would only add: “…when you can.” 🙂

    • You’re further ahead on your book three than I am on my book two. That has to count for something, Angela! I think you are doing great with all those edits you’re getting in. Speaking of which, I just got an idea for today’s blog post! Should be fun 🙂

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